Kansas Delegates and Alternates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Elected at Congressional District Conventions (second-tier caucuses) April 2.
District Level

Clinton (7)
Congressional District 1

Jeremy Adkison

Sanders (15)

George Hanna
Sage TeBeest
Usha Reddi

Congressional District 2
Joan Wagnon
Justin Kim

Abigail Jones
Snyder Kelly
Galanea Miller
Dustin Stumblingbear
Shaher Ibrahimi

Congressional District 3
Justin Adrian
Amber Versola

Julie Baxter-Perry
Travis Slankard
Paul McCorkle
Rashane Hamby

Congressional District 4
Damien Gilbert
Betty Arnold

Carrie New
Ralph Costilla
Chris Pumpelly

At-Large and PLEO delegates elected April 30.
Clinton (2)
Sanders (5)
Rep. Jim Ward, Wichita
Anna Hand, Hays
Alyce Edwards, KCK
Sarah Parrish, Merriam
Nathan Bales, Winfield
Ricard Cortez, Topeka
Pamela Darpel, Olathe
Burton Warrington, Mayetta
Christel Heffron, Peck
Reece Rogers, Wichita

Clinton (1)
Sanders (3)
Rep. Barbara Ballard

Andy Sandler
Ty Dragoo, Topeka
Rep. Ponka-We Victors

Super Delegates (Uncommitted)

KDP Chair Lee Kinch
KDP Vice Chair Melody McCray Miller
DNC Committeewoman Teresa Garcia Crusor
DNC Committeeman William Roy Jr.