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May 6, 2015

DES MOINES-On Saturday, April 30th over 1,300 Democrats joined together to participate in District Conventions. Elections were held in four District Conventions. Twenty-nine national delegates and 4 alternate delegates were elected for the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The Presidential delegate breakdown was 15 national delegates for Clinton and 14 national delegates for Sanders. Out of the 4 alternate delegates, 2 were elected for Clinton and 2 for Sanders. The remaining 22 national delegates will be elected at the State Convention on Saturday, June 18th.

Below are additional lists of names of Presidential electors and national delegates divided by district and a list of the 4 presidential electors.

National Delegates Alternate Delegate listed in italics.
Name City Delegate District
Corey Jones Anamosa Sanders 1
Courtney Lynn Rowe Cedar Rapids Sanders 1
Jason Robert Brown Cedar Rapids Sanders 1
Sruthi Palaniappan Cedar Rapids Clinton 1
Tammy Wawro Cedar Rapids Clinton 1
Katherine Marie Larson Dubuque Sanders 1
Pasquale Venancio Guerra Luz Dubuque Clinton 1
Emily A. Felton Monticello Sanders 1
Dr. Kenneth R. Adderley Waterloo Clinton 1
John Christian Laursen Bloomfield Sanders 2
Gillian Frances Popenuok Burlington Sanders 2
Michelle Lynn Magyar Davenport Clinton 2
Paul Dwayne Gandy Fairfield Clinton 2
Zacharia Patrick Wahls Iowa City Clinton 2
Daniel Wesley Clark Mount Pleasant Sanders 2
Rebecca Mckay Mueller Muscatine Sanders 2
David Anthony Johnson West Branch Sanders 2
Rita Rottinghaus Hart Wheatland Clinton 2
Ingrid Christina Olson Council Bluffs Sanders 3
Joel D. Potter Des Moines Sanders 3
Sean Ryan Bagniewski Des Moines Clinton 3
Priscilla Lynn Ruhe Des Moines Clinton 3
Ora Dessia McQueen Des Moines Clinton 3
Ako-Abdul Samad Des Moines Clinton 3
June L. Owens Des Moines Clinton 3
Barbara Gail Kalbach Dexter Sanders 3

Megan Lakshmi Srinivas Ames Clinton 4
Ashley Elizabeth Stewart Ames Clinton 4
Jesica Marie Butler Hawarden Sanders 4
Lucas Tyler Haffner Lyton Sanders 4
Caleb Scott Humphrey Madrid Sanders 4
Dean A. Genth Mason City Clinton 4
Victor Joseph Banks Sr. Sioux City Clinton 4

List of Presidential Electors

1st Congressional Carrie Tedore Dubuque
2nd Congressional Nick Kruse Iowa City
3rd Congressional Jack (Elyse) Schuler Des Moines
4th Congressional Randal Black Mason City

April 30, 2016
TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Ben Foecke, Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director

RE: 2016 Iowa Democratic District Conventions

Iowa District Convention Results

DES MOINES—Today Iowa Democrats held district conventions in all four congressional districts and elected 29 national delegates and 4 alternate delegates. 

Below is the breakdown of the district delegates and the district-level national delegates awarded to the preference groups for Clinton and Sanders after the final alignments today. Details on the individuals elected as national delegates will be released in the coming days.

Reminder: Iowa's delegation to the Democratic National Convention consists of 51 Delegates and 4 Alternates. 7 Unpledged PLEOs (Superdelegates) are automatic members of the National Delegation. The remaining 15 pledged delegates will be elected at the state convention on Saturday, June 18th in Des Moines.

Monica Biddix

Communications Director
Iowa Democratic Party

April 27, 2016
TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Ben Foecke, Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director

RE: 2016 Iowa Democratic District Conventions

Iowa Democrats will hold our district conventions this Saturday, April 30, 2016. District convention date and times are set forth by the delegate selection plan. All four district conventions begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, and the locations can be found here.

District conventions are an important step in the Iowa Democratic Party’s delegate selection process that began on February 1st, 2016.  They are an example of dedicated, grassroots work at its finest as the party builds up to the state and national conventions. Both Democratic campaigns are responsible for organizing and motivating their delegates to solidify support.

At the District conventions, delegates will elect 29 delegates to the Democratic National Convention and 4 Alternates.  Congressional districts 1 and 2 will each elect 8 national delegates.
Congressional district 3 will elect 7 national delegates, and Congressional district 4 will elect 6 national delegates. Each district elects 1 alternate.

The Congressional District Delegation breakdown can be found on the grid below.

Pursuant with the delegate selection plan, any registered Democrat who lives in the district can be elected as a national delegate at their district convention, as long as they completed this petition and submitted it to the State Chair, by April 18th, 2016 (12 days before the District convention), or to the chair of their district's rules and nominations committee the day of the convention no more than 15 minutes following the completion of the credentials committee report. A more-detailed description of the petition process can be found here.

It’s important to remember that only duly-elected District Delegates (elected at County Conventions on March 12) may vote on National Delegates.

Just like at the precinct caucuses and county conventions, delegates will be elected by presidential preference. Viability is 15%, and delegates will be assigned proportionate to the percentage of district delegates in each preference group. This is the same process the IDP has had for decades.

Just like with the precinct caucuses and the county conventions, the presidential campaigns must organize their supporters to attend the district conventions in order to elect national delegates.

Reminder: Twenty-nine of Iowa’s 44 pledged national delegates will be elected at the district conventions on April 30th. The other fifteen pledged national delegates will be elected at our state convention on June 18th. Iowa will also send seven (7) unpledged delegates to the National Convention for a total delegation of 51 delegates and 4 alternates.*  District delegates are eligible to attend both the district and state conventions--no additional state delegates are elected at the district conventions. Just like at county conventions, district and state delegates are not bound per our long-standing delegate selection rules.

Here’s a look back at the county convention results:

Clinton State/District Delegates Sanders State/District Delegates O’Malley State/District Delegates Uncommitted State/District Delegates
CD 1 193 195 0 0
CD 2 179 193 0 0
CD 3 183 169 1 1
CD 4 146 141 0 0
Satellite Caucuses (determined on caucus night) 2 1 0 0
Tele-Caucus (determined on caucus night) 1 1 0 0
TOTAL 704 700 1 1

Other district convention business: In addition to the election of national delegates and alternates, district delegates will also debate and ratify the district platform, elect members to the State Central Committee, elect a district Affirmative Action chair, and other party business.

*One of Iowa's Unpledged PLEOs, Linda Langston, recently resigned from the Executive Council of the National Association of Counties (NACo), a position which had made her a DNC Member, and subsequently, an Unpledged PLEO. So instead of 8 Unpledged PLEOs, Iowa now has 7.

Monica Biddix
Communications Director
Iowa Democratic Party

April 30, 2016

CD1 Democratic Convention
Benton Community Schools

600 1st Ave., Van Horne, IA 52346

CD2 Democratic Convention
Washington High School
111 S B Ave., Washington, IA 52353

CD3 Democratic Convention
Iowa Southwestern Community College
1501 W. Townline St., Creston, IA 50801

CD4 Democratic Convention
Ames Middle School
3915 Mortensen Rd., Ames, IA 50014

Website for Josh Hughes, candidate for delegate in the 3rd CD: