CD 1
National Delegates Elected on April 9
Clinton: Robert Rodriguez, Hon. Wellington Webb, Hon. Elbra Wedgeworth
Sanders: Cleo Dioletis, Jeremy Gall, Mark Lasser, Nita Lynch, Kona Morris
Elector: Michael Baca

CD 2 
National Delegates Elected on April 2
Clinton: Hon. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Braulio Rojas
Sanders: Giselle Herzfeld, David Levy, Sarah Moore, Andrew Romano
Elector: Terry Phillips

CD 3 
National Delegates Elected on April 15
Clinton: Mary Beth Corsentino, Sal Pace
Sanders: Erin Biggs, Pamela Liu, Root Routledge, Joseph Thomas
Elector: Mary Beth Corsentino 

CD 4 
National Delegates Elected on April 15
Clinton: Kathleen Ensz, Jerad Sutton
Sanders: Matthew Brown, Lynnette McClain, Jason Sherry
Elector: Jerad Sutton 

CD 5 
National Delegates Elected on April 15
Clinton: Judith Ingelido, Michael Perez
Sanders: Angelina Hagan, Jene Hanna, Michael Maday
Elector: Robert Nemanich

CD 6
National Delegates Elected on April 10
Clinton: Amy Drayer, Patricia Shaver, Bryan Hartmann
Sanders: Christopher Davis, Thomas Grushka, Allison Vail
Elector: Amy Drayer

CD 7
National Delegates Elected on April 9
Clinton: Evie Hudak, Odell Barry
Sanders: Gabriel McArthur, Emilie Mitcham, Euell Santistevan, Terry Tucker
Elector: Ann Knollman 

Party Leader and Elected Officials (PLEO):
National Delegates Elected on April 16
Clinton: Rep. Crisanta Duran, Mayor Michael Hancock, Sheila Lieder
Sanders: Joann Fujioka, JoyAnn Keener-Ruscha, Raffi Mercuri, Rep. Joe Salazar, Jeri Shepherd, Rep. Jonathan Singer

National Delegates Elected on April 16
Clinton: Hon. Polly Baca, Josie Heath, Sen. Rollie Heath, Harold Jobson, Hon. Sue Schafer
Sanders: Victoria Bard, Cortland Coffey, Jessica Crowe, Spencer Duncan, Wendy Howell, Michael McCorkle, Kimberly Netherton, S. Smith, Luis Franisco Vaszuez

Elected on April 16
Clinton: Antonio Esquibel, Lydia Guzman
Sanders: Micheal Baca, Q Banister, Kevin Brauer, Caitlin Glidewell

At-Large Electors: Sen. Rollie Heath, Hon. Polly Baca

Tuesday, April 12 2016
Contact: Rick Palacio; 303-623-4762,

CDP Chair Statement on Nominating Process

Denver, Colorado - Today, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio released the following statement related to Colorado’s Democratic nominating process:

“Today, the Denver Post misreported several facts which relate to Colorado’s Democratic nominating process. On caucus night, preliminary and unofficial results were posted online in an effort to share as much information as we had in a timely manner. Those preliminary and unofficial results showed a higher level of support for Secretary Clinton than she actually received in a handful of precincts in Denver County. After a verification process, the official results, along with the caucus worksheets were sent to both Presidential campaigns at the same time just days following precinct caucuses. It appeared that the Clinton campaign did not review the information until last week, at which point they asked to clarify the information previously sent to their team.

"What was posted on caucus night were only preliminary results which were not used in the allocation of delegates at any level. The Denver Post misreported this fact, and didn't accurately report the fact that both campaigns received the correct data at the same time within days of the caucus. If one used the official data which was shared with both presidential campaigns to predict the outcome of the 1st Congressional District Convention, the prediction would have been 5 delegates for Sen. Sanders and 3 delegates for Sec. Clinton, and the actual, official results of the Saturday’s 1st Congressional District Convention were 5 delegates elected for Sen. Sanders and 3 delegates elected for Sec. Clinton.

"We sincerely apologize for this confusion it has caused around the caucus process and any changes that affect the estimation of national delegates allocated in the state of Colorado.”

2016 Caucus Eligibility

In order to vote at the Democratic caucus, you must meet all three of these requirements:

  1. Registered to vote, and
  2. Affiliated as a Democrat in Colorado on or before January 4, 2016, and 
  3. a resident of your precinct for at least 30 days.

Anyone who turns 18 or becomes a naturalized U.S. Citizen and registered to vote during the two months prior to March 1, 2016 is eligible to vote.

Caucus eligibility is set by state statute, not by politicial parties. This is state law, not a party rule and will be followed to the letter of the law. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you will not be allowed to participate at caucus.