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New Hampshire Endorsements—Republicans

The Republican presidential candidates look for endorsements from federal, statewide and local elected officials as well as former elected officials and prominent figures.  Some will be early endorsers, some late endorsers and some non-endorsers.  In 2011-12 Democracy in Action found 17 of 19 Republican state Senators (89.4 percent) endorsed and, according to Democracy in Action's tally, 182 of 294 state Representatives (62.9 percent).  See also: Newspaper Endorsements.     Support by County. [very old]
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 updated January 8, 2016  
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte   
U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta (CD-1)

Executive Council (3 of 5)
Dist. 1 Joseph D. Kenney (Union)
Dist. 3 Christopher T. Sununu (Newfields)
Dist. 5 David K. Wheeler (Milford) CRUZ (announced 05/13/15) >
Senate Republicans (14 of 24) +
Name Position District - City/Town

Chuck Morse
22 - Salem

BUSH (announced 10/13/15)
Jeb Bradley
Majority Leader
3 - Wolfeboro

CHRISTIE (announced 12/07/15)
Jeanie Forrester

2 - Meredith

FIORINA (announced 06/25/15) +
Sam Cataldo

6 - Farmington

GILMORE (announced 10/16/15)
Jerry Little

8 - Weare

CHRISTIE (announced 12/10/15)
Andy Sanborn

9 - Bedford

PAUL (announced 05/11/15) +
Gary L. Daniels

11 - Milford

Kevin Avard

12 - Nashua

PAUL (announced 05/11/15) +
Sharon Carson

14 - Londonderry

FIORINA (announced 06/25/15)
David Boutin

16 - Hooksett

KASICH (announced 09/02/15)
John Reagan

17 - Deerfield

PATAKI (announced 04/02/15) +
Regina Birdsell

19 Hampstead

RUBIO (tweet 05/18/15)
Russell Prescott

23 - Kingston

BUSH (reported 06/16/15)
Nancy Stiles

24 - Hampton

PATAKI (announced 04/02/15) +
13 of 14 have endorsed...
Chuck Morse
Russell Prescott
Jeb Bradley
Jerry Little
Sharon Carson
Sam Cataldo
David Boutin
John Reagan
Nancy Stiles
Kevin Avard
Andy Sanborn
Regina Birdsell

House Republicans (238 of 400 as of Aug. 2015 >)
(reported by Union Leader's Dan Tuohy on Aug. 19, 2015)
Rep. Robert Rowe, Amherst  ...switch to KASICH reported Oct. 26
(announced Sept. 23, 2015)
Rep. Barry Palmer
, Nashua


(announced Aug. 20, 2015)
Rep. Jack Balcom, Merrimack
Rep. David Danielson, Bedford
Rep. Jim Devine, Sandown
Rep. Susan Emerson, Rindge
Rep. Don LeBrun, Nashua  (known to be supporting Christie before the announcement)
Rep. Betsy McKinney, Londonderry
Rep. Bill Ohm, Nashua
(announced Sept. 17, 2015)
Rep. Steve Schmitt, Wolfeboro
(announced Oct. 29, 2015)
Rep. Russell Dumais, Gilford
Rep. Herb Richardson, Lancaster
(announced Nov. 11, 2015)
Rep. Jim Grenier, Lempster
(announced Dec. 3, 2015)
Rep. Bob Fesh, Derry
Rep. John Potucek, Derry
(announced Dec. 8, 2015)
House Speaker Pro Tem Sherm Packard, Londonderry
Majority Leader Dick Hinch, Merrimack
(announced Dec. 21, 2015)
Rep. Robert Graham, Milton
Rep. Frank Sterling, Jaffrey
Rep. John Tholl, Whitefield
(announced Jan. 4, 2016)
Rep. Frank Byron, Litchfield


(announced May 13, 2015)
Former Speaker Bill O'Brien, Mont Vernon
Rep. Duane Brown, Wentworth

