Arizona Republican Party/Phoenix 2016 Convention effort

"A Message from Governor Brewer" +
1:43 video posted Aug. 23, 2013.

[Music] Jan Brewer: Hello fellow Republicans.  I'm sorry I'm not able to be in Boston today, but I am with you in spirit.

I want to invite you to come to Arizona and to bring our convention with you.

Arizona is a leading tourism destination and for good reason.  For some it's the temperate climate and the Western flavor.  For others its our world class resorts, unmatched scenery and unique local cuisine.  Amenities like these have made Phoenix America's sixth most visited city, and they have brought national events to Arizona like the Super Bowl, baseball's All Star game and the NRA convention.

The Grand Canyon State is also among the most diverse in the country with cool forested mountains, gorgeous deserts and an unmatched Southwestern flair.  And diversity is not just in the natural environment.  Arizona is proud to be a true cultural melting pot. 

The stunning views and sunsets are so spectacular that our Arizona Highways magazine is a photographer's favorite everywhere.

That's not to mention that Arizona is the reddest of the red states.  Can any other state boast that every single statewide office is held by a Republican?  Arizona can.  Republicans certainly will feel at home here in Arizona.  Many Republican have built a legacy here including Barry Goldwater and John McCain. 

So I invite you to bring our convention here and let everyone enjoy Arizona's welcoming hospitality, fabulous accomodations and awe-inspiring scenery, which includes the reddest of red sunsets.

Thank you.  I hope to see you all real soon.

Notes: This video was from the RNC 2013 Summer Meeting in Boston (Aug. 14-16, 2013).