April 1, 2016

Contact: Sam Lau

IDP Announces Caucus Review Committee Members

DES MOINES—Iowa Democratic Party Caucus Review Committee Chair Dave Nagle today announced the members of the review committee who will work together to conduct a full review of the caucus process and submit recommendations on how the party can improve the Iowa Caucuses.

The committee members represent a diverse cross-section of Iowa Democrats of varying age and experience who are leaders in their communities and active in Democratic politics. The members live all across Iowa and include supporters of Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders.

“I am thrilled to announce the outstanding group of Democrats who will serve on the caucus review committee,’ said Dave Nagle. “While each of the members brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives to the table, they are all unified by their commitment to preserve, improve and protect our First in the Nation Iowa caucuses.”

“From the beginning, the party and I have wanted this review process to be as open as possible, without limits on the suggestions or insights we receive from our county chairs, volunteers, caucus-goers and other Iowa Democrats. That’s why in the upcoming months, the committee and I look forward to holding public meetings and soliciting the recommendations and concerns of Iowans all across the state. Iowans take their responsibility as First in the Nation very seriously, and working together, I know we can ensure the Iowa caucuses remain a special representation of democracy that all Iowans can be proud of.”

The review committee will hold an organizational meeting April 23 in Des Moines. The review committee will hold additional, public-input meetings throughout the state to provide Iowans with the opportunity to share their suggestions and ideas for improving the caucuses. Details on these public input meetings will be made available in the upcoming weeks.

In February, IDP Chair Andy McGuire announced that, in line with the party’s long tradition of working to improve the caucus process, she would convene a committee to conduct a full evaluation of the caucuses and to listen to the suggestions of Iowans all across the state. It is through a similar process that the party launched its first ever Tele-Caucus and satellite caucuses this year.

A full list of the review committee members is below:

Chair Dave Nagle, Black Hawk County
Evan Burger, Story County
Scott Brennan, Polk County (Ex officio)
Melanie Cloud Gross, Johnson County
Sandy Dockendorff, Des Moines County
Sue Dvorsky, Johnson County (Ex officio)
Abby Finkenauer, Dubuque County
Jamie Fitzgerald, Polk County
Marcia Fulton, Union County
Elesha Gayman, Scott County
Dick Goodson, Polk County
Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, Pottawattamie County (Ex officio)
Chris Hall, Woodbury County
Congressman Dave Loebsack, Johnson County (Ex officio)
John McCormally, Polk County
Marcia Nichols, Polk County
Bret Nilles, Linn County
Jean Pardee, Clinton County
Penny Rosfjord, Woodbury County
Ken Sagar, Polk County
Don Smith, Poweshiek County
House Democratic Leader Mark Smith, Marshall County (Ex officio)
Norm Sterzenbach, Polk County
Marcia Thompson, Story County
Miriam Tyson, Black Hawk County
Christian Ucles, Polk County