Southern Republican Leadership Conference
Cox Convention Center
1 Myriad Gardens
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Thursday, May 21, 2015 - Saturday, May 23, 2015

For Immediate Release: May 23, 2015


Contact: Travis Korson, Madison Strategies

SRLC Announces Straw Poll Winners

Dr. Ben Carson Places First with 25.4% of the Vote

(Oklahoma City) - Dr. Ben Carson has won the 2015 Southern Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll receiving 25.4% of the votes cast. Governor Scott Walker finished in second place, with 20.5% of the vote and Senator Ted Cruz placed third with 16.6%.  Chris Christie came in fourth with Rick Perry placing a close fifth. They earned 5.3% and 5% of the vote respectively. This is one of the first straw polls of the 2016 cycle and is an indicator of southern primary voter support.  
"This was an energetic and inspiring conference," said conference chair Steve Fair, "I want to thank all of the attendees representing half the states in the country, including every Southern state, who spent some time with us in Oklahoma City and participated in the straw poll. If the level of interest in this straw poll is any indicator, a Republican candidate will be well positioned to retake the White House in 2016."
Self-identified social conservatives favored Dr. Carson by a slight plurality with 25% of the vote. Meanwhile, self-identified fiscal conservatives favored Gov. Scott Walker. Voters who believe that national security is the most important issue of this election were evenly split between Dr. Carson and Gov. Scott Walker. Lastly, self-identified tea party voters favored Sen. Ted Cruz by a small plurality.
Roughly 1,500 eligible voters from over 25 states attend the SRLC.  A total of 958 voted in the straw poll, a total of 64% registered attendees. Voting was conducted both on-site and on-line only by registered attendees who physically attended the conference.
Oklahomans, the largest voting block at the conference, gave Gov. Scott Walker the plurality of their vote. But Dr. Carson, edged out Gov. Walker with Texas and Arkansas voters, providing him with a win in the straw poll.
A complete copy of the poll results is available at:


Candidate Name Vote Percentage
Dr. Ben Carson 25.4%
Gov. Scott Walker 20.5%
Sen. Ted Cruz 16.6%
Gov. Chris Christie 5.3%
Gov. Rick Perry 5.0%
Gov. Jeb Bush 4.9%
Sen. Rand Paul 4.1%
Sen. Marco Rubio 4.1%
Gov. Bobby Jindal 4.1%
Carly Fiorina 2.7%
Gov. Mike Huckabee 2.7%
Sen. Rick Santorum 1.9%
Donald Trump 1.2%
Mark Everson 0.8%
Sen. Lindsey Graham 0.5%
Gov. John Kasich 0.2%
Gov. Jim Gilmore 0.0%


The Southern Republican Leadership Conference was held in Oklahoma City from May 21st - 23rd. The "Energy Capital of America," the event was one of the most widely attended political events of the year ended with a 2016 Presidential Straw Poll. Thirteen possible Presidential contenders were represented on the main stage of the event, as well as several other governors, congressional leaders and other Republican luminaries. More information on the SRLC 2015 is available at

Ed. notes:

Ten candidates/potential candidates appeared in person: Bush, Carson, Christie, Everson, Fiorina, Gilmore  Jindal, Perry, Santorum and Walker.

Four were represented by video or surrogate: Cruz, Graham, Huckabee, Rubio.

75.3% of those participating in the Straw Poll were from Oklahoma