(Trenton) – Today, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie announced the names of the delegation members who will represent Garden State Democrats at their party’s national convention in Philadelphia, July 25-28.

Currie will chair the delegation, while Vice Chairwoman Lizette Delgado-Polanco will serve as the delegation’s Vice Chair. In addition, a number of honorary chairs were named, including former state committee chair, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the members of the Democratic congressional delegation, and party stalwart Tonio Burgos.

"We had a contested primary between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders, which has given us a dedicated and diverse set of Democrats from all across the state who are eager to keep our country moving forward. Now, we are working on a convention that unifies the party behind Hillary Clinton and forcefully argues for our shared vision and values -- and one that continues to break down barriers for everyday Americans while preserving the hard-earned progress made by President Barack Obama,” said Chairman Currie.

"By emphasizing our party's commitment to encouraging fairness and opportunity for all -- not fear, bigotry and division -- we will also present a sharp contrast between our positions and the positions associated with Donald Trump's Republicans," Currie added.

A complete list of delegates, including alternates and the appointed delegation pages, is available here. This list includes the individuals Chairman Currie appointed as honorary senior advisors, and who will help him manage delegation affairs during the busy week of convention activities.

Last weekend, state committee members also unanimously approved Chairman Currie's recommendation to newly appoint deserving New Jersey Democrats, John Graham and Bernadette McPherson, to the Democratic National Committee. They become DNC members subsequent to this year's convention.


Name-First Name-Last
Unpledged Cory Booker
Unpledged Tonio Burgos
Unpledged John Currie
Unpledged Lizette Delgado-Polanco
Unpledged Renni Erdos
Unpledged Marcia Marley
Unpledged Robert Menendez
Unpledged George Norcross
Unpledged Donald Norcross
Unpledged Frank Pallone
Unpledged William Pascrell
Unpledged Donald Payne Jr.
Unpledged Babs Siperstein
Unpledged Albio Sires
Unpledged Bonnie Watson-Coleman
Unpledged John Wisnewski

1 Brenda Brathwaite
1 Linda Eileen
1 Charles Tartius
1 Richard Tolson
2 Barbara Holcomb
2 Elizabeth Maratea
2 Cory
2 Paul Moriarty
3 Lonnie Affrime
3 Joseph Andl
3 Susan Bass Levin
3 Karin Elks-Weinstein
3 Jeffrey Epstein
4 Anne Creter
4 Sherryl Gordon
4 Catherine Majewski
4 Troy Singleton
4 Wendell Steinhauer
5 Marianne Clemente
5 Stephenine Dixon
5 Wyatt Earp
5 Wayne Lewis
6 Sarah
6 Ellen Karcher
6 Derel Stroud
6 Edward Zipprich
7 Eric Brophy
7 James Keady
7 Kelly Stewart Maer
8 Franceline Ehret
8 Kelvin Ganges
8 Bertin Lefkovic
8 Grace Power
8 Sharon Shinkle
9 Catherine Best
9 Craig Garcia
9 Brian Hughes
9 Danielle Pocock
10 Chrissy Buteas
10 Seth Hahn
10 Ed Oatman
10 Roberta Wertz
11 Regina Appolon
11 J. Christian Bollwage
11 Brett Pugach
11 Annette Quijano
11 Nicholas Scutari
12 Tom Barrett
12 Dawn Berkeley
12 Kevin Brown
12 Susan Hairston
13 Abel Gomez
13 Sandra Rhue
13 Marguerite Schaffer
14 Richard Corcoran
14 Jayasri Ganapathy
14 Kimberly Hurdman
14 Chip Robinson
15 Kenneth McNamara
15 William Payne
15 Anibal Ramos
15 M. Teresa Ruiz
15 Cleopatra G. Tucker
16 Emma Claros
16 Erica Daughtrey
16 Jeremy Farrell
16 Joseph Hayden
17 Steven Cattuna
17 Albert Granell
17 Angelica Jimenez
17 Hannah Twomey
18 Assad Akhter
18 Lawrence Hamm
18 Lauren Murphy
18 Shavonda Sumter
18 Quilla Talmadge
19 Timothy Eustace
19 Jorge I. Gomez Wei
19 Valerie Vainieri Huttle
19 Loretta Weinberg
20 Dianne Douthat
20 Khyati Joshi
20 Keith Kazmark
20 Richard McFarlane
10 Alternate Letitia Coughlin
12 Alternate Michellene Davis
13 Alternate Benjamin Silva
16 Alternate Vincent Addeo
19 Alternate Gloria Oh
2 Alternate John Burzichelli
3 Alternate Meryl Greene
9 Alternate Zachary Goldfarb

At-Large Nicole Nestopoulos
At-Large John Ballantyne
At-Large Ras Baraka
At-Large Patricia Campos-Medina
At-Large Donna Chiera
Sandra Bolden
At-Large Lucinda Florio
At-Large Steven Fulop
At-Large Jerry Green
At-Large Charles Hall, Jr.
At-Large Jennifer Long
At-Large Laura Matos
At-Large Gabriela Mosquera
At-Large Philip Murphy
At-Large Carrie Parikh
At-Large Robert Raymar
At-Large Idida Rodriguez
At-Large Milagros Silva-Bermudez
At-Large Kristen Affrime
At-Large William Caruso
At-Large Phyllis Salowe-Kaye
At-Large Abdul-Basit Haqq
At-Large Michelle
At-Large Analilia Mejia
At-Large Jessica Stewart
At-Large Jenelle Blackmon
At-Large Robert McDevitt
At-Large Vera Fozman
At-Large Alternate Patricia Sebold
At-Large Alternate Joseph Novick

PLEO Joseph DiVincenzo
PLEO Louis Greenwald
PLEO LeRoy Jones Jr.
PLEO Sheila Oliver
PLEO Arlene Perez
PLEO Nellie Pou
PLEO Vincent Prieto
PLEO Dana Redd
PLEO Louis Stellato
PLEO Steve Sweeney
PLEO Rosalie Efthim
PLEO Steven Grillo
PLEO Francis Womack
PLEO Peter Jacob
PLEO Hetty Rosenstein

Credentials Danielle Durkin
Credentials Janice Fuller
Credentials William Maer
Credentials Amy Heller
Credentials Timothy O'Donovan
Platform Salvatore Ferraino
Platform Steven Goldstein
Platform Tricia Mueller
Platform Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg
Platform Cornel West
Rules Josh Hodes
Rules Lisa Martinez
Rules Maggie Moran
Rules David Pascrell
Rules John Wisniewski

Pages Jennifer Holdsworth
Pages Brianne Earle
Pages Jasmine Currie
Pages Justin Braz

Senior Advisor Brendan Gill
Senior Advisor Kevin O'Conner
Senior Advisor Pamela Lampitt
Senior Advisor Mark Albeiz
Senior Advisor Joseph Muniz
Senior Advisor Nancy Sungenis
Senior Advisor Jim Kehoe
Senior Advisor Benjie Wiberly