April 25, 2016

Cruz Accepts Invitations to Debate in Indiana

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, the Cruz for President campaign accepted two invitations to participate in GOP debates in Indianapolis this week: one from WRTV and another from Tony Katz of WIBC radio.

"Today marks forty-six days since the last Republican debate,” said Cruz. “Forty-six days. A month and a half. The Democrats have debated. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have showed the respect the voters are due by subjecting themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. Indeed, the Democrats are talking about scheduling a second debate, and yet Donald Trump continues to cower in Trump Tower, afraid to defend his positions. The reason he's been afraid to do so is he has no answer when he's asked how to bring jobs back to America. He has no answer when he's asked how to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorism. This is a serious time. The American people want and deserve a serious leader focused on jobs, freedom, and security. That's exactly what I will be and what I will do as President.”

March 23, 2016

In Case You Missed…

Fox News’ Bill O'Reilly Agrees to Moderate a Debate Between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump – Will Trump Accept?

HOUSTON, Texas – Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly agreed to moderate a debate between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly ducked out of debates and refuses to debate Cruz one on one. In a previous statement, Cruz for President Spokesman Ron Nehring said, “Perhaps Mr. Trump is unable to speak for more than one minute about any given topic because of his shallow understanding of basic policies, or perhaps he is scared of voters learning the truth - that he has spent his entire adult life promoting liberal positions completely opposite of the conservative platform that he has campaigned on.”

View video here. Transcript below.
CRUZ: Donald’s approach on foreign policy is one of weakness and isolationism. That’s his position consistently across the globe.
O’REILLY: But see you put me in a difficult position because I’m not going to defend Trump but I will say that we’re trying to get him on tomorrow.
CRUZ: I’ve got an idea.
CRUZ: Why don’t you ask Donald Trump to come here and defend himself? Donald is afraid to debate.
O’REILLY: Debate you one on one?
CRUZ: I would love to do a one on one debate. Bill you can moderate. He wouldn’t argue that you’re an unfair moderator.
O’REILLY: Yes he would.
CRUZ: So I’m happy to have you moderate.
O’REILLY: Alright we’re going to work that.
CRUZ: And NATO is a perfect example, where he throws out a foreign policy position that is weaker and more liberal than Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s and then he doesn’t get challenged on it because he’s afraid to have a debate.
O’REILLY: Okay, let’s talk about you. But I will follow up on that debate offer. And I appreciate you making it.
CRUZ: I think it’d be terrific.