New Hampshire Republicans -- Filing Delegate Slates
Republican Presidential Candidates must file their delegate slates with the NH Secretary of State by December 11, 2015. 

New Hampshire Republicans will send 23 delegates to Cleveland (14 at-large, 6 congressional district and 3 automatic/unbound).  Delegates will be allocated proportionally based on the primary results, with a minumum of 10-percent of the vote required to qualify.

Kasich for America
December 9, 2015

Former Sen. John E. Sununu Files Gov. Kasich's Delegate List


Today former U.S. Senator John Sununu filed Governor John Kasich's list of state delegates and alternates at the New Hampshire statehouse. 


The list filed today includes 20 delegates and 20 alternates from around the state.


"The depth of knowledge and experience that these individuals bring to Governor Kasich's campaign is evidence of his organizational strength in New Hampshire," said Sununu. "Our state team is growing stronger by the day and is building major momentum leading up to the primary next year." 


Said Governor Kasich, "Without a doubt, I have the best team in the field in New Hampshire. I'm grateful to my friend Senator Sununu and these delegates and alternates who have offered their valuable support and expertise."



John Kasich for President's New Hampshire Delegates & Alternates




Bruce Berke, Bow

Senator David Boutin, Hooksett
Karen Cervantes, Lebanon
Paul Collins, Hampton Falls
Ed Dupont, Durham
Representative Jack Flanagan, Brookline
Linda Frawley, Belmont
Ruth Griffin, Portsmouth
Michele Holton, New London
Gordon Humphrey, Chichester
Nancy Merrill, Lebanon
Leann Moccia, Atkinson
Tom Rath, Concord
Barbara Russell, Dover
Doug Scamman, Stratham
Stella Scamman, Stratham
John E. Sununu, Rye
Peter Thomson, Orford
Simon Thomson, Merrimack
Sheriff Craig Wiggin, Meredith
Cyndi Cusack, Bedford
Gene Doherty, New Castle
Jeff Frost, Alexandria
Catherine Ivey Jones, Exeter
Fred King, Colebrook
Pam Kocher, Barrington
Ed Lecius, Merrimack
Shane McKinney, Albany
Chief Peter Morency, Berlin
Alderman-At-Large Dan Moriarty, Nashua
Representative Harold Parker, Wolfeboro
Andy Peterson, Peterborough
Bob Preston, Hampton
Dino Scala, Wakefield
Ward Scott, Plymouth
Janet Stevens, Rye
Kitty Sununu, Rye
Alex Talcott, Durham
Bill Williams, Plymouth
Lee Williams, Plymouth




Gov. Kasich is running for President to help Americans restore our nation, live in safety and pass on prosperity to those who come after us—and he’s got the experience to help us do it. He was reelected last year by a 30-point margin after working with his fellow Ohioans to turn an $8 billion shortfall into a $2 billion surplus, cut taxes $5 billion and create more than 300,000 new private sector jobs.  As chair of the Budget Committee in Congress he led the effort to balance the federal budget for the first time in a generation and served 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee where he helped enact President Reagan's national security agenda.  He has also had a successful career as an investment banker, New York Times best-selling author and at FOX News.  He and his wife Karen have twin teenage daughters and live in their home outside Columbus. You can learn more about him at


New Hampshire Young Republicans 2016 Presidential Millennial Delegate Pledge

The New Hampshire Young Republicans executive board approved a resolution asking the Presidential candidates to agree to name young people as a portion of their delegates to the Republican National Convention. The pledge states that presidential candidates who sign it will name at least 25% of their New Hampshire Delegates to the RNC as Young Republicans between the ages of 18 and 40. Candidates are required to file a slate of delegates with the Secretary of State by December 11, 2015. The February 9th primary will determine how many delegates each candidates will be sending to the Republican National Convention.

The NHYR pledge states as follows:

“It is the duty of our national leaders to refuel the light house of prosperity, liberty and freedom for all future generations to see. As a national leader and a candidate for President of the United State of America, I (candidate’s name) recognize that our nation’s future lies with the millennial generation and all young republicans throughout our great country. Which is why, it is with great honor that I (candidate’s name) agree to name at least 25% of my total New Hampshire Delegates as New Hampshire Young Republicans between the age of 18 and 40.”

Members of the New Hampshire Young Republicans Executive Board will be approaching the candidates and their staff to ask them to agree to this step to give a stronger voice to young people in our party. Representatives of candidates wishing to set up a meeting to discuss or sign the pledge are asked to email or by messaging us through this page.