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Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. - 100 Days of Accomplishments

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The White House

April 25, 2017

President Trump's 100 Days of Historic Accomplishments

GETTING GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE WAY: President Donald J. Trump has done more to stop the Government from interfering in the lives of Americans in his first 100 days than any other President in history.

  • President Trump has signed 13 Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions in his first 100 days, more than any other President. These resolutions nullified unnecessary regulations and block agencies from reissuing them.
    • Since CRA resolutions were introduced under President Clinton, they’ve been used only once, under President George W. Bush.
  • The Wall Street Journal editorial: “So far the Trump Administration is a welcome improvement, rolling back more regulations than any President in history.”

TAKING EXECUTIVE ACTION: In office, President Trump has accomplished more in his first 100 days than any other President since Franklin Roosevelt.

  • President Trump will have signed 30 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Obama signed 19 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President George W. Bush signed 11 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Clinton signed 13 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President George H.W. Bush signed 11 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Reagan signed 18 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Carter signed 16 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Nixon signed 15 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Johnson signed 26 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Kennedy signed 23 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Eisenhower signed 20 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Truman signed 25 executive orders during his first 100 days.
    • President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed 9 executive orders during his first 100 days.

A SLEW OF LEGISLATION SIGNED: Despite historic Democrat obstructionism, President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman.

  • President Trump has worked with Congress to enact 28 laws during the first 100 days of his Administration.
    • President Obama enacted 11 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President George W. Bush enacted 7 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Clinton enacted 24 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President George H.W. Bush enacted 18 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Reagan enacted 9 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Carter enacted 22 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Nixon enacted 9 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Johnson enacted 10 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Kennedy enacted 26 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Eisenhower enacted 22 laws during his first 100 days.
    • President Truman enacted 55 bills laws during his first 100 days.

April 28, 2016

President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address

My fellow Americans,
I truly believe that the first 100 days of my Administration has been just about the most successful in our country’s history.
Most importantly, we’re bringing back jobs. You asked the people of Michigan; you asked the people of Ohio; you can ask the people of Pennsylvania. See what’s happening. See the car companies come roaring back in. They don’t want to leave. They want to stay here. They want a piece of the action.
Our country is going up and it’s going up fast. Our companies are doing better – they just announced fantastic profits – all because of what’s happened in this rather short period of time. And that’s just the beginning. We’re putting in a massive tax cut for the middle class and for business. It’s going to have an enormous effect.
The massive Keystone Pipeline, the Dakota Pipeline – tens of thousands of jobs right there. And so many other businesses. We’re really proud of what we’re doing.
The F-35 fighter jet program – it was way over budget. I’ve saved 725 million dollars plus, just by getting involved in the negotiation. We’re cutting costs, and we’re going to have a truly competitive and great country again.
In just fourteen weeks, my administration has brought profound change to Washington.
The most fundamental change can be found in the relationship between the people and their government. For too long, politicians cared more about special interests than they did about a very successful future for all Americans. They took our taxpayers’ money, and sent their jobs and wealth to other countries.
Not anymore. From the first day of my administration, I have governed by a simple idea: My only allegiance is to you, our wonderful citizens.
Together we are seeing that great achievements are possible when we put American People first.
That is why I withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That day was a turning point for our nation. It put the countries of this world on notice that the sellout of the American worker was over.
In the following weeks, I took unprecedented actions to reverse Federal overreach and unleash job creation. We have slashed burdensome regulations, and imposed a policy that for each new regulation, two regulations must be erased from the books.
We’ve done it all while moving quickly to restore the most basic protection for all citizens, the rule of law.  A truly great judge, Neil Gorsuch, now sits on the United States Supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch is deeply devoted to our Constitution.  My Administration is the first in the modern political era to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice in the first 100 days – the last time it happened was 136 years ago in 1881.
Defending the rule of law is a priority, not just in the courts, but also on the streets and on the border. We’ve told the incredible police of our nation that they have our full support as they work to bring down violent crime rates. We’ve taken bold action to go after criminal cartels, and made it a top priority to prosecute anyone who targets law enforcement.
This has been the work of my administration – fighting for the American worker, defending the rule of law, and returning the power to the American people.
Since my inauguration, economic confidence has soared—reaching higher than any time in 9 years. Optimism among manufacturers is at a record high. And small business confidence has seen its largest increase in nearly four decades. 
Perhaps the greatest change of all is the renewal of the American Spirit.  As long as we have faith in each other, and trust in God, then the sun will always shine on our very Glorious Republic.
Thank you, God Bless You, and God Bless America.

Republican National Committee
April 28, 2017

Trump Triumphant: Putting America First In First 100 Days

A Re-Energized Private Sector, A Growing Economy And Strong Foreign Policy Has Defined The First 100 Days Of The Trump Presidency


  • Since President Trump has taken office, private-sector companies in diverse fields have announced billions of dollars of stateside investment to grow America's economy and create jobs.
  • The President has delivered on campaign promises such as withdrawing from the TPP and moving forward with the construction of the Keystone pipeline.
  • The President has made it a priority to partner with the private-sector, and in return, consumers and business leaders are showing record levels of confidence in the potential of our economy, wages are higher, and unemployment has gone down.
  • The number of apprehensions and detainments at the southern border are down because illegal crossing attempts have dramatically decreased as the President advocates for strong enforcement of current U.S. immigration laws.
  • President Trump has prioritized slashing regulations to help reduce the bloated federal bureaucracy and create a more business-friendly environment.



