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Trump Victory: An Opportunity to Make Freedom Mean Something Again, says Tony Perkins

WASHINGTON, DC -- Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins released the following statement reflecting on Trump's victory and the work that lies ahead:

"The American people have issued a stunning rebuke to the political establishment. Donald Trump's victory provides a much needed opportunity to get America back on track again.

"Exit polling reported that he captured 81 percent of the evangelical vote -- exceeding the evangelical support for Bush, McCain and Romney. In the third debate, Trump took on the partial-birth abortion issue and I believe that's the moment he closed the deal with evangelicals and solidified their support.

"As I traveled the nation over the last few months, I saw values voters drawn to support Donald Trump because they recognized he shared their concerns about reversing the damage done to our freedom to believe and our ability to live according to those beliefs.

"After 8 years under the Obama administration, religious freedom has never been more endangered than it is today. Our nation has an opportunity over the next 4 years to make freedom mean something again," concluded Perkins.

Leading up to Election Day, Family Research Council Action (FRC Action), organized the Values Bus tour which made dozens of stops in the battleground states and organized the distribution of nearly four million voter guides targeting supporters, churches, activist groups, and state/local organizations. A video comparing the two party platforms was also distributed to thousands of churches to show during services prior to Election Day. FRC Action produced social media videos that reached more than five million views.