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Start Here. Finish Here.

Cleveland is the heart of the ultimate swing state

In the 2012 presidential election, no county in Ohio cast as many votes as Cuyahoga County, the county surrounding Cleveland. In that election, a voter swing of as little as 15% in Cuyahoga County would have turned Ohio red. The 2016 Republican Convention presents an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of Ohioans early.

Cleveland has the resources, experience and motivation to host an extremely successful and memorable convention. No other city will generate the press and strategic advantage of Cleveland. Cleveland 2016—Start here. Finish here.

Winning Venues

A convenient convention home

Cleveland is the home of spacious and modern convention facilities—all in the heart of the city and just a short walk from your hotel.

Quicken Loans Arena
Quicken Loans Arena, affectionately known locally as “The Q,” will serve as the main RNC convention area. This multipurpose arena is home to three professional sports teams, numerous college basketball tournaments, concerts and various entertainment events throughout the year. The Q seats 20,562, including 2,000 club seats and 88 luxury suites. An extensive renovation in 2005 updated and modernized key elements of the facility, including new seats, state-of-the-art scoreboards, video systems, sound systems, arena graphics, signage, security, locker rooms and suites.

Supporting Venues
The supporting venues are conveniently located within walking distance of Quicken Loans Arena and contain more than amble space for RNC support staff and meetings. These venues include Cleveland’s new $465 million Convention Center, a sustainable facility featuring a 750,000-square-foot exhibit hall floor and 35 meeting rooms; the Public Auditorium & Conference Center with a 20,000 square foot lobby, a 10,000 seat auditorium and 15 meeting rooms; and the 4-star Renaissance Cleveland Hotel with 15 floors of guest rooms, meeting rooms and a self-service business center.

In the Center of the Action

An easy trip and a comfortable stay

Cleveland is located within 500 miles of 43% of the U.S. population, making it extremely accessible for delegates from across the country. Plus, downtown Cleveland has accommodations ranging from four-star hotels to more budget-conscious options, assuring that there’s a room at the center of the city for everyone.

From the luxurious to the boutique, the historic to the contemporary, Cleveland has amble accommodation options to accommodate the delegates, families and staff coming to our city. Cleveland has 14 premium hotel brands contributing nearly 5,000 rooms downtown by spring of 2016, including four properties opening in the near future, highlighted by the 484-room Westin and the 600-room Hilton convention center hotel. With the hotel additions, Cleveland will be offering 17,000 rooms within a 45 minute drive of Downtown Cleveland.

The ease of getting around Cleveland is apparent the moment you arrive. Our world-class airports make the trip easy, when landing at either Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, or Burke Lakefront Airport, the preferred business airport for commuter jets. Our state-of-the-art bus/rail transit system and free trolleys make it easy to get to the RNC convention arena and back. And while you’re here, our unique close-quarter neighborhoods make Cleveland one of the Midwest’s most walk-able destinations.

Let's Have Some Fun

Fun for the whole family
With the 183-acre Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the Great Lakes Science Center and more than 10 arts and cultural institutions nearby, our city offers plenty of family-friendly entertainment. Plus, did you know that Cleveland is the second-largest theater district in the United States? Catch a show in the PlayhouseSquare Theater District and see for yourself!

Relax in Style
Enjoy a drink at one of our award-winning local microbreweries or martini bars. Play a hand at the tables in the Horseshoe Casino, adjacent to Quicken Loans Arena. Or grab your clubs and play a few rounds at one of Cleveland’s world-class golf courses. There’s something for everyone looking for a good time out in Cleveland!

Raised on rock 'n roll
Cleveland is the home of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, but our love of rock doesn’t stop there. From intimate clubs like the Grog Shop to outdoor venues like Blossom Music Center, Cleveland moves to a new rockin’ beat every night.

There is always time to shop
While downtown, visit the Galleria, 5th Street Arcades and Tower City Center for unique shops and boutiques. Looking for other upscale shopping options? Luxurious shops are just a short drive away at lifestyle centers such as Legacy Village and Crocker Park.

You Gotta Eat

Our restaurants are simply the best

Cleveland cuisine has gotten a lot of attention lately—and it’s not just for our delicious pierogi. Fresh, farm-to-table restaurants and creative sandwich shops are just the beginning. From high-end downtown dining experiences created by Iron Chef Michael Symon to the delicious hot dogs with up to 50 available toppings at Happy Dog, Cleveland is quickly becoming the foodie capital of the Midwest.

August 8, 2014
                                                  RNC Makes it Official at Summer Meeting in Chicago

                                                                                                        Photos: Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Inc.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Host Committee Chairman Terry Egger sign the contract.

Republican National Committee
August 8, 2014

RNC announces Cleveland as 2016 Convention City  

WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican National Committee voted to officially select Cleveland, Ohio to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.  Republican National Committee members voted unanimously to select Cleveland as the 2016 host.
Following today’s vote, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Site Selection Chairwoman Enid Mickelsen issued the following statements.
 RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:
“I am beyond thrilled to announce Cleveland as the official site for the Republican National Convention in 2016.  Cleveland is ready to show the country what they have to offer. The city of Cleveland has gone above and beyond and will be a fantastic host for our convention in 2016.
RNC Site Selection Chairman Enid Mickelsen:
“Cleveland is a world class city that has demonstrated their ability to provide our next presidential candidate with a launching pad to the White House. I look forward to working with Cleveland in the coming months to ensure the Republican convention is the best yet.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 
MEDIA CONTACT: Caitlin Conan

Portman Statement on Cleveland’s Selection for the
2016 Republican National Convention

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) released the following statement regarding the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) announcement that they will host their 2016 convention in Cleveland:

“This is great news for Cleveland and our entire state,” Portman stated. “It’s a unique opportunity to showcase the new Cleveland as one of America’s great cities, and to bring dollars and jobs to Ohio. I am really proud of the way the Cleveland community has come together to support the first national convention in Ohio since 1936. The Cleveland community deserves the credit for making it happen. I’ll continue to work closely with the Cleveland host committee and the RNC regarding convention planning to help whenever I can to ensure this is a successful convention.”

Portman with the 2016 Cleveland Host Committee on July 4th, 2014.

Portman met with the 2016 Cleveland Host Committee last week. He’s also been in close touch with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC site selection committee.


Gov. John Kasich - Democracy in Action TRANSCRIPT
July 8, 2014

"Americans are going to fall in love with the new Ohio"

Excerpt Gov. John Kasich Fielding Questions from Reporters

Reporter: ...talk to us about it, the selection of Cleveland and what that means for the state of Ohio?

Kasich: ...It's going to put Ohio at the top of the stack of states now, and we're going to be able to tell the country something we have been so hungry to do, to tell the rest of the country about Ohio, about what we've done, what we've accomplished.  That we have the right formula for helping the country.  We've used it in Ohio.  It works.  Now we can tell the country about the fact that what we did here works and it can work for America.

But before we even say any of that, the people of Cleveland, they worked day and night; they have left no stone unturned.  They have been just phenomenal in the work they've done to be able to get this.  I mean a national convention in Cleveland, Ohio.  I mean I don't know when the last time is we had a national convention, but it's exciting. 

And it's not just going to mean Cleveland, although it will fundamentally mean Cleveland, which is undergoing a great rejuvenation, but it's going to allow us to focus on the other places around the state, the great things that are happening in Cincinnati and Columbus and Youngstown and how we're rebuilding from you know an old sort of an industrial state, to something that still loves manufacturing and agriculture but it's now transforming itself into information technology and health care and financial services.  This is going to allow us to display Ohio and Americans are going to fall in love with the new Ohio...

[question on how he found out the news...]

Reporter: Given the focus on Ohio in presidential years, with the RNC coming to Cleveland do you think that puts pressure or perhaps might persuade Democrats to pick Columbus, for no other reason than to [inaud.]

Kasich: I don't know.  Let's just in terms of where the next, where the Democratic convention is going to be, I'd love for it to be in Columbus.  I mean I just don't know.  But today is a day to celebrate that we're going to have one national convention.  As far as I'm concerned you know had we not gotten it and the Democrats got it, anything that allows us to display what we've achieved in Ohio is good for our state, and I think good for the country.

Reporter: Could you describe the conversation you had with Priebus?  When was that?

Kasich: Oh, I've talked to him you know.  I was up with the Selection Committee in Cleveland, I mean Jobs Ohio has been involved with this.  I've worked with the people in Cleveland, I've talked to Dan Gilbert who controls the arena.  I told Reince, I guess it was about a week ago, that you know Ohio's the lynchpin in every presidential election.  I mean if we don't win Texas we might as well not even have an election, okay.  So Ohio's always a swing state, and we have things that we can show. 

Look.  To be able to present a Republican Party as a party that's strong economically but cares about people who live in the shadows, it's such a message that the Republicans have not had.  And we're doing it.  And it allows us to display.  And you know nobody's left out.  Everybody's included.  Minority businesses, the poor, people who are disabled; there's a place for everybody in Ohio beyond those who are creating these jobs...  It gives us a real opportunity to say something and send a message that can be, that can change the very face of our state.

