Friday, March 11th, 2016

District-Level Convention Delegates Elected on March 1

Congressional District 1

Vivian Davis Figures  (Clinton)
Mary Morris  (Clinton)

Napoleon Bracy, Jr.  (Clinton)
James E. Buskey  (Clinton)
Marcellus N. Parker  (Sanders)

Congressional District 2

Janet Y. Buskey  (Clinton)
Tyna D. Davis  (Clinton)
Beth Sanders  (Sanders)

Joe Reed  (Clinton)
Steven L. Reed  (Clinton)

Congressional District 3

Gwendolyn Harris Brooks  (Clinton)
Pat "Patsy" Jones  (Clinton)

Johnny Ford  (Clinton)
Fred Gray, Jr.  (Clinton)
Jesse T. Smith  (Sanders)

Congressional District 4

Sue Thompson  (Clinton)
Ashley Bryant  (Sanders)

Robert Avery  (Clinton)
Roger H. Bedford, Jr.  (Clinton)

Congressional District 5

Susan C. Brown  (Clinton)
Laura Hall  (Clinton)

Eddie Sherrod  (Clinton)
Patrick Doyle  (Sanders)

Congressional District 6

Merika Coleman  (Clinton)
Mallory Anderton  (Sanders)

Louis Baxley  (Clinton)

Congressional District 7

Louise Alexander  (Clinton)
Ella B. Bell  (Clinton)
Linda Coleman  (Clinton)
Shelia Smoot  (Clinton)
Sheila D. Tyson  (Clinton)

Fred Bell  (Clinton)
Earl Hilliard, Jr.  (Clinton)
Hank Sanders  (Clinton)
Rodger M. Smitherman  (Clinton)

The "Uncommitted" presidential category did not reach the 15% threshold in any congressional district. As a result, no uncommitted delegates were elected.

Monday, April 4th, 2016

At-Large and PLEO Delegates Elected on April 2

PLEO (Party Leader Elected Official) Delegates:

Valvier "Val" Bright  (Clinton)
Priscilla P. Dunn  (Clinton)
Juandalynn "LeLe" Givan  (Clinton)

Grover Dunn  (Clinton)
Fred D. Gray  (Clinton)
Joe L. Reed  (Clinton)
Steven W. Hoyt  (Sanders)

At-Large Delegates:

Jarralynne Agee  (Clinton)
Maudie Bedford  (Clinton)
Sherry McClain  (Clinton)
Nancy Gardner Sewell  (Clinton)
Teresa Smiley  (Clinton)
Larisa Thomason  (Sanders)

Roger Bedford III  (Clinton)
Harry Gilliam  (Clinton)
Jim Spearman  (Clinton)
Charlie L. Staten  (Clinton)
Jeffery McDaniels  (Sanders)

At-Large Alternates:

Yvette M. Richardson  (Clinton)
Sylvia Williams  (Sanders)

Julian McPhillips  (Clinton)
Warren Davis  (Clinton)

Credentials Committee:
Anita McDaniel Brueck  (Clinton)
Zack Buckner  (Clinton)

Platform Committee:
Carolyn (CiCi) Culpepper  (Clinton)
D. Anthony (Tony) Parker  (Sanders)

Rules Committee:
Virginia Edington  (Clinton)
Earl Jones  (Clinton)

Wade Lipscomb
Irva Reed

For Immediate Release: April 21, 2016
Contact: Nancy Worley, Chair, Alabama Democratic Party

Alabama Democratic Party Completes Certification of Delegation to 2016 Democratic National Convention

Montgomery, AL- The Alabama Democratic Party is the first state to complete its delegation certification and organization to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At its first organizational meeting on April 2, Chairwoman Nancy Worley was elected Chair of the delegation and Vice Chair for Minority Affairs Joe L. Reed, Vice Chair, and Val Bright, Secretary.

In Alabama’s March 1, Primary Election the following were elected as District-level pledged delegates to the 2016 Convention: Louise Alexander, Mallory Anderton, Robert Avery, Louis Baxley, Roger Bedford, Jr., Ella B. Bell, Fred Bell, Napoleon Bracy, Jr., Susan C. Brown, Ashley Bryant, James E. Buskey, Janet Y. Buskey, Linda Coleman, Merika Coleman, Tyna D. Davis, Vivian Davis Figures, Patrick Doyle, Johnny Ford, Fred Gray, Jr., Laura Hall, Gwendolyn Harris Brooks, Earl Hilliard, Jr., Pat “Patsy” Jones, Mary Morris, Marcellus N. Parker, Jr., Joe Reed, Steven L. Reed, Beth Sanders, Hank Sanders, Eddie Sherrod, Jesse T. Smith, Rodger M. Smitherman, Shelia Smoot, Sue Thompson, and Shelia Tyson.

The State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) met in April and elected as Pledged PLEO (Party Leader and/or Elected Official) Delegates as follows: Valvier Bright, Grover Dunn, Priscilla P. Dunn, Juandalynn “LeLe” Givan, Fred D. Gray, Steven W. Hoyt, and Joe L. Reed.

In addition, the following were elected as Pledged At-Large Delegates: Jarralynne Agee, Maudie Bedford, Roger Bedford, III; Nancy Gardner Sewell, Harry Gilliam, Sherry McClain, Jeffery McDaniels, Teresa Smiley, Jim Spearman, Charlie Staten, and Larisa Thomason.

Delegates who will serve as Unpledged or “Ex Officio” are Congresswoman Terri Sewell and DNC members Clint Daughtrey, Randy Kelley, Unzell Kelley, Janet May, Darryl Sinkfield, and Nancy Worley.

The following were elected as Alternate At-Large Delegates: Warren Davis, Yvette McPherson-Richardson, Julian McPhillips, and Sylvia Williams.

Convention Standing Committee Members elected by the delegation are Anita Brueck, Zack Buckner, Sr., Carolyn (CiCi) Culpepper, Virginia Edington, Earl C. Jones, and D. Anthony (Tony) Parker.

Serving as Pages for the Alabama Delegation will be Wade Lipscomb and Irva Reed.

“Alabama’s delegation of 72 Democrats in Philadelphia looks forward to nominating and working to elect the next President of the United States,” said Nancy Worley, Chairwoman.