June 5, 2016 Facebook post

State and National Convention Update

According to our bylaws:
The Convention shall have the following powers and duties:

A. to nominate electors for President and Vice President of the United States;

State Delegates elected three Electors to the Electoral College after nomination from the Nominating Committee: Chris Rothfuss, Mary Throne, Jim Byrd

B. to elect Wyoming’s National Committeeman and National Committeewoman in Presidential election years;

National committeewoman Elect: Jessica Sell Chambers
National Committeeman Elect: Jon Gardzelewski
The terms for these positions start the day after the 2016 National Convention ends and will run for four years until the end of the 2020 National Convention.
We would like to thank National Committeewoman Mary Hales, and National Committeeman Mike Gireau for their years of service. These positions require travel to DNC meetings at personal expense.

C. to select delegates and alternates to the National Convention in accordance with the Delegate Selection Plan adopted by the State Central Committee and approved by the Democratic National Committee;

As per our caucus results we elected 7 delegates for Sen. Sanders and 7 for Sec. Clinton. We will also be joined by two alternates, and two pages (appointed by the Chair).

The results are as follows:
4 District Level Delegates Sanders: Jessica Sell Chambers, Erik Molvar, Jon Gardzelewski, Brenna Cain
4 District Level Delegates Clinton: Michael Bleakley, Jason Bloomberg, Viola NaveSt. Clair, Shelby Read
1 Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials(PLEO) Sanders : Cathy Denman
1 Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials(PLEO) Clinton : Rep. Mary Throne
2 At Large Sanders: Samantha Rise Roberson, Ryan Lindsey
2 At Large Clinton: Lori Brand, Michael Bond
Alternate Sanders : Matthew Frias
Alternate Clinton : Ken Chestek
Pages: RJ Pieper, Amy Rathke

Unpledged Delegates (who serve as members of the DNC and were all previously elected to their positions): Ana Cuprill, Bruce Palmer, Mike Gireau, and Mary Hales

Our delegation will also consist of three members to the national DNC committees. These members were elected by our National delegation. Senator Sanders was allotted two committee positions and they chose first to have a member in the platform committee, Clinton campaign chose next to elect a member to the Rules and Bylaws committee, leaving a Credentials Committee position to Sanders.

Platform Committee member (Sanders) Richard Kusaba
Rules and ByLaws Committee member (Clinton) Bonnie Brown Koelb
Credentials Committee member (Sanders) Michelle Argento

D. To adopt a platform;

The 2016 Platform of the Wyoming Democratic Party was approved after much discussion. The platform committee was Chaired by Senator Chris Rothfuss and consisted of 35 members from around the state who participated in a marathon 14 hour session to rewrite the platform. We are very grateful for their service and dedication.

The platform is being formatted and will be available on the website very soon. I will also email it out to you in a Chair to Chair as soon as it is ready.

Delegates also passed a nonbinding resolution to compel the Unpledged delegates to vote in proportion to the Caucus results. Current DNC rules do not allow states to pass rules or bylaws that require any delegate to vote in a certain way, and thus carries no legal weight. The Resolution reads as follows:

“It is the resolve of the Wyoming Democratic Party that in 2016 persons named under national Democratic Party Rules as Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Official Delegates (“Superdelegates”) should confer and agree voluntarily to allocate their votes on the first ballot for Presidential Candidates in the same proportion as Wyoming’s pledged delegates to the National Convention, with rounding necessary to achieve whole delegate votes in favor of the Presidential Candidate with the most pledged delegates. If at the time of commencement of the National Democratic Party Convention a Presidential Candidate has already secured the nomination by winning sufficient pledged delegates to constitute a majority of all delegates, or because all other presidential candidates have conceded, Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Official Delegates shall be free to cast their first ballot vote without restriction.”

E. To formulate or change these bylaws so long as consistent with law and the National Democratic Party bylaws;

Bylaws recommendations that were sent out with the Call to Convention were approved. The Bylaws will be updated on our website, certified and filed with the Secretary of State’s office by June 15th.