Nevada Host Committee, Inc.

"Las Vegas Is Ready" +
2:51 video from Jan. 20, 2014.


        TEXT: Las Vegas could accomodate all the attendees from the 2012 Tampa convention inside a one-mile radius.
        TEXT: The number one convention destination in North America.

        TEXT: 21,000 conventions with 5 million attendees last year alone.

        TEXT: 150,000 total hotel rooms.  15,000 luxury suites.

        TEXT: Home to 15 of the world's 20 largest hotels.

        TEXT: Over 50 golf courses including some of the most acclaimed in the country.

        TEXT: 320 days of sunshine per year.

        TEXT: Miles of stunning vistas.  World class rock climbing and hiking.

        TEXT: The Grand Canyon  A short helicopter ride away.

        TEXT: Hoover Dam.  Thirty minutes away.

        TEXT: 10.7 million square feet of exhibit and meeting space.

        TEXT: Home to a NASCAR Sprint Cup Race and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards.

        TEXT: Over 900 retail stores to be explored on Las Vegas Boulevard.

        TEXT: 14 Michelin Star rated Chefs.  One of America's top 5 restaurant cities.  Bon Appetit

        TEXT: 531 places of worship.

        TEXT: 30% Hispanic population.

        TEXT: And the fastest-growing Asian population in North America.

        TEXT: Hosted 2012 Republican Presidential Debate.

        TEXT: Las Vegas is ready.  This is what we do.

Notes: This video is a Convention & Visitors Bureau-style production, very slick and fast-paced.