Immediately After Trump's Victory, Companies Began Making Announcements Of Massive Stateside Investments In Anticipation Of The President-Elect's Pro-Growth, Pro-Business Policy Agenda

After Meeting At Trump Tower, President-Elect Trump Announced A $50 Billion Investment, 50,000 Jobs Deal With Japan's SoftBank. President-elect Donald Trump announced that Japanese telecom and internet company SoftBank will invest $50 billion in the United States, which the company claims will create 50,000 jobs. Trump addressed reporters Tuesday afternoon in New York in the lobby of Trump Tower with Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank, whom Trump introduced as 'one of the truly great men. ''We are going to invest $50 billion in the U.S. and commit to make, to create 50,000 new jobs,' Son said, adding that he plans to do this by investing in new startup companies in the United States. 'I said I would like to celebrate his presidential job and commit because he will do a lot of deregulation,' said Son, who added that he had initiated the meeting with Trump. 'I said, 'This is great, United States, U.S. will become great again.'" (Meghan Keneally and Arlette Saenz, "Donald Trump Announces Investment, Jobs Deal With Japan's SoftBank," ABC News , 12/7/16)

Sprint Decided To Keep 5,000 Jobs In The United States, And OneWeb Plans To Add 3,000 Jobs In The U.S. "President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday took credit for Sprint's decision to keep 5,000 jobs in the United States, as well as OneWeb's plan to add 3,000 jobs in the U.S. Trump said the deal 'was done through' SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, a Japanese billionaire and technology investor." (Jacob Pramuk, "Trump Takes Credit For spring Plan To Keep 5,000 Jobs In The U.S.," CNBC , 12/29/16)

After Meeting With President-Elect Trump, The CEO Of Lockheed Martin Said The Company Would Be Adding 1,800 Jobs At Its Fort Worth Facility. "The chief executive of Lockheed Martin, Marillyn A. Hewson, said on Friday that the company was 'very close to a deal' to reduce the cost of the new F-35 fighter jet, after weeks of talks with President-elect Donald J. Trump and his team about the plane. Ms. Hewson, speaking after a meeting with Mr. Trump at Trump Tower, also pledged to add 1,800 jobs at the Lockheed Martin's Fort Worth location, although she did not provide specifics." (Christopher Drew, "Lockheed Chief Pledges Lower Costs For F-35 Fighter Jet And Add 1,800 Jobs," The New York Times , 1/13/17)

Wal-Mart Announced Plans To Create Roughly 10,000 New Jobs In The United States This Year. "Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said it plans to create about 10,000 U.S. jobs this year, a sign that even the country's largest private employer feels the need to tout American job growth ahead of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration." (Sarah Nassauer, "Wal-Mart Touts Plan To Create U.S. Jobs, In Nod To Trump," The Wall Street Journal , 1/17/17)

Stanley Black & Decker, "One Of The Nation's Best-Known Toolmakers," Said It Would Onshore More Of Its Manufacturing, "Including A Construction Of A New $35 Million Factory." "One of the nation's best-known toolmakers, Stanley Black & Decker, said Thursday that it will move more manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas, including construction of a new $35 million factory after acquiring the Craftsman brand from ailing retailer Sears Holdings." (Nathan Bomey, "Stanley Black & Decker To Open U.S. Plant After Trump's 'Border Tax' Threat," USA Today , 1/5/17)

Ford Canceled Plans For A Mexico Plant, And Instead Chose To Invest $700 Million In Michigan To Create 700 U.S. Jobs In A "Vote Of Confidence In Pro-Business Environment Being Created By Donald Trump." Ford (F) CEO Mark Fields said the investment is a 'vote of confidence' in the pro-business environment being created by Donald Trump. However, he stressed Ford did not do any sort of special deal with the president-elect. 'We didn't cut a deal with Trump. We did it for our business,' Fields told CNN's Poppy Harlow in an exclusive interview Tuesday. The $700 million investment will go to the Flat Rock, Michigan plant to produce more electric and self-driving cars." (Heather Long and Poppy Harlow, "Ford Cancels Mexico Plant. Will Create 700 U.S. Jobs In 'Vote Of Confidence' In Trump," CNN , 1/3/17)

Amazon Announced It Was Planning To Add More Than 100,000 Jobs In The U.S. Over The Next 18 Months. " Inc. on Thursday said it plans to create more than 100,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. within the next 18 months, leveraging plans already in the works in part to patch up its contentious relationship with President-elect Donald Trump. The additional jobs would swell Amazon's U.S. workforce to 280,000, compared with 30,000 in 2011." (Laura Stevens, "Amazon Touts Job-Creation Plans, Patching Up Rift With Trump," The Wall Street Journal , 1/12/17)

Fiat Chrysler Announced It Will Invest $1 Billion To Modernize Two U.S. Plants, Creating 2,000 Jobs. "Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said it will invest $1 billion to modernize two plants in the U.S. Midwest and create 2,000 jobs, and possibly move production of a Ram heavy-duty pickup truck to Michigan from Mexico." (Bernie Woodall and David Shepardson, "Fiat Chrysler To Add U.S. Jobs As Trump Puts Spotlight On Industry," Reuters , 1/9/17)

