December 3, 2015

Contact: Charlie Szold

RELEASE: Iowa GOP Finalizes 100% of Caucus Locations

DES MOINES - The Iowa GOP has confirmed 100% of its 1681 precinct caucus locations, two months before the Iowa caucuses on February 1. 

Organizing the Iowa caucuses is a major undertaking, requiring thousands of staff hours and an even greater commitment from thousands of dedicated volunteers across the state. Finding suitable locations for every precinct is one early test of organization for the parties. 

Additional Iowa GOP staff have been on the ground in Iowa for months, and the Party opened three regional offices for the first time to help organize for the caucuses. 

“It’s a great achievement to have identified and secured 100% of our locations nearly two months before the caucuses,” Executive Director Chad Olsen said. “We put more staff on the ground, earlier than ever before to ensure we have a smooth caucus process on February 1st, and this milestone is an important indicator of our efforts.”

See the complete list of caucus locations here.

Additional Trainings

Running a precinct caucus requires a firm grasp on the process, as well as an understanding of the Iowa GOP's new Microsoft reporting app. Iowa GOP staff have set an ambitious goal of holding at least one caucus training in all 99 counties, to ensure our volunteers have the support they need. 

“We’ve already held 82 individual county trainings and anticipate holding at least a hundred more before February 1. I predict our county and precinct chairs will be sick of hearing from the Iowa GOP before caucus day, but that's the sort of attention to detail a successful caucus requires,” Olsen said. 

First in the Nation

Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said RPI’s focus on preparation will help preserve Iowa’s First in the Nation status.

“As far as I’m concerned, my first, second, and third job right now is to ensure we run a smooth and successful caucus on February 1st. Due to our staff’s tireless work and our organization's focus, I’m confident we’re on the path toward achieving that goal and preserving our status."