KC2016 Host Committee, Inc.

"KANSAS CITY 2016 - All Roads Lead To Here" +
2:35 video from March 3, 2014.

[Music and some nat. sound] 

        TEXT: Top 10 U.S. Destinations - Lonely Planet

        TEXT: America's Best Downtowns - Forbes

        TEXT: One of the 12 global cities to watch for innovation - Fast Company

        TEXT: Top 10 best family friendly vacation spots of 2014 - Family Vacation Critic

        TEXT: America's most affordable cities - Travel + Leisure

        TEXT: 20 best cities for hipsters - Yahoo

        TEXT: All roads lead  ...  to here  [Music pauses]

[Music resumes] TEXT: To the center of the nation

        TEXT: The heart of America

        TEXT: Kansas City

        TEXT: One City in Two States

        TEXT: Connected by location ... and by sense ... of purpose

        TEXT: A place that feels like ... Main Street, USA
        TEXT: But has become ... a destination, USA

        TEXT: A place where tradition runs deep 

Reagan (audio): We must go forth from here united, determined...

        TEXT: But still on the leading edge

        TEXT:And feels just right ... for the GOP in 2016

        TEXT: When we're in the spotlight, ... we deliver

        TEXT; We're ready

        TEXT: When you come to Kansas City ... you will feel many things

        TEXT: Surprised ... excited ... entertained ... comfortable ... appreciated ... inspired ... welcome

        TEXT: Welcome to Kansas  Missouri ... Kansas City