Hyundai Motor Group Announced It Would Be Boosting Its Investment In The U.S. By $3.1 Billion Over Five Years, A 50 Percent Increase, And May Build A New U.S. Plant. "The Hyundai Motor Group said it plans to lift U.S. investment by 50 percent to $3.1 billion over five years and may build a new plant there - the latest auto firm to announce fresh spending after President-elect Donald Trump threatened to tax imports." (Hyunjoo Jin, "Hyundai Motor To Boost U .S. Investment As Automakers Respond To Trump," Reuters , 1/17/17)

  • Hyundai Motor President Chung Jin-Haeng Said That The Company Expects "A Boost In The U.S. Economy And Increased Demand" As A Result Of The Trump Presidency. "The planned U.S. investment by South Korea's two largest automakers is about 50 percent more than the $2.1 billion they spent in the previous five-year period, Hyundai Motor President Chung Jin-haeng told reporters in Seoul on Tuesday. The group is considering building a new factory in the U.S. and may produce Hyundai Motor's upscale Genesis vehicles and a U.S.-specific SUV in the country, said the executive, who also oversees the strategic planning for Kia. 'We expect a boost in the U.S. economy and increased demand for various models as President-elect Trump follows through on his promise to create one million jobs in five years,' Chung said." (Sohee Kim, "Hyundai-Kia To Invest $3.1 Billion In U.S., Mull New Plant," Bloomberg , 1/17/17)

General Motors Announced $1 Billion Dollar Investment In Several U.S. Factories, Which Will Add Or Retain 7,000 New Jobs. "General Motors Co. announced a $1 billion U.S. investment plan involving new models and plant updates long in the works, becoming the latest automaker to answer to pressure from Donald Trump to create jobs. The nation's top automaker will add or retain about 7,000 salaried and hourly workers, including almost 2,000 in domestic factories, spokesman Pat Morrissey said." (David Welch and Sohee Kim, "GM To Invest $1 Billion In U.S. Manufacturing Operations," Bloomberg , 1/17/17)

  • GM's Announcement Came After Trump Has Pressured Auto Makers To Invest In The United States. "GM's announcement would follow a familiar pattern of auto makers publicly outlining U.S. investment and job-creation plans in the wake of Mr. Trump's criticism of imports while insisting they would have moved ahead with them anyway." (Mike Colias, "General Motors Plans At Least $1 Billion In Fresh U.S. Investment," The Wall Street Journal , 1/16/17)

Upon Taking Office, The President Has Vowed To Listen And Work With Leaders From The Private Sector To Make Great Investments In The American Economy

"Since His Election, Trump Has Met With Executives From 81 Companies To Hear Their Thoughts On Regulation, Manufacturing, And Trade." (Richard Feloni and Skye Gould, "Here's Every Business Executive Trump Has Met With Since Taking Office," Business Insider , 3/25/17)

(Richard Feloni and Skye Gould, "Here's Every Business Executive Trump Has Met With Since Taking Office," Business Insider , 3/25/17)

Exxon Mobil Announced It Was Investing $20 Billion In A Program To Create 45,000 Construction And Manufacturing Jobs In The United States Gulf Coast Region. "President Donald J. Trump today congratulated Exxon Mobil Corporation on its ambitious $20 billion investment program that is creating more than 45,000 construction and manufacturing jobs in the United States Gulf Coast region." ("President Trump Congratulates Exxon Mobil For Job-Creating Investment Program," White House Office Of The Press Secretary, 3/6/17)

Charter Communications Announced Their Plans To Add 20,000 Jobs And Invest $25 Billion Over The Next Four Years From The White House. "The latest company to deliver good job creation news from the Oval Office: Charter Communications. The Stamford, Conn.-headquartered company pledged, over the next four years, to invest $25 billion in broadband infrastructure and hire 20,000 U.S. workers, ending any use of offshore call centers that handle customer service. A new call center in McAllen, Tex., has already hired 100 of a planned 600 new jobs and will be the company's first fully bilingual call center, said Kathleen Mayo, Charter's executive vice president for customer operations." (Mike Snider, "Trump Touts Charter's Four-Year Plan To Add 20K Jobs And Invest $25B," USA Today , 3/24/17)

Accenture's CEO Julie Sweet Said The Company Is Creating 15,000 Highly Skilled New Jobs In The Next Four Years And Invest $1.4 Billion To Train Its Own Employees. "North American CEO Julie Sweet told Fortune Thursday that the company is planning to open ten new innovation hubs in cities around the U.S. in the next four years, and create 15,000 highly skilled new jobs in the process. It also plans to invest $1.4 billion in training its own employees in new technologies." (Alan Murray, "Accenture Joins Trump's Job Creation Drive," Fortune , 2/17/17)

