Niki Christoff, Uber’s Head of Federal Affairs
July 8, 2016

Donkeys, Elephants & Uber

The 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions are gearing up for what promises to be an exciting few weeks in July!  Uber is pleased to announce that we will be an official partner at the Democratic National Convention and our service will be widely available in Cleveland in cooperation with the Republican staff.  

As anyone that has attended a national political convention in the past can attest, transportation can be challenging when thousands of convention goers, media, and political leaders descend on host cities.  So for the past few months we’ve been working with convention planners to ensure that we are continuing to offer reliable and affordable rides in both Cleveland and Philadelphia. We are working hard to prepare so that riders and drivers utilizing the Uber platform have a great convention experience.

Whether you’re packing your favorite Ronald Reagan t-shirt or sporting a vintage LBJ button, you will be able to get a ride with just the push of a button.  But at this year’s conventions, that’s not all we’re doing:

  • Celebrating Cities. In the week prior to each convention, Uber will celebrate these great cities with promotions that highlight why we love serving Cleveland andPhiladelphia. Keep a close eye out for these special promotions that will highlight neighborhoods, celebrate drivers, and showcase some of the best food in town.
  • Rider Lounges.  Delegates and convention attendees will have the opportunity to stop by our lounges while they wait for their Uber.  Along with bottled water, snacks, and information about what Uber is doing around the world, we will provide charging stations to make sure convention-goers have unfettered access to their Uber app.

Most importantly, we are using our technology to make the convention experience hassle-free and keep Cleveland and Philadelphia moving with safe and reliable rides.  We’ll see you at the conventions!

Before the balloons drop, make sure your celebrations aren’t interrupted by downloading the app today! Convention-goer AND new user?  If you’re headed to Cleveland plug-in the promo-code “RNC2016” and if you’re on your way to Philly use “DNCC2016” to get up to $15 off your first ride.