Reactions Following April 26, 2016 Primaries
in CT, DE, MD, PA and RI

Hillary for America

Clinton, in Philadelphia, Promises to Build An America Where We All Rise Together

In her remarks in Philadelphia tonight, Hillary Clinton thanked her grassroots supporters and promised to fight to build an America where everyone can rise together.

With the results of five states still being tallied, Clinton leads the primary by more than 2.7 million votes.

In her remarks Tuesday, Clinton pledged to be back in Philadelphia this summer. Clinton said, 
we're going to come back to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention with the most votes and the most pledged delegates and we will unify our party to win this election and build an America where we can all rise together - an America where we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

The full transcript of Clinton’s remarks, as delivered, is below:

Wow.  Thank you, Pennsylvania!  What a night.  I want to thank everyone – I want to thank everyone.

Thank you all so much.  Wow.  I just want to thank all of you, everyone who came out to vote here in Pennsylvania and across Maryland and Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island.  I am so grateful to all our volunteers, our organizers, our community leaders.  Everyone who worked their hearts out.  

And I want to thank the leaders here in Pennsylvania.  Thank you, Governor Wolf.  Thank you, Senator Casey.  Thank you, Congressman Cartwright.  And thank you so much, Mayor Kenney, for your great help.  And of course, I want to thank the 42nd President of the United States, my husband. 

Now, with your help, we’re going to come back to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention with the most votes and the most pledged delegates and we will unify our party to win this election and build an America where we can all rise together – an America where we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. 

So we need you to keep volunteering.  Keep talking to your friends and neighbors.  Please join the more than 1.1 million people who’ve already contributed at

I know there are still too many barriers holding too many Americans back.  But despite what other candidates say, we believe in the goodness of our people and the greatness of our nation.  And if anyone doubts that, just let them travel across this country, as I’ve done in this campaign the past year, hearing people’s stories, learning about their struggles.  

Listen to the quiet determination of the working parents I met last week in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.  They are doing everything they can to provide opportunities to their children in an economy where there still aren’t enough good-paying jobs.

Listen to the mothers who lost children to gun violence and encounters with the police.  They’re turning their sorrow into strategy and their mourning into a movement – a movement for justice and dignity. 

Listen to the nurse I met this weekend in New Haven, Connecticut, who worked for years to build a middle-class life and raise a family.  But then, her luck changed.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and used up all her savings and her sick time.  Soon, she was facing foreclosure and the prospect of losing the home she’d loved for more than 20 years.  And here’s what she said to me:  'My daughter and I live in fear of the day that we might come home and have a lock on the door… We’re in pain.  We’re hurting… We were, and are, the backbone of this country – the middle class.  We’re not asking for a handout.  We just want to be treated fairly.'

And she is speaking for so many people across our country who feel beaten down, left out and left behind.  People who have worked hard and done their part, but just can’t seem to get ahead, and find it tough even to get by.

Now, underneath all those worries together, we are going to come together and we are going to solve the problems we face.  

And I am aware that too many people feel at the mercy of forces too big for anyone to control, and they just worry that those of us in politics put our own interests ahead of the national interest.

The faith that we can make things better, that we can give our kids a better future than we had, is at the heart of who we are as a nation.  And it’s one of many reasons that being Americanhas always been such a blessing.

And our campaign is about restoring people’s confidence in our ability to solve problems together – by delivering results that help people follow their own dreams.  That’s why we’re setting bold, progressive goals backed up by real plans that will improve lives.  After all, that is how progress gets made.  We have to be both dreamers and doers. 

And as a great Democratic President once said, 'There is nothing wrong with America that can’t be cured by what’s right with America.'  I believe we can create more good jobs with rising incomes, jobs that provide dignity, pride and a middle-class life.  We can renew our democracy by overturning Citizens United.  We can lift up people and places who’ve been left out, from our inner cities to Appalachia, in every manufacturing town hollowed out when the factory closed, every community scarred by substance abuse, every home where a child goes to bed hungry.  That’s what we Democrats believe in.  That’s what we know is possible.  

So we will build on a strong progressive tradition from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama.  And I applaud Senator Sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality.  And I know, together, we will get that done.   

Because whether you support Senator Sanders or you support me, there’s much more that unites us than divides us.  We all agree that wages are too low and inequality is too high.  That Wall Street can never again be allowed to threaten Main Street.  And we should expand Social Security, not cut or privatize it. 