Jobs Ohio
For Immediate Release:
July 8, 2014

Statement From JobsOhio on the Recommendation of Cleveland for the
2016 Republican National Convention Site

COLUMBUS—Today JobsOhio President and Chief Investment Officer John Minor congratulated Cleveland on being selected for the 2016 Republican National Convention by the Site Selection Committee. JobsOhio was an early supporter of the convention
effort. Minor issued the following statement:

“It’s great to see Cleveland picked for the convention. The city, the Greater Cleveland Partnership, and the region’s business leaders worked extremely hard and should be congratulated. JobsOhio is proud to partner with Cleveland to bring this event to the
state. The convention will provide a financial benefit and showcase the strengths of Cleveland and Ohio that are driving our economic comeback. It’s a great opportunity that will have a long-lasting, positive impact. We’re glad to be a part of it.”

JobsOhio is a private non-profit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention, and expansion efforts.

Learn more about JobsOhio at jobs-ohio.com
For more information, contact: Matt Englehart

: JobsOhio pledged up to $10 million toward the effort to host a convention in Cleveland (or Columbus or Cincinnati).

Cuyahoga County - Office of the Executive

Contact: Rich Luchette 

FitzGerald Statement on Cleveland’s Selection to Host 2016 Republican National Convention

CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald issued the following statement today after Cleveland was selected to host the 2016 Republican National Convention: 

"This is an incredible victory for Northeast Ohio and the hardworking men and women who live here. Hosting our first national convention in 80 years will bring as much as $200 million in economic benefits to our region, strengthen our local tourism industry, and help tell the story of Cleveland's ongoing renaissance to the rest of the nation. I thank Mayor Frank Jackson and all our partners at the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee for their incredible work to land this bid, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the months ahead."

Ohio Republican Party
July 8, 2014

Ohio Republican Party Statement on Cleveland Hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention

This afternoon the Republican National Committee’s Site Selection Committee announced that Cleveland has been selected to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.  Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges issued the following statement:

“Hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland is a big win for Ohio and for our next Presidential nominee.  We will have the opportunity to share Ohio’s comeback story to the nation and demonstrate how powerful balanced budgets, lower taxes, and a focus on job creation can be.  At the same time Republicans nationally will be focused on Ohio, the nation’s most critical swing state.  The Cleveland Host Committee presented the Site Selection Committee a world-class city that will showcase some of the best of Ohio.  I also want to thank Governor Kasich, Speaker Boehner, and Senator Portman for the enormous support they provided in closing the deal for Ohio. It was a tremendous team effort that will pay off big for our state and party.”

Ohio Democratic Party
July 8, 2014

ODP Chairman Statement on RNC Selection of Cleveland for the 2016 RNC National Convention

COLUMBUS This afternoon, the Republican National Committee announced that it had selected Cleveland to be the host city for the 2016 RNC National Convention.  In response to today’s RNC Announcement, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“It is great that Republicans across the country will spend seven days in Cuyahoga County seeing the fruits of the successful leadership of Ed FitzGerald, Mayor Frank Jackson and Cuyahoga County’s next County Executive, Armond Budish.  The region’s rebirth is due to their leadership and the hard work of the people of Cuyahoga County.”

Site Visit June 2-4, 2014

June 3, 2014

Ohio College Republican Federation Republican National Convention Endorsement
Cleveland 2016

Ohio was fortunate enough to have three major cities submit a bid for the 2016 Republican National Convention.  All three sites would have put on an excellent convention that would have displayed the beauty and genius of our great state.  As the list of cities has dwindled, Cleveland remains the only representative of Ohio.  With that being said, we are proud to announce the Ohio College Republican Federation’s official endorsement of Cleveland to hold the 2016 Republican National Convention.

There are a number of reasons for our endorsement.  First among them is of a non-partisan nature.  The sheer economic rewards, along with the positive publicity Ohio would receive, should be enough for people of all political stripes in the Buckeye state to demand that this political showcase be held on our soil.  Millions of people from across the country will be flocking to our backyard, which will benefit our businesses and industries. 

As Republicans, we can’t think of a more crucial part of the country to hold our party’s convention than here in Ohio.  It is no secret that Ohio is the most significant swing state on the electoral map.  No Republican since Abraham Lincoln has won the presidency without capturing Ohio, and we do not anticipate the alternative happening anytime soon.  Ohio must be won, plain and simple, and the best way to initiate that success is to host the convention. 

More specifically, there are few places in Ohio that carry the political weight of Cuyahoga County.  In the 2012 presidential election, no county in Ohio cast as many votes as Cuyahoga County, and a simple 15% swing of voters would have ensured victory for Republicans in Ohio.  And as we all know, so goes Ohio, so goes the nation.

The youth vote is inevitably going to be a critical demographic in 2016, and that is another reason for our endorsement.  In Ohio, we have a strong contingency of dedicated and effective College Republicans.  We are one of the largest College Republican organizations in the nation, and have proven that young people can make a significant impact on the political process.  Additionally, Ohio is surrounded by a number of other excellent College Republican Federations that will undoubtedly flock to Cleveland to assist in ensuring the overwhelming success of the convention.  We have spoken with a number of these Federations and they have all joined us in endorsing Cleveland.

Ohio College Republican Federation can think of no better place to hold our party’s largest event than in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our path to victory is decided here in Ohio.  We can’t wait to be the place where it begins as well. 

God Bless.

Ohio College Republican Federation, Illinois College Republican Federation, Georgia Association of College Republicans, Maryland Federation of College Republicans,
Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans, West Virginia Federation of College Republicans, North Carolina Federation of College Republicans, New Hampshire Federation of College Republicans, Florida Federation of College Republicans

Cuyahoga County Executive Resolution

- approved Feb. 25, 2014 -
A Resolution expressing support for the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Inc.’s efforts to secure a National Presidential Convention in Cleveland in 2016, and authorizing the County Executive to negotiate and execute a contract with Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Inc. in the amount of $2,500,000.00 to support a bid for a National Presidential Nominating Convention in 2016, contingent upon a winning bid, and a contract with the appointed lead law enforcement agency to contribute up to $2,500,000.00 in law enforcement services and resources, contingent upon a winning bid, subject to reimbursement in the event of a security grant by the Federal Government; and declaring the necessity that this Resolution become immediately effective. [PDF]

Cleveland City Council Resolution

- approved Feb. 24, 2014 -
Supporting Mayor Frank Jackson and the City of Cleveland’s bids to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention and the 2016 Republican National Convention; and supporting the civic collaboration and efforts of Cleveland with Cuyahoga County, the State of Ohio, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Inc., the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Positively Cleveland, the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Quicken Loans Arena, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, the Cleveland Convention Center and Global Medical Mart and other civic and community leaders and pledging City resources on behalf of hosting of a National Presidential Nominating Convention in Cleveland in 2016. [PDF]

City of Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson    Cleveland City Council    Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald

Media contacts:
Maureen Harper
Rich Luchette
Jim Kopniske

For Immediate Release
February 20, 2014

Jackson, FitzGerald Announce Push to Host National Political Convention in 2016

CLEVELAND – Today, Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald announced their intention to request consideration of a resolution by Cleveland City Council and a resolution by Cuyahoga County Council to support city and county funding to attract a major national political nominating convention to Cleveland in 2016.

“Ohio, Cleveland in particular, is a significant force in national politics. Add to this strong political heritage our outstanding amenities, new convention and hotel facilities and our ideal location, and it is clear that Cleveland has what it takes to meet the demands of such a high-level national event,” said Mayor Jackson.

“Hosting a national political convention would help create jobs in Cuyahoga County, strengthen our tourism industry, and contribute as much as $200 million towards our local economy,” said FitzGerald. “I am looking forward to presenting this legislation and working to turn the goal of hosting a national convention into a reality for our community.”

The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee have both invited Cleveland, among other cities, to submit proposals to host their respective national convention in 2016. A coalition of non-profits and community leaders has collaborated to establish the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Inc., a non-profit corporation that will prepare bids to host a national convention during the next presidential election.

"Cleveland City Council supports bringing a national Presidential convention to our revitalized downtown that offers conventioneers world-class convention facilities, the Rock Hall of Fame, the grandeur of the theater experience in Playhouse Square, first class restaurants owned by America's top chefs, major league baseball, and all the amenities of an urban city,” said Cleveland City Council President Kevin J. Kelley. “All of this, and add in the friendliness of our residents, makes Cleveland the perfect host for a 2016 convention."

Cleveland City Council will consider a resolution on Monday, February 24, 2014 that would indicate the City of Cleveland’s willingness to offer significant in-kind support for the necessary services, including Public Safety and Public Works, required to host a national nominating convention in 2016.

On Tuesday February 25, 2014, FitzGerald will introduce legislation to the Cuyahoga County Council that would authorize $2.5 million to support Cleveland’s bids to the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee. Funding details would be solidified pending the outcome of the application processes. An additional $2.5 million in in-kind law enforcement services would also be pledged by Cuyahoga County to support one of the two conventions.