SOLiD Delivers In-building Cellular Coverage and Capacity at Republican and Democratic National Conventions

July 18, 2016—Cleveland, OH, and Philadelphia, PA—SOLiD, a leader in wireless infrastructure, will play a key role in keeping convention attendees connected at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, as they spend much of their time texting, calling, uploading photos and video, checking social sites and reacting to news.

To handle surges of wireless traffic generated by thousands of convention delegates, reporters and visitors, the wireless networks at both Cleveland’s Quicken Loan Arena and the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia have been updated using SOLiD’s state-of-the-art distributed antenna systems (DAS). The dedicated, in-building wireless networks in both venues are capable of delivering better service than a traditional cellular tower site.

The demand on wireless networks at “The Q” and the PACC will be intense. At The Q, network traffic will spike during historic moments as smart phones held by nearly 20,000 delegates, alternates and media are focused on the candidates. At the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Democratic caucus and council meetings will be open to the public during the day, with more than 50,000 people expected to converge on the city. Wireless coverage from macro towers doesn’t have the capacity to support thousands of mobile devices in a confined space like an arena or convention center. The in-building networks at both venues ensure that critical phone calls, text messages and multimedia are delivered even at the height of convention activity.

According to SOLiD Americas president Ken Sandfeld, “This year’s political conventions are the most connected and reliable in history. Unprecedented volumes of wireless data will be transmitted at both the Republican and Democratic National Convention venues, and the wireless network is ready, thanks to SOLiD’s ALLIANCE product line, which provides robust edge densification to the carrier networks.”

The networks rely on an essential but not well-known technology called distributed antenna systems (DAS), which extend wireless coverage where it’s needed, so people can stay connected everywhere. SOLiD’s DAS solutions can support multiple carriers, as well as public safety bands, ensuring reliable connectivity in buildings, venues and transportation applications. Subway riders, sports fans, and millions of people in shopping malls, office buildings and dense urban environments already depend on DAS wireless networks to stay connected and safe.

There are dozens of SOLiD DAS remote radio units installed inconspicuously throughout the venues. Each SOLiD remote acts like a mini-cell tower, radiating the carriers’ signals into the building, eliminating dead zones created by dense building materials, and supplying the capacity needed to address congestion from crowds. The remote units communicate with SOLiD head-end equipment, which connects directly to the carriers’ networks.

The owners of the Quicken Loans Arena and the PACC recognized early the role that cellular service plays and how it enhances the visitor’s experience at the venue, regardless of the event and the benefits to the venues’ operating staff. When it came time to select a DAS OEM partner, SOLiD was the final choice and provided the active DAS head-end and remote radio technology. SOLiD offers a robust, multi-carrier DAS solution. Its modular design future-proofs deployments and ensures very high service quality.

In addition to the Quicken Loans Arena, SOLiD’s equipment is installed at Daytona International Speedway, Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, in the Boston and New York subway systems, and at many hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and office high-rise facilities, supporting today’s mobile lifestyle.

About SOLiD

SOLiD ( helps keep people stay connected and safe in a rapidly- changing world through a portfolio of RF Amplifier, RF Radio and Optical Transport solutions. SOLiD enables indoor and outdoor cellular and public-safety communications at some of the world’s best-known and most challenging venues including leading hospitals; professional, and college sports venues; government, university and Fortune 500 corporate buildings and campuses; international airports and metropolitan subways; and other high-profile sites. For further information on SOLiD DAS, Backhaul and Fronthaul solutions, go to or call 888-409-9997.

Carol McGarry, Verdant Communications