We Democrats agree that college should be affordable to all and student debt shouldn’t hold anyone back.  We Democrats agree that every single American should and must have quality, affordable health care. 

We agree that our next president must keep our country safe, keep our troops out of another costly ground war in the Middle East. 

And we Democrats agree that climate change is an urgent threat.  And it requires an aggressive response that can make America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century.

And we Democrats agree on defending all of our rights – civil rights and voting rights, workers’ rights and women’s rights, LGBT rights and rights for people with disabilities.  

So in this election, we will have to stand together and work hard to prevail against candidates on the other side who would threaten all those rights and pit Americans against each other.

They would make it harder to vote, not easier.  They would deny women the right to make our own reproductive health care decisions.  They would round up millions of hardworking immigrants and deport them.  They would demonize and discriminate against hardworking, terror-hating Muslim Americans who we need in the fight against radicalization.  And both of the top candidates in the Republican Party deny climate change even exits. 

Now, the other day, Mr. Trump accused me of playing the, quote, 
woman card.
  Well, if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the 
woman card,
then deal me in. 

So, my friends, if you are a Democrat, an Independent, or a thoughtful Republican, you know their approach is not going to build an America where we increase opportunity or decrease inequality.  So instead of letting them take us backwards, we want America to be in the future business. 

That’s why I want you to keep imagining a tomorrow where instead of building walls, we are breaking down barriers – we are making it more likely that Americans will be part of a prosperous, inclusive, decent society.  

We’re imagining a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. 

We’re imagining a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation.  And where every child has a good teacher and a good school, no matter what ZIP code that child lives in.  

And imagine a tomorrow where any young person can graduate from college debt-free. 

Or imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, families are supported, streets are safe and communities are strong, and where love trumps hate.  That is the future I want.  I want that future for my granddaughter and for all of our children and grandchildren.

Now, think of this.  Our nation was born right here in Philadelphia. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed just a few blocks away.  And ever since – even through dark and difficult chapters of our history – the idea of America has shone through.  At our best, we are, as Robert Kennedy said, 'a great country, an unselfish country and a compassionate country.'

But America’s greatness is not a birthright.  It must be earned by every generation.

So please join us.  Join us.  Go to  Text JOIN, 4-7-2-4-6. Volunteer
​, contribute​
.  Let’s go forward.  Let’s win the nomination and in July let’s return as a unified party.  Thank you all so much.

Bernie 2016
April 26, 2016

Contact: Michael Briggs

Sanders Statement on Primary Elections

HUNTINGTON, W. Va. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday issued the following statement:

“I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her victories tonight, and I look forward to issue-oriented campaigns in the 14 contests to come.

“I am proud that we were able to win a resounding victory tonight in Rhode Island, the one state with an open primary where independents had a say in the outcome. Democrats should recognize that the ticket with the best chance of winning this November must attract support from independents as well as Democrats. I am proud of my campaign’s record in that regard.

“The people in every state in this country should have the right to determine who they want as president and what the agenda of the Democratic Party should be. That’s why we are in this race until the last vote is cast. That is why this campaign is going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform that calls for a $15 an hour minimum wage, an end to our disastrous trade policies, a Medicare-for-all health care system, breaking up Wall Street financial institutions, ending fracking in our country, making public colleges and universities tuition free and passing a carbon tax so we can effectively address the planetary crisis of climate change.”


Correct the Record (pro-Clinton)


Washington, D.C. – Correct The Record President Brad Woodhouse released the following statement in response to tonight’s Democratic primary results.

“Tonight Hillary Clinton added to her already nearly insurmountable lead on her path to the Democratic nomination,” said Brad Woodhouse President of Correct The Record. “Voters across the country have overwhelmingly chosen Hillary Clinton’s message of breaking down barriers, and her victories tonight prove that they trust her to take on the Party of Trump in November.

“We need a leader who will spread hope and love, not bigotry and hatred, and who will lift people up, not tear them down. Hillary knows that we are stronger when we stand together, and by uniting as a Party, we can ensure that there is a Democrat in the White House in 2016."

Correct The Record is a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks.

