Jan. 30, 2016
- Candidate delegate selection caucuses in each congressional district select delegate slates.

Feb. 12, 2016 - NHDP announces allocation of District-Level Delegates based on CD results in the Feb. 1 primary.

Apr. 16, 2016 - The 16 District-Level Delegates elect the PLEO Delegates, At-Large Delegates and At-Large Alternates; the entire delegation then elects the delegation chair, standing committee members and pages.   -ema

2016 New Hampshire Democratic National Convention Delegation

NHDP Delegation as of 4/16/16:

Automatic Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Official Delegates

  • NHDP Chairman Raymond Buckley – Delegation Chair
  • NHDP Vice Chair Martha Fuller Clark
  • DNC Committeewoman Kathy Sullivan
  • DNC Committeeman William Shaheen
  • DNC Member At-Large Joanne Dowdell
  • Governor Maggie Hassan
  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen
  • Congresswoman Annie Kuster

16 District-Level Delegates (Elected 1/30/16)

Congressional District 1 District Level Delegates

Sanders Delegate Mo Baxley – Laconia
Sanders Delegate Burt Cohen – New Castle
Sanders Delegate Ruth Hall – Union
Sanders Delegate Chris Liquori – Portsmouth
Clinton Delegate Chris Pappas – Manchester
Clinton Delegate Donna Soucy – Manchester
Clinton Delegate Jacquelyn Weatherspoon – Exeter
Sanders Delegate Jazmin West – Manchester

Congressional District 2 District Level Delegates

Sanders Delegate Ronald Abramson – Bow
Sanders Delegate Emily Jacobs – Whitefield
Sanders Delegate Mark King – Nashua
Clinton Delegate Will Pearson – Keene
Clinton Delegate Deb Pignatelli – Nashua
Sanders Delegate Kenneth Roos – Concord
Sanders Delegate Felicia Teter – Hanover
Clinton Delegate Alejandro Urrutia – Hudson

3 PLEO Delegates (Elected 4/16/16)

Sanders PLEO Delegate Renny Cushing – Hampton
Sanders PLEO Delegate Ronna Hamelin – Newmarket
Clinton PLEO Delegate Richard Komi – Manchester

5 At-Large Delegates (Elected 4/16/16)

Sanders At-Large Delegate Kurt Ehrenburg – Rye
Clinton At-Large Delegate JoAnn Fenton – Keene
Sanders At-Large Delegate Mark MacKenzie – Manchester
Clinton At-Large Delegate Ryan Richman – Manchester
Sanders At-Large Delegate Andru Volinksy – Concord

2 At-Large Alternate Delegates (Elected 4/16/16)

Clinton At-Large Alternate Delegate Laurie McCray – Portsmouth
Sanders At-Large Alternate Delegate Rich Gulla – Hillsborough

Standing Committee Appointments (Elected 4/16/16)

Rules Committee – Germano Martins – Hooksett
Platform Committee – Judy Reardon – Manchester
Credentials Committee – Tracy Yeung – Manchester

Convention Pages (Elected 4/16/16)

Grace Hoffer Gittel – Portsmouth
Ethan Moorhouse – Manchester
Sarah Craig – Manchester
Dennis Ruprecht – North Haverhill

For more information on the Delegate Selection process please email Rich Harrington