Rep. Carol Bush, Newington

Rep. Susan DeLemus
, Rochester
Rep. Jeff Harris, Epping

Rep. Eric Johnson
, Campton
Rep. Josh Moore, Merrimack

Rep. Jeanine Notter
, Merrimack
Rep. James Spillane, Deerfield

Rep. Len Turcotte, Barrington

(announced Aug. 26, 2015)
Rep. Rick Christie, Goffstown
Pastor and Rep. Allen Cook, Brentwood
Rep. Guy and Barbara Comtois, Center Barnstead
Rep. Warren Groen, Rochester
Rep. Bill Kuch, Bow
Rep. Walter Kolodziej, Windham
(announced Sept. 30, 2015)
Rep. Dick Gordon, East Kingston
Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien, Derry

(announced June 8, 2015)
Deputy Speaker Gene Chandler, Bartlett
Rep. Barbara Biggie, Milford
Rep. Yvonne Dean-Bailey, Northwood
Rep. Edmond Gionet, Lincoln
Rep. Joe Guthrie, Hampstead
Rep. Bob Haefner, Hudson
Rep. Joe Hagan, Chester
Rep. Will Infantine, Manchester
Rep. Phyllis Katsakiores, Derry
Rep. Rick Ladd, Haverhill
Rep. Peggy McCarthy, Nashua
Rep. Kim Rice, Hudson
Rep. Jim Webb, Derry
(announced June 30, 2015)
Rep. Tracy Emerick, Hampton. ..switch to TRUMP
Rep. Valerie Fraser, New Hampton
Rep. David Lundgren, Londonderry
(announced Sept. 8, 2015)
Rep. Erin Hennessey, Littleton
Rep. Larry Rappaport
, Colebrook
(announced Oct. 15, 2015)
Rep. Frank Kotowski, Hooksett
Rep. Peter Spanos, Laconia
(announced Dec. 3, 2015)
Rep. Ernie Bridge, Unity
Rep. Brian Gallagher, Sanbornton
Rep. George Hurt, Gilford
Rep. Herb Vadney, Meredith
Rep. Michael Vose
, Epping

Rep. Harold Parker, Wolfeboro (reported July 31, 2015)
House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan, Brookline (announced Aug. 3, 2015)
Rep. Robert Rowe, Amherst (reported Oct. 26, announced Nov. 5, 2015)
(announced Nov. 18, 2015)
Rep. Stephen Darrow
, Grafton
Rep. Norm Major
, Plaistow
Rep. Ken Peterson, Bedford
Rep. Charlene Takesian, Pelham

(announced March 19, 2015)
Rep. Tammy Simmons, Manchester
(announced May 11, 2015)
Rep. Christopher Adams, Brookline
Rep. Glen Aldrich, Gilford
Rep. Keith Ammon, New Boston
Rep. Ralph Boehm, Litchfield
Rep. Eric Eastman, Nashua
Rep. Bart Fromuth, Bedford
Rep. Larry Gagne, Manchester
Rep. Joseph Hannon, Lee
Rep. Laura Jones,
Rep. Shem Kellogg, Plaistow
Rep. Joseph Lachance, Manchester
Rep. Dan McGuire, Epsom
Rep. James McConnell, Keene
Rep. David Murotake, Nashua
Rep. Keith Murphy, Bedford
Rep. Jim Parison, New Ipswich
Rep. Eric Schleien, Hudson
Rep. Brian Seaworth, Pembroke
Rep. Victoria Sullivan, Manchester
Rep. Nick Zaricki, Goffstown
(announced July 9, 2015) 
Rep. Ed Comeau, Brookfield
Rep. Mark McLean, Manchester
(announced July 30, 2015)
Rep. Ted Wright, Moultonborough
(announced Aug. 20, 2015)
Rep. Harold French, Franklin
(announced Oct. 1, 2015)
Rep. JR Hoell, Dunbarton
(announced Oct 22, 2015)
Rep. Elizabeth Ferriera, Nashua
(announced Nov. 20, 2015)
Rep. Jason Osborne, Auburn
(announced Jan. 8, 2016)
Rep. Max Abramson, Seabrook

(announced Oct. 6, 2015)
Rep. Glenn Cordelli, Tuftonboro
Rep. Kurt Wuelper, Strafford

(announced June 26, 2015)
Rep. Stephen Stepanek, Amherst
(announced July 23, 2015)
Rep. Fred Doucette
, Salem
Rep. Werner Horn
, Franklin
Rep. Joe Pitre, Farmington
Rep. Dan Tamburello, Londonderry
Rep. Joshua Whitehouse, Farmington
(reported Sept. 8, 2015) >
Rep. Gary Azarian, Salem
Rep. Al Baldasaro
, Londonderry
Rep. Joe Duarte, Candia
Rep. Tracy Emerick, Hampton
Rep. Daniel Itse, Fremont
Rep. Robert Luther, Laconia
Rep. John Manning, Salem
Rep. Jeff Oligny, Plaistow
Rep. Elisabeth Sanders, Danville
Rep. Peter Varney
, Alton
Rep. Steve Woitkun, Danville
Rep. David Wood, Hampton

118 known endorsements of 238 House Republicans thus far...
BUSH (1)
CRUZ (18)

Barry Palmer
Robert RoweKASICH
Jack Balcom
Frank Byron
David Danielson
Jim Devine
Russell Dumais
Susan Emerson
Bob Fesh
Robert Graham
Jim Grenier
Dick Hinch
Don LeBrun
Betsy McKinney
Bill Ohm
Sherm Packard
John Potucek
Herb Richardson
Steve Schmitt
Frank Sterling
John Tholl

Duane Brown
Carol Bush
Rich Christie
Guy Comtois
Allen Cook
Susan DeLemus
Dick Gordon
Warren Groen
Jeff Harris
Eric Johnson
Walter Kolodziej
Bill Kuch
Josh Moore
Jeanine Notter
Bill O'Brien
James Spillane
Len Turcotte
Barbara Biggie
Ernie Bridge
Yvonne Dean-Bailey
Gene Chandler
Tracy EmerickTRUMP
Valerie Fraser
Brian Gallagher
Edmond Gionet
Joe Guthrie
Bob Haefner
Joe Hagan
Erin Hennessey
George Hurt
Will Infantine
Phyllis Katsakiores
Frank Kotowski
Rick Ladd
David Lundgren
Peggy McCarthy
Larry Rappaport
Kim Rice
Peter Spanos
Herb Vadney
Michael Vose
Jim Webb

Stephen Darrow
Jack Flanagan
Norm Major
Harold Parker
Ken Peterson
Robert Rowe
Charlene Takesian
Max Abramson
Christopher Adams
Glen Aldrich
Keith Ammon
Ralph Boehm
Ed Comeau
Eric Eastman
Elizabeth Ferriera
Harold French
Bart Fromuth
Larry Gagne
Joseph Hannon
JR Hoell
Laura Jones
Shem Kellogg
Joseph Lachance
James McConnell
Dan McGuire
Mark McLean
David Murotake
Keith Murphy
Jason Osborne
Jim Parison
Eric Schleien
Brian Seaworth
Tammy Simmons
Victoria Sullivan
Ted Wright
Nick Zaricki
Glenn Cordelli
Kurt Wuelper
Gary Azarian
Al Baldasaro
Fred Doucette

Joe Duarte
Tracy Emerick
Werner Horn
Daniel Itse
Robert Luther
John Manning
Jeff Oligny
Joe Pitre
Ellizabeth Sanders
Stephen Stepanek
Dan Tamburello
Peter Varney
Joshua Whitehouse
David Wood

Note:  The Perry and Walker campaigns never released lists of supporters.  A Sept. 23, 2015 article by the Union Leader's Dan Tuohy (Granite Status) mentions state Rep. Ken Weyler (Kingston) as "one of Perry's prominent supporters."  Similarly, the name of a Walker supporter emerged after the Wisconsin governor withdrew; on Sept. 23 the Bush campaign announced that if had gained the support of Rep. Barry Palmer (Nashua), who had been a supporter of Walker.  Palmer's support of Walker was not previously announced or reported.

Note. Based on past primaries, the expectation is that over half of Republican state reps. will make an endorsement.  Others choose not to endorse or in some instances may be precluded from making an endorsement.  For example, there are state reps. who serve as chairs of their local or town Republican committees, and some town committees have by-laws that require the chair to show no preference.