Democracy for America (pro-Sanders)

Statement from Democracy for America's Charles Chamberlain following the April 26th Presidential primaries:
"Bernie has proved that his campaign isn't just a message, it's a movement. The millions of people who have raised millions of dollars, made millions phone calls, and knocked on millions of doors have transformed the 2016 race by bringing millions of new voters and independents into the Democratic party to fight against income inequality, structural racism, and money in politics.

"The question right now isn't whether the movement behind Bernie Sanders is going to continue winning delegates and states in the weeks ahead, it's whether the Democratic establishment is going to bring our party together by embracing our fight for a political revolution or tell us to sit down, shut up and fall in line, likely costing Democrats nationwide the critical votes we'll need in the general election.

"In the weeks and months ahead, Democracy for America will continue fighting to ensure Bernie Sanders wins the largest number of delegates possible to represent our movement in Philadelphia and to make certain progressives in all 50 states have their voices heard in this historic Presidential primary."  -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Fun Fact: Since they voted to endorse Senator Sanders for President in December, DFA members have made more than 154,000 individual contributions totalling more than $1.5 million to Sen. Sanders' race -- more than we've raised for any single campaign since our founding 12 years ago.

Democratic National Committee

DNC Chair Statement on Tonight’s Primary Results

WASHINGTON - Tonight, voters went to the polls in five states. In Pennsylvania, exit polling showed that 71 percent of Democratic voters felt their primary had energized the party while 58 percent of Republican voters said their primary had divided the party – nearly the same in both cases as what New Yorkers reported last week. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement on tonight’s results: 
“Ranting and raving his way to five primary victories tonight, Donald Trump has secured his chokehold on the Republican nomination. For years, GOP leaders have pushed a cynical and feckless political strategy that exploits unfounded fears of immigrants, minorities, the poor, the LGBT community and more, all for political gain. They have sold hardworking Americans the empty promise of trickle-down prosperity, while strangling America’s middle class with backwards economic policies that only enrich those already at the top. Donald Trump’s impending nomination is the ultimate, sad culmination of the success of that strategy. Trump is the modern Republican Party.
“It’s no surprise that at exit polls in contest after contest, more and more Democratic voters are reporting that our primary process has energized our party, while more and more Republicans report deep, dispiriting divisions in theirs.
“I want to congratulate both of our candidates for continuing to run spirited, substantive campaigns worthy of the American people. It’s clear that when we get through our conventions, Democrats will emerge united having nominated the next president, while the GOP will have to wallow in the chaotic mess of their own making.”

Connecticut Democratic Party


Hartford, Ct. – Gov. Dan Malloy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, and Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statements on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s victory in today’s Democratic presidential primary.

“Today Connecticut Democrats made the right choice,” said Governor Malloy. “Secretary Clinton is the right candidate to move our country forward and grow our economy from the middle out. As she has proved throughout her career, Hillary Clinton gets results, and I am proud to have endorsed her candidacy. I will continue to work hard to make sure she is elected President of the United States this November, and I urge all Connecticut Democrats to do the same. Together we can and will defeat Donald Trump and his extremist agenda.”

“I’d like to congratulate Hillary Clinton on a hard-fought and well-deserved victory,” said Lt. Gov. Wyman. “I have always admired Secretary Clinton’s unique ability to effect positive change, and I know that her policies and leadership will strengthen our communities and families. Connecticut Democrats understand that by uniting behind Secretary Clinton’s optimistic vision for the future of our country, we can not only defeat the GOP nominee, but we can build on President Obama’s legacy and move our country forward.”

“Congratulations to Secretary Clinton on her victory in today’s primary,” said Chairman Balletto. “She is a lifelong champion for the values we as Democrats hold dear. I also want to congratulate Senator Sanders on a hard-fought campaign here in Connecticut. The bottom line is that either of our Democratic candidates would build on President Obama’s successes and move our country forward, while Donald Trump and the Republicans would take us backwards.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party


PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel L. Groen issued the following statement in response to the results of the primary election:

“I would like to thank every voter who cast a ballot in today’s Primary Election. The Democrats who made their voices heard today are a testament to the strength of our state’s Democratic Party and the values we stand for.

“I want to congratulate Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Josh Shapiro, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, Joe Torsella, our US House and state legislative Democratic nominees on their victories today.

“Every single one of our nominees is committed to moving Pennsylvania forward, and as a party we have shown yet again that we are the party focused on the issues that move the country forward: fighting for a living wage, protecting the rights of every Pennsylvanian — no matter who they love, and preserving the planet for our children. Neither Pennsylvania nor the United States can afford the offensive and regressive policies of this extreme Republican Party. The future of our country depends on this election.

“Every Pennsylvanian should now turn his or her enthusiasm for these nominees into action. Volunteer for a candidate, knock on doors, make phone calls, and most importantly, vote onNovember 8.

“This was a primary Pennsylvanians can be proud of. Once again, I thank every voter who participated in tonight’s election and I congratulate tonight’s winners.”

# # #

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, April 26, 2016

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on Sec. Hillary Clinton’s Victories in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut

WASHINGTON — AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders issued the following statement on Sec. Hillary Clinton’s victories in tonight’s primary:

“Sec. Hillary Clinton is the clear front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination now that more than eleven million voters have stepped up to vote for one of the most prepared, qualified, and resilient champions for working people in generations. Tonight, voters in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut added their voices to the broad coalition of Americans who believe Hillary Clinton is the candidate best equipped to carry working people to victory in November and make real progress on the challenges confronting our country.

“Tonight, union households in Pennsylvania supported Sec. Clinton 56% to 43% and represented 27% of total turnout. This continues a trend in key states such as New York, Iowa, Nevada and Ohio, in which rank-and-file union households backed Hillary Clinton by 16%, 9%, 11% and 10%, respectively. This election will be a make-or-break moment for working people struggling to make ends meet, and across the labor movement union members are turning out for the candidate who has proudly proclaimed, ‘when unions are strong, America is strong.’

“AFSCME members are on the front lines, making our communities safer, healthier, and stronger every day. Just as we never quit answering the call for our neighborhoods, public service workers will never quit working to elect a president who shares our passion for public service. That’s why AFSCME members played a key role in the grassroots GOTV efforts supporting Hillary Clinton, knocking on tens of thousands of doors and helping to advance Secretary Clinton closer to securing the Democratic nomination.”

American Federation of Teachers
For Release: 
Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Evan Sutton

AFT President Randi Weingarten and AFT-PA President Ted Kirsch on Hillary Clinton’s Pennsylvania Primary Win

“Tonight, Pennsylvanians affirmed that Hillary Clinton is the best and most qualified candidate to lead our party and our country forward,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten. “Hillary won tonight because she has relentlessly focused on issues that Pennsylvania voters care about: raising wages, cutting college debt, rebuilding our infrastructure and boosting American manufacturing, reining in Wall Street, tending to our children and partnering with our teachers, protecting our seniors, and breaking down racial, gender and LGBT barriers. Hillary will protect our right to vote and has vowed to repeal Citizens United, restoring American democracy. She has what it takes to deliver real change for working people and break down the barriers holding our nation back. Tonight, yet again, she has proven that she is the candidate who will stand with working Americans to make our communities stronger and rebuild our economy.

“AFT members worked tirelessly to help deliver Hillary a resounding victory tonight and were critical in this election. The American Federation of Teachers, AFT Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers and the Scranton Federation of Teachers thank all of the members who volunteered and helped talk to nearly 11,000 union members on the phone or at their front doors for this primary election.”
AFT Pennsylvania President Ted Kirsch, who is also an AFT vice president, said, “Our members saw that one candidate is willing to take the time and effort to understand local issues and has smart plans to strengthen our schools and our communities. Hillary Clinton’s support of the proposed Philadelphia soda tax shows she understands the challenges austerity politics has left us facing and the nuanced approach needed to make life better for everyday Pennsylvanians.”

# # # #

The AFT represents 1.6 million pre-K through 12th-grade teachers; paraprofessionals and other school-related personnel; higher education faculty and professional staff; federal, state and local government employees; nurses and healthcare workers; and early childhood educators.

Republican National Committee

RNC Statement On Tuesday’s Democrat Primaries

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on Tuesday’s Democrat primaries: 
"Tonight Hillary Clinton inched closer to the Democrat nomination she should have put away long ago, but the far-left agenda she is offering is far removed from the direction the American people want.  Hillary Clinton will offer another four years of the status quo and failed Obama policies.  Whether it’s her secret email server that jeopardized national security, stonewalling on releasing the transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall Street banks, or deliberately misleading voters on nearly every issue, America cannot afford to have Hillary Clinton’s long track record of dishonesty and reckless judgment in the White House. Only a Republican president in the White House can get our country back on track and growing in the direction the American people want.”