April 1-3, 2016 North Dakota State Convention

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28 Delegates
:  Cruz seemed to come out well ahead in Fargo, but the delegation is unbound.  


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More than 1,600 North Dakota Republicans met at Scheels Arena in Fargo for the party's state convention (+).   Part of the business of the convention was to select 25 delegates to the national convention (the other three members of the delegation being the state party chair and the RNC committeeman and committeewoman).

People interested in becoming delegate had to submit their applications by March 28, 2016.  A total of 108 applications were submitted; the Committee on Permanent Organization then reviewed the applications.

"The selection must be fair and open. The process is designed to reward faithful
Republican activists, to broaden the party base and to represent the North Dakota
Republican Party at the National Convention. The Committee will be asked to give
consideration to gender, (based on RNC rules), geographical balance and granting
only one slot per household."

The Committee produced a list of 25 nominated delegates, and on April 3 voting attendees approved that list. 

Ted Cruz spoke at the Convention on April 2.  Dr. Ben Carson, supporting Donald Trump, spoke on April 3; U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer (ND-AL) the state's lone congressman, introduced Carson and endorsed Trump.

Cruz for President

Cruz Declared Winner in North Dakota

HOUSTON, Texas - Presidential candidate Ted Cruz released the following statement regarding his victory at the North Dakota GOP convention today.

"I'm thrilled to have the vote of confidence of Republican voters in North Dakota who delivered such a resounding victory today. As I met them over the weekend, North Dakota Republicans recognized that I am the only candidate who can move this country forward by protecting freedom and liberty. Whether we defeat Donald Trump before the convention or at it, I'm energized to have the support of the vast majority of North Dakota delegates."


Ed. note:  In his Wisconsin victory speech on April 5, Cruz was more specific...

"And then two days ago in North Dakota, we had another tremendous win. They elected their delegates. Of the delegates who have specified their support, eighteen are supporting our campaign; one is supporting Donald Trump.  Eighteen to one—I’ll take that ratio any day of the week."


Kasich for America
April 3, 2016 tweets from John Weaver, chief strategist and Mike Biundo, senior advisor:

John Weaver @JWGOP
Cruz strong arm tactics fail in ND, where he lost key floor vote & helped elect delegates who will vote in Cleveland.

Michael Biundo @MichaelBiundo
So . goes to ND, loses a floor fight to bind delegates & helps to elect a slate with Kasich delegates on it. Nice work


The Trump campaign also seemed pleased with the convention.  See:

Jose A. DelReal.  "Trump campaign, bullish on N.D. delegate outcome, to receive endorsement from state’s only congressman."  The Washington Post, April 2, 2016.

National delegate allocation:  28 unbound.