DC Delegates and Alternates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Elected District-level Delegates and Alternate

Councilmember Jack Evans
Councilmember Brianne Nadeau
Mr. John Fanning
Ms. Mary Cuthbert
Ms. Sheila White
Ms. Rita Collins
Mr. Lee Wilson
Ms. Shelley Tomkin
Mr. Charles Gaither
Ms. Linda Gray
Mr. James Bubar
Ms. Candace Nelson
Mr. Gerald Lorentz
Mr. Jeff Cruz

Elected PLEO and At-large Delegates and Alternates:

Mr. Steve Elmendorf
Ms. Dyana Forester
Ms. Cora Masters Barry
Mr. Michael Eric Dyson
Ms. Reta Jo Lewis
Ms. Capricia Marshall
Mr. Charles Rocha
Mr. David Meadows
Ms. Ann Loikow

Automatic Delegates by virtue of the elected positions that they hold within the State*

Mayor Muriel Bowser
Chairman Phil Mendelson
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton
State Party Chair Anita Bonds
State Party Vice Chair Ed Potillo
Statehood Senator Paul Straus
Statehood Senator Michael D. Brown
National Committeeman Arrington Dixon
National Committeewoman MaryEva Candon

Elected Standing Committee Members:

Ms. Michaleen Crowell
Mr. Josyln Williams

*Ed. Note:-This is nine of 26 total unpledged delegates; the others are more DNC Members.