President Trump Hosted The CEO Of Intel, Brian Krzanich, Who Announced Plans Invest $7 Billion To Build A New Factory That Will Provide 3,000 High-Wage, High-Tech Jobs And Over 10,000 Jobs For Support Staff. INTEL CEO BRIAN KRZANICH: "It's an honor to be here today representing Intel and to be able to announce our $7 billion investment in our newest, most advanced factory -- Fab 42 in Chandler, Arizona. We'll be completing that factory to make the most advanced 7-nanometer semiconductor chips on the planet... And Fab 42 is an investment in Intel, but also the U.S.'s future in innovation and leadership in the semiconductor industry. Fab 42 will employ approximately 3,000 direct high-paying, high-wage, high-tech jobs at its peak, and over 10,000 people in the Arizona area in support of the factory." (Brian Krzanich, Remarks By President Trump And Intel CEO Brian Krzanich On U.S. Jobs , Washington, DC, 2/8/17)

Toyota Announced It Would Invest $600 Million At A Plant In Indiana, Leading To The Creation Of 400 New Jobs. "Toyota Motor Corp. will invest $600 million and add 400 jobs at an assembly plant in Princeton, Indiana, weeks after Donald Trump criticized Japan's largest automaker for its plan to open a plant in Mexico. The investment is part of a $10 billion spending plan over the next five years that the carmaker announced earlier this month to expand and modernize its U.S. factories, according to a company statement. The expansion in Indiana will boost production of the Highlander, Toyota's second-best-selling sport utility vehicle in the U.S., by 40,000 units a year. The plant currently employs 5,100 workers." (John Lippert, "Toyota Adding 400 Indian Jobs In $600M Answer To Trump," The Detroit News , 1/24/17)


Consumers And Job Creators Alike Have Record-High Hopes For What Trump's Pro-Growth Policies Will Do To The Economy

According To Gallup, In The Immediate Aftermath Of The Election, Americans' Confidence In The U.S. Economy Rose By 13 Points. "Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy increased sharply after the election, moving from a slightly negative evaluation (-10) to a slightly positive one (+3). Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index had been consistently negative throughout the year leading up to the election." (Justin McCarthy and Jeffrey M. Jones, "U.S. Economic Confidence Surges After Election," Gallup , 11/15/16)

In February 2017, Consumer Confidence Index Grew To 114.8, Its Highest Level Since 2001. "Consumers' assessment of current conditions in the U.S. increased in February, according to a monthly survey released on Tuesday. The Consumer Confidence Index hit 114.8 in February, according to data from The Conference Board, the highest since July 2001." (Berkeley Lovelace Jr., "Consumer Confidence Hits 114.8 In February, Versus 111 Estimate," CNBC , 2/28/17)

In March 2017, The Consumer Confidence Index Increased Again To 125.6. (Sarah Sands, "US Consumer Confidence Rose Sharply In March," Market Realist , 4/6/17)


Unemployment Is Down Across The Board

Under President Trump, The Unemployment Rate Has Decreased From 4.8 Percent To 4.5 Percent. ( Bureau Of Labor Statistics , Accessed 4/27/17)

  • Under President Trump, The Unemployment Rate For 16-24 Year Olds Has Decreased From 10.1 Percent To 9.1 Percent. ( Bureau Of Labor Statistics , Accessed 4/27/17)
  • Under President Trump, The Unemployment Rate For 20-24 Year Olds Has Decreased From 8.3 Percent To 7.3 Percent. ( Bureau Of Labor Statistics , Accessed 4/27/17)
  • Under President Trump, The Unemployment Rate For 25-34 Year Olds Has Decreased From 4.9 Percent To 4.5 Percent. ( Bureau Of Labor Statistics , Accessed 4/27/17)
  • Under President Trump, The Hispanic Unemployment Rate Has Decreased From 5.9 Percent To 5.1 Percent. ( Bureau Of Labor Statistics , Accessed 4/27/17)

Average Wages Are Higher

Under President Trump, Average Hourly Earnings For All Employees Have Increased From $26.02 To $26.14. ( Bureau Of Labor Statistics , Accessed 4/27/17)


The President Withdrew From The Trans-Pacific Partnership

On January 23rd 2017, The President Signed An Executive Memorandum Ordering The U.S Withdrawal From The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement And Negotiations. "Based on these principles, and by the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby direct you to withdraw the United States as a signatory to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), to permanently withdraw the United States from TPP negotiations, and to begin pursuing, wherever possible, bilateral trade negotiations to promote American industry, protect American workers, and raise American wages." (President Donald J. Trump, Memorandum For The United States Trade Representative, White House Office Of The Press Secretary , 1/23/17)

  • A Study At Tufts University Found TPP Would Increase Inequality, Decrease GDP And Cause Employment To Decline By 448,000 Jobs In The United States. "More importantly, we find that TPP would lead to losses in employment and increases in inequality. This is particularly true for the United States, where GDP is projected to fall slightly (-0.54 percent), employment to decline by 448,000 jobs, and inequality to increase as labor's share of income falls by 1.31 percent." (Jeronim Capaldo and Alex Izurieta, "Trading Down: Unemployment, Inequality, And Other Risks Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement," Global Development And Environment Institute At Tufts University , 01/16)

The President Initiated Construction Of The Keystone XL Pipeline

On The Campaign Trail, Then Presidential Candidate Trump Promised To Approve The Keystone XL Pipeline. "Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, promised on Thursday to roll back some of America's most ambitious environmental policies, actions that he said would revive the ailing U.S. oil and coal industries and bolster national security.

Among the proposals, Trump said he would pull the United States out of the U.N. global climate accord, approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada and rescind measures by President Barack Obama to cut U.S. emissions and protect waterways from industrial pollution." (Valerie Volcovici and Emily Stephenson, "Trump Vows To Undo Obama's Climate Agenda In Appeal To Oil Sector," Reuters , 3/27/16)

On January 24th 2017, The President Signed An Executive Memorandum Initiating The Process To Begin Construction Of The Keystone XL Pipeline. "I hereby invite TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P. (TransCanada), to promptly re-submit its application to the Department of State for a Presidential permit for the construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a major pipeline for the importation of petroleum from Canada to the United States." (President Donald J. Trump, Memorandum For The Secretary Of The Army, White House Office Of The Press Secretary , 1/24/17)

  • President Obama's State Department Reported That The Keystone XL Pipeline "Will Support Approximately 42,100 Jobs" And Create "$2 Billion In Earnings Throughout The United States." "During construction, proposed Project spending would support approximately 42,100 jobs (direct, indirect, and induced), and approximately $2 billion in earnings throughout the United States." (Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements For The Keystone XL Project," United States Department Of State , 1/31/14)

President Trump Allowed The Dakota Access Pipeline To Move Forward

On January 24th 2017, The President Signed An Executive Memorandum Declaring The Dakota Access Pipeline Serves The National Interest And Initiating The Process To Being Remaining Construction. "The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) under development by Dakota Access, LLC, represents a substantial, multi-billion-dollar private investment in our Nation's energy infrastructure. This approximately 1,100-mile pipeline is designed to carry approximately 500,000 barrels per day of crude oil from the Bakken and Three Forks oil production areas in North Dakota to oil markets in the United States. At this time, the DAPL is more than 90 percent complete across its entire route. Only a limited portion remains to be constructed. I believe that construction and operation of lawfully permitted pipeline infrastructure serve the national interest." (President Donald J. Trump, Memorandum For The Secretary Of The Army, White House Office Of The Press Secretary , 1/24/17)

The Dakota Access Pipeline Project Will Support 12,000 Jobs Which Include Jobs In The Region To Support The Increase In Business Activity During Construction. "The company's calculation of 12,000 jobs also includes those indirect, non-construction roles at businesses in the region that expect an increase in activity during the short-term period of construction on the pipeline." (Adam Kelsey, "Majority Of Promised Dakota And Keystone Pipeline Jobs Expected To Be Temporary," ABC News , 01/24/17)

President Trump Ordered That All New Pipeline Construction Use Materials And Equipment From The U.S.

The President Signed An Executive Memorandum Ordering That All New Pipeline Construction And Repair Work Use U.S. Materials And Equipment Produced In The U.S. "The Secretary of Commerce, in consultation with all relevant executive departments and agencies, shall develop a plan under which all new pipelines, as well as retrofitted, repaired, or expanded pipelines, inside the borders of the United States, including portions of pipelines, use materials and equipment produced in the United States, to the maximum extent possible and to the extent permitted by law. The Secretary shall submit the plan to the President within 180 days of the date of this memorandum." (The White House Press Office, " Presidential Memorandum Regarding Construction Of American Pipelines ," 1/24/17)


The President Has Taken Steps To Reduce The Regulatory Burden On The American Workforce

The President Signed An Executive Order To Expand Regulatory Review With The Goal Of Revoking Two Regulations For Every New Regulation Put Forward. "It is essential to manage the costs associated with the governmental imposition of private expenditures required to comply with Federal regulations. Toward that end, it is important that for every one new regulation issued, at least two prior regulations be identified for elimination, and that the cost of planned regulations be prudently managed and controlled through a budgeting process." (The White House Press Office, " Presidential Executive Order On Reducing Regulation And Controlling Regulatory Costs ," 1/30/17)

On His First Day In Office, President Trump Issued A Presidential Memorandum Ordering A "Regulatory Freeze." "Subject to any exceptions the Director or Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget allows for emergency situations or other urgent circumstances relating to health, safety, financial, or national security matters, or otherwise, send no regulation to the Office of the Federal Register until a department or agency head appointed or designated by the President after noon on January 20, 2017, reviews and approves the regulation." ("Memorandum For The Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies," White House Office Of The Press Secretary , 1/20/17)

President Trump Issued A Presidential Memorandum "Streamlining Permitting And Reducing Regulatory Burdens For Domestic Manufacturing." "This memorandum directs executive departments and agencies (agencies) to support the expansion of manufacturing in the United States through expedited reviews of and approvals for proposals to construct or expand manufacturing facilities and through reductions in regulatory burdens affecting domestic manufacturing." ("Presidential Memorandum Streamlining Permitting And Reducing Regulatory Burdens For Domestic Manufacturing," The White House , 1/24/17)

President Trump Signed Into Law House Joint Resolution 41, A Bill "Eliminating A Costly Regulation That Threatened To Put Domestic Extraction Companies And Their Employees At An Unfair Disadvantage." "Today, President Donald J. Trump signed legislation (House Joint Resolution 41) eliminating a costly regulation that threatened to put domestic extraction companies and their employees at an unfair disadvantage." (Press Release, "President Trump: Cutting Red Tape For American Businesses," The White House , 2/14/17)

President Trump Signed Into Law House Joint Resolution 38, A Bill To "Stop The Costly Stream Protection Rule From Further Harming Coal Workers And The Communities That Depend On Them." "Today, President Donald J. Trump signed legislation (House Joint Resolution 38) to stop the costly Stream Protection Rule from further harming coal workers and the communities that depend on them." (Press Release, "President Trump: Putting Coal Country Back To Work," The White House , 2/16/17)

  • The Regulation Would Have Killed 281,000 Jobs. "The Obama administration's proposal to better protect streams from coal mining would kill 281,000 jobs, a new study concluded. The research, commissioned by the National Mining Association (NMA), said the stream protection rule threatens 40,000 to 78,000 coal mining jobs, on top of the 40,000 already lost since 2011." (Timothy Cama, "Industry Study: Mining Rule Would Kill 281k Jobs," The Hill , 10/26/15)


In Keeping His Promise, President Trump's Nominee, Neil M. Gorsuch Was Successfully Confirmed To The Supreme Court

As A Presidential Candidate, Trump Released A List Of 21 Potential Replacements For Justice Antonin Scalia, Neil Gorsuch Was On That List. "Gorsuch, along with Hardiman, emerged from a list of 21 people Trump was considering, topped initially by federal appeals court judges William Pryor of Alabama and Diane Sykes of Wisconsin." (Richard Wolf and David Jackson, "Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court," USA Today , 1/31/17)

On January 31st 2017, President Trump Nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch To The United States Supreme Court. "Today, President Donald J. Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. The nomination of Judge Gorsuch comes after a selection process marked by an unprecedented level of transparency and involvement by the American voters." ( White House Office Of The Press Secretary , 1/31/17)

On April 10th 2017, Neil M. Gorsuch Was Sworn In As The 113th Supreme Court Justice. "Colorado appeals court judge Neil M. Gorsuch took his oaths to be the Supreme Court's 113th justice Monday morning, first in a private ceremony at the court and later at a Rose Garden ceremony with the man who nominated him, President Trump." (Robert Barnes and Ashley Parker, "Neil M. Gorsuch Sworn In As 113th Supreme Court Justice," The Washington Post , 4/10/17)


Aya Hijazi, A U.S. Citizen, Her Husband, And Four Other Humanitarian Workers Were Held Prisoner In Egypt For Three Years

President Trump Successfully Negotiated Release Of U.S. Charity Worker, Aya Hijazi, Her Husband, And Four Others Who Have Been Held Prisoner In Egypt For Three Years. "A U.S. charity worker returned home after President Trump and aides quietly worked to secure her release from an Egyptian jail after nearly three years, according to The Washington Post. Aya Hijazi, a U.S. citizen, her Egyptian husband, Mohamed Hassanein, and four other humanitarian workers were freed after weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiation by the Trump administration." (John Bowden, "Trump Administration Negotiates US Prisoner Release In Egypt: Report," The Hill , 4/20/17)


The President Has Taken Decisive Action To Enforce U.S. Current Immigration Law And Strengthen Our National Defense

According To The U.S. Customs And Border Patrol, A 61% Decrease In Southern Border Apprehensions Took Place Between January And March 2017, Compared To The Same Time Period In 2016. "March 2017 total apprehensions were, indeed, very low. It's the lowest monthly number CBP has reported since at least 2000. The 64 percent figure he uses is the total number of people apprehended or 'deemed inadmissible' at the southwest border in March 2017 (16,600), compared to the total number in March 2016 (46,150). The 61 percent figure Trump is referring to is the drop in just the Southwest border apprehensions from January 2017 (31,577) to March 2017 (12,193). A 61 percent drop over three months is dramatic, as Trump indicates." (Michelle Ye Hee Lee, "President Trump's Claim That Illegal Immigration Is Down 64 Percent Because Of His Administration," The Washington Post , 4/11/17)

The Department Of The Treasury Issued New Iran Sanctions, Sanctioning 25 Entities And Individuals Involved In Iran's Ballistic Missile Program. "Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned multiple entities and individuals involved in procuring technology and/or materials to support Iran's ballistic missile program, as well as for acting for or on behalf of, or providing support to, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF). This action reflects the United States' commitment to enforcing sanctions on Iran with respect to its ballistic missile program and destabilizing activities in the region and is fully consistent with the United States' commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)." ("Treasury Sanctions Supporters Of Iran's Ballistic Missile Program And Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - Qods Force," U.S. Department Of The Treasury , 2/3/17)

President Trump's First Budget Proposal Seeks To Increase Defense And Security Spending By $54 Billion. "President Donald Trump's first budget proposal will look to increase defense and security spending by $54 billion and cut roughly the same amount from non-defense programs, the White House said Monday." (Dan Merica, Jeremy Diamond, and Kevin Liptak, "Trump Proposes Defense Spending Boost, $54 Billion In Cuts To 'Most Federal Agencies,'" CNN , 2/27/17)

The President's Negotiations On The F-35 Saved "More Than $700 Million." "Defense giant Lockheed Martin has agreed to sell 90 new F-35 fighter jets to the US Defense Department for $8.5 billion -- a deal that amounts to more than $700 million in savings over the last batch of aircraft delivered. Lockheed Martin credited President Donald Trump for helping to 'accelerate negotiations' and 'drive down the price' of what is already the most expensive weapons program in history." (Zachary Cohen, "After Trump Attack, Lockheed Martin Slashes F-35 Cost," CNN , 2/4/17)

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

100 Days of Accomplishments

Security and Safety

PUTTING AMERICA FIRST PROTECTING NATIONAL SECURITY: President Donald J. Trump’s top priority is the security of the American people and the American homeland.

  • President Trump has prioritized rebuilding and empowering the military to restore national security. During his first 100 days, the President has:
    • Advocated increasing the national security budget by $54 billion to end years of devastating sequestration.
    • Empowered the commanders in the field to make decisions.
    • Saved hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars by negotiating with defense companies.
  • President Trump has stood up to countries that have threatened our national security after years of failed diplomacy. During his first 100 days, the President has:
    • Sent a message to the world with his swift and decisive order to strike the Syrian air base which launched the horrific chemical attack on innocent civilians
    • Further isolated Syria and Russia at the United Nations after successful diplomacy with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
    • Placed sanctions on Syria for their use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians.
    • Placed sanctions on Iran for violating the international agreement that had been put in place to limit Iran’s ballistic missile programs.
    • Continued to work to isolate North Korea and is in the process of repositioning military assets to confront the regime’s provocative missile tests.

AMERICA FIRST DIPLOMACY: President Trump has rebuilt America’s standing in the world and forged stronger ties with our allies.

  • President Trump has actively reached out to world leaders to advance American interests and build relationships. During his first 100 days President Trump has:
    • Made 68 calls with 38 different world leaders.
    • Hosted 16 bilateral meetings with world leaders.
  • President Trump negotiated with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi to free American charity worker Aya Hijazi, her husband, and four other humanitarian workers.

RESTORING LAW AND ORDER TO AMERICA’S IMMIGRATION SYSTEM: President Trump has made restoring order to America’s borders and immigration a cornerstone of his agenda.

  • President Trump has already had an effect on illegal immigration, with crossings at the southern border now at a 17-year low, even as this is typically one of busiest times of the year.
    • Illegal crossings on the southern border have fallen by 61 percent since January.
  • President Trump is following through on his promise to the American people to build a wall on the southern border.
    • Signed an Executive Order to establish funding for the border wall’s construction.
    • Accepted hundreds of bids for the construction of the wall.
  • President Trump is taking action to make sure immigration laws are enforced across the country so all Americans can be on an even playing field.
    • Directed a halt of funding to jurisdictions that do not comply with immigration laws.
    • Prioritized criminal immigration enforcement, including ending ‘catch-and-release.’
    • Directed the hiring of 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and agents and 5,000 Customs and Border Patrol agents.
  • Under President Trump’s direction, the Department of Justice is hiring more immigration judges to deal with the backlog in immigration courts.
    • As hiring takes place, judges are being reassigned to twelve cities to speed up processing.

RESTORING PUBLIC SAFETY TO AMERICAN COMMUNITIES: President Trump has been steadfast in his approach to addressing our nation’s most pressing public safety issues.

  • President Trump directed a comprehensive approach to tackle transnational criminal organizations and international drug traffickers, such as the cartels that plague the southern border.
  • President Trump ordered the formation of a task force aimed at reducing violent crime that has spiked in recent years.
  • President Trump is restoring law enforcement’s faith that they are protected by increasing the prosecution of people who threaten law enforcement officers.

A PROMISE TO MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN: President Trump promised that the safety and security of the American people was a top priority in his mission to Make America Great Again.


A GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: For too long the Washington swamp worked for itself; President Donald J. Trump is reforming the Government to work for the American people.

  • President Trump implemented tough ethical standards to ensure his Administration works for the American people and not itself.
    • Tough new lobbying standards for political appointees, including a five-year ban on lobbying and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign countries.
    • Elevated ethics compliance within the White House Counsel office.
    • President Trump donated his paycheck to the National Park Service, following through on his promise to the American people.
  • President Trump is keeping his promise to the American people to reform the Government to better address the needs of the American people.
    • Signed a temporary hiring freeze on federal employees, to make sure that taxpayer dollars were not going to waste.
    • Required a comprehensive plan to reorganize the Executive Branch.
    • Making sure needless regulations do not hinder Americans by signing a “one in, two out” regulation executive memorandum.
    • Created the Office of American Innovation aimed at streamlining and improving government for future generations.
  • President Trump’s budget blueprint takes a sober look at how to responsibly spend federal taxpayer dollars and seeks to streamline government.
    • Largest proposed cut to non-defense spending since the Reagan Administration.
  • President Trump has put in place strict deadlines for stakeholders and Cabinet agencies to report findings and progress.
  • President Trump followed through on his promise to the American people and got Neil Gorsuch confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

ADDRESS THE NEEDS OF ALL AMERICANS: President Trump has taken action to help marginalized communities neglected by past Administrations.

  • After years of scandal and failing healthcare, President Trump has taken action to expand access to care for America’s veterans.
    • Authorized appointments at Veterans Affairs have increased by 42 percent.
    • For the first time, accurate and up-to-date wait times and quality of care information is available online.
    • The President signed an extension of the Veterans Choice Program so veterans have expanded healthcare options.
    • The Department of Veterans Affairs has expanded access to mental health care.
  • President Trump created a commission and focused grants to tackle the opioid epidemic that has increasingly plagued our country.
  • President Trump took action to closely work with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, prioritizing these critical institutions after neglect in the previous administration.
  • Under President Trump’s leadership, Secretary Carson has gone on a national listening tour, to ensure the local HUD field offices are held accountable to the citizens they serve.
  • Under President Trump’s leadership, Secretary DeVos has increased stakeholder engagement and rolled back harmful regulations to ensure America’s schools are helping students.

A FOREIGN POLICY THAT LISTENS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: President Trump’s America First foreign policy restores the voice of the American people in world affairs.

  • President Trump is standing up to the U.N.’s false and defamatory anti-Israel bias and forcing it to confront threats to the world’s security. At the U.N., the United States is:
    • Removing a blatantly biased report against Israel.
    • Condemning Russia’s occupation and aggression in Crimea.
    • Calling out Iran’s ballistic missile launch.
  • President Trump is supporting our allies across the world, while making sure everyone lives up to their agreements. The United States is:
    • Working with NATO member so all countries contributed what they’ve agreed.
    • Supported Montenegro’s inclusion into NATO.
  • President Trump negotiated to save costs on the F-35 fighter jet that saved over $700 million in taxpayer money while helping America’s national security.

A PROMISE TO HOLD THE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE: President Trump promised that he would drain the Washington swamp and restore accountability to Government.


EARLY PROGRESS: In just the first few months of President Donald J. Trump’s Administration, the U.S. economy has already made promising strides in the job market and beyond.

  • In just the first few months of President Trump’s term, the United States economy created 533,000 new jobs.
    • 99,000 new construction jobs were created.
    • 49,000 new manufacturing jobs were created.
    • 27,000 new mining jobs were created.
  • The current United States unemployment rate is at its lowest level since May 2007, at 4.5 percent.
    • The current United States Hispanic unemployment level is at its lowest level since March 2007, at 5.1 percent.
  • United States exports reached a two 2-year high in the month of February 2017.

BUILDING CONFIDENCE IN THE AMERICAN ECONOMY: Since President Trump’s election, economic indicators have responded with record confidence to his prosperity-focused agenda.

  • American households, consumers and investors are feeling a renewed optimism towards the United States economy.
    • Pew Research: Americans currently hold the most positive assessment of the United States economy since 2007.
    • The weekly Gallup Economic Confidence Index turned positive shortly after President Trump’s election and has remained positive for 22 consecutive weeks.
    • The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index recently soared to its highest level in more than 16 years.
    • The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 12 percent since Election Day 2016
  • America’s business community, ranging from corporate executives to small businesses, from home builders to manufacturers, are experiencing historic levels of confidence in the United States economy.
    • The Business Roundtable’s CEO Economic Outlook Index recently jumped 19 points, the largest jump since 2009.
    • The Gallup Small Business Index reflects that small business owners are the most optimistic they have been since July 2007.
    • The National Association of Manufacturers Outlook Survey reflects that manufactures currently hold their highest level of optimism in the survey’s 20-year history.
    • The National Association of Home Builders Confidence Index currently is among the highest levels seen in 12 years.

PRIORITIZING JOB CREATION: Using his experience in business, President Trump has been working alongside the business community and executing an agenda to spur job creation.

  • President Trump has worked hand-in-hand with the private sector to get companies re-investing in America.
    • Charter Communications announced it was investing $25 billion in the United States and would hire 20,000 American workers in the next four years.
    • Exxon Mobil Corporation announced it was investing $20 billion in the United States which would create more than 45,000 jobs.
    • Intel announced it was investing $7 billion in a new factory in the United States, supporting over 10,000 jobs.
  • President Trump has implemented historic ‘Buy American, Hire American’ policies to create domestic opportunities. These policies:
    • Ensure American industries are not harmed by unfair competition.
    • Favor American made products over foreign products.
    • Our visa system isn’t abused at the expense of American workers.
  • President Trump has taken action to spur job creation in America’s energy industry and beyond.
    • Cleared the roadblocks to construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and recently formally approved the project.
    • Declared the Dakota Access Pipeline serves the national interest and initiated its construction.
    • Directed that new pipeline construction and repair work use materials and equipment from the United States.

CUTTING BURDENSOME GOVERNMENT RED TAPE: President Trump has vigorously followed through on his pledge to get government out of the way of job creation and economic growth.

  • The American Action Forum estimates that all of the regulatory actions taken by the Trump administration so far could produce more than $86 billion in savings for taxpayers.
    • President Trump’s pro-growth actions could generate more than $18 billion in annual regulatory savings for businesses, investors, and consumers.
  • President Trump has taken action to remove job-killing regulations and bring broad long-term reform to the United States’ bloated regulatory regime. The President has:
    • Signed into law 13 Congressional Review Acts – removing harmful Obama-era regulations – the most of any president in history.
    • Required that for every new Federal regulation, two existing regulations be eliminated.
    • Ordered each agency establish a regulatory reform task force to identify costly and unnