by lademocrat1 on May 31, 2016

Louisiana Democrats Announce Full Delegation to 2016 Convention

BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Democratic Party today released the complete roster for this year’s state delegation to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The delegation includes 59 voting delegates, 4 alternates, 6 appointees to the convention’s standing committees, and 2 official pages. Elections were held this spring by congressional district to determine district-level delegates, while party leaders and elected officials (“PLEO”) and at-large delegates were voted upon by members of the Democratic State Central Committee last weekend.

The full roster of the Louisiana delegation is as follows:

Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials (8):
Governor John Bel Edwards
Rep. Cedric Richmond, Congressman for LA 2nd District
Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Chair of Louisiana Democratic Party
Michael McHale, 1st Vice Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party
Arlanda Williams, 2nd Vice Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party
Ben Jeffers, DNC Committeeman At-Large
Deborah Langhoff, DNC Committeewoman
Arthur Morrell, DNC Committeeman

Congressional-Level Delegates (33):

1st Congressional District, Clinton
Tom Anderson
Lila Tritico Hogan

1st Congressional District, Sanders
David F. Easley
Gilda Werner Reed

2nd Congressional District, Clinton
Diana E. Bajoie
Jared C. Brossett
Troy C. Carter Sr.
Felicia Kahn
Walt Leger
Cynthia Hedge Morrell

2nd Congressional District, Sanders:
Preston J. Edwards, Sr.
Keisha Lewis

3rd Congressional District, Clinton
Sheryl Romero Abshire
Charles Bennett
Carla Webb Clark

3rd Congressional District, Sanders
Zachary Bertrand Edwards
Theresa Rohloff

4th Congressional District, Clinton
Roy Burrell
Barbara Norton
Terika Williams-Walker
Bernie Woods, Sr.

4th Congressional District, Sanders
Ryan Trundle

5th Congressional District, Clinton
Charla Nicole Burns
Marcus Hunter
Katrina Jackson
Rodney McFarland, Sr.
Ronnie Lamar Traylor

5th Congressional District, Sanders
Chelsea Gravel

6th Congressional District, Clinton
Michael Bernhard
Randal L. Gaines
Sheila D. Lewis, Ph.D.
Patricia Haynes Smith

6th Congressional District, Sanders
Mike Drey

PLEO (7) and At-Large (11) Delegates:

Clinton PLEO
Wesley Bishop
Sibal Suarez Holt
Mary Landrieu
Mitch Landrieu
Jennifer Vidrine
Clinton At Large
Jay H. Banks
Sean Bruno
Lisa Diggs
James K. “Jim” Harlan
Carol R. Leblanc
C. Denise Marcelle
Nita Steele
Lynda Woolard

Sanders PLEO
Caina Munson Green
Kyle Mark Green, Jr.

Sanders At Large
Mozella Bell
Davante Lewis
Elizabeth B. Scott

At Large Alternates (4):

Clinton At Large Alternates
Frederick D’Wayne Bell, II
Darlene Fields
Edward “Ted” James

Sanders At Large Alternate
Gretchen S. Shotwell

Standing Committee Appointments:

Robert Johnson (Sanders)
Jackie Lansdale (Clinton)

Jolan Jolivette (Clinton)
Dr. Eileen Velez (Clinton)

Cleo Fields (Clinton)
Vivian Hiner (Clinton)


Bruce Ford
Natalie Johnson

May 2, 2016


BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Democratic Party today announced the results of elections for district level delegates to this year’s presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia. The winning candidates, who will comprise our state party’s delegation to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, are listed below by congressional district according to the candidate they will be supporting.
1st Congressional District
Clinton, male: Tom Anderson
Clinton, female: Lila Tritico Hogan
Sanders, male: David F. Easley
Sanders, female: Gilda Werner Reed
2nd Congressional District
Clinton, male: Troy C. Carter Sr., Jared C. Brossett, Walt Leger
Clinton, female: Diana E. Bajoie, Cynthia Hedge Morrell, Felicia Kahn
Sanders, male: Preston J. Edwards, Sr.
Sanders, female: Keisha Lewis*
*There was a tie for this race, winner determined by official coin toss in keeping with tradition and LDP rules governing delegate elections.
3rd Congressional District
Clinton, male: Charles Bennett
Clinton, female: Sheryl Romero Abshire and Carla Webb Clark
Sanders, male: Zachary Bertrand Edwards
Sanders, female: Theresa Rohloff
4th Congressional District
Clinton, male: Bernie Woods, Sr., Liddell Smith
Clinton, female: Terika Williams-Walker, Barbara Norton
Sanders, male: Ryan Trundle
5th Congressional District
Clinton, male: Marcus Hunter, Rodney McFarland, Sr., Ronnie Lamar Traylor
Clinton, female: Katrina Jackson, Charla Nicole Burns
Sanders, female: Chelsea Gravel
6th Congressional District
Clinton, male: Michael Bernhard, Randal L. Gaines
Clinton, female: Patricia Haynes Smith, Sheila D. Lewis, Ph.D.
Sanders, male: Mike Drey

April 14, 2016


BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Democratic Party today announced confirmed poll locations for this year’s district-level delegate elections. Any registered Louisiana Democrat who has not completed a mail-in ballot may vote in person at any of the following locations. Polls will be open for in-person voting between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

In addition to the extremely successful Vote By Mail program currently in progress, with nearly 4,000 ballots mailed, the Louisiana Democratic Party will have 7 sites where any Democrat (who hasn’t already voted by mail) can cast their vote for who they would like to represent them at the 2016 DNCC.

Lake Charles
Gayle Hall
4380 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA 70609

Shreve Memorial Library–Cedar Grove Branch
8303 Line Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71106

Ouachita Parish Public Library–Main Branch
1800 Stubbs Ave.
Monroe, LA 71201

Rapides Parish Library–Administrative Offices, Huie-Dellmon House
430 St. James St.
Alexandria, LA 71301

Baton Rouge
Louisiana Democratic Party Headquarters
701 Government St,
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Lafayette Public Library–Main Library (Room 2-A)
301 W. Congress Street
Lafayette, LA 70501

New Orleans
City Hall
1300 Perdido St.
New Orleans, LA 70112