December 8, 2015

DES MOINES – As part of the Iowa Democratic Party’s continuing effort to expand participation in the Iowa Democratic Precinct Caucuses, the IDP today announced details for its first ever Tele-Caucus. The Tele-Caucus, which will be open to military members serving out-of-state and Iowans living abroad, will take place at the same day and time, February 1st at 7 p.m. CST, as the precinct caucuses. IDP Vice Chair and veteran Danny Homan will serve as the chair of the Tele-Caucus.

The Tele-Caucus announcement is the latest in a series of expansion initiatives the Iowa Democratic Party is implementing in 2016 to expand participation in our precinct caucuses. Earlier this year, the IDP announced it would be holding satellite caucus locations for Iowa Democrats who cannot participate due to limitations of mobility, distance or time.

“We are excited to be hosting our first Tele-Caucus in 2016, which is a major part of our caucus expansion efforts,” said IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire. “The Tele-Caucus is a big step forward to making sure our caucuses are as inclusive as possible, and will ensure Iowans living abroad, including our brave men and women serving our country, can participate in the caucuses. We take Iowa’s status as first in the nation very seriously, and we are confident the Tele-Caucus will improve upon an already great process.”

The Tele-Caucus is available to Iowans who are registered to vote and covered under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) and any active duty member of the military who is outside the borders of Iowa on the day and time of the Iowa Caucuses. This would include:

  • Members of the military stationed outside Iowa
  • Military family members living abroad
  • Members of the Peace Corps
  • Diplomatic Corps
  • Students and other Iowans living abroad

“As a veteran, I know how much our servicemen and women from Iowa sacrifice to protect our country and defend the freedoms we hold dear,” said IDP Vice Chair and Tele-Caucus chair Danny Homan. “That’s why it was a priority for the Iowa Democratic Party to make sure the courageous men and women who serve our country in uniform have the opportunity to participate in the Iowa caucuses.  Those who serve our country should have a voice in who gets to lead it.”


As a college student planning on studying abroad next semester and a student of political science, I was disappointed when I thought I would not have the opportunity to participate in the Precinct Caucuses. But now, thanks to the Tele-Caucus, my voice will be heard in deciding the future of our country,” said Ashleigh Bull, a junior at Grinnell College who will be studying abroad in Denmark starting in January. “The caucuses are an integral way to exercise our political opinions and contribute to the future, and ultimately, the caucuses let Iowans know where we want the future of our state and country to go. I am incredibly excited to participate in my first caucus, and I know that many of my classmates will be, too.”


“Iowa has always played a special role in choosing the Democratic Party’s nominee both in its early date and its caucus process,” said Kathryn Solon, International Chair of Democrats Abroad. “Democrats Abroad welcomes this new initiative to widen participation in the Iowa caucus! The Tele-Caucus will allow Iowans from Paris to Sydney the opportunity to help determine Iowa’s choice for the Democratic nominee.  We congratulate the Iowa Democratic Party for its hard work to include overseas Iowans in its caucus process.”


Iowans who will be abroad for the caucuses can register for the Tele-Caucus by going to our website, The deadline to register for the Tele-Caucus is on January 6, 2016. Registrants verified by the party will receive a call-in-number and individualized pin number one week prior to the Tele-Caucus.

The Tele-Caucus will be run through Stones’ Phones, a highly respected telephone consulting firm who has run many telephone town halls for members of Congress and other Democratic officials.

“We know how important the Iowa caucuses are and are committed to ensuring that the Tele-Caucus runs smoothly and becomes an integral part in allowing all Iowans, no matter where they are in the world, to have a say in picking the Democratic nominee for president,” said Marty Stone, co-founder of Stones’ Phones. “It truly is an honor to a part of this process. I think this is a really exciting program, and I can’t wait for caucus night!”

The Tele-Caucus will run nearly identically to the Iowa Democratic precinct caucuses. Participants will be able to align with a candidate, or to an uncommitted group, by pressing a number on their phone, and there will also be a realignment process. At the end of the Tele-Caucus, two state delegates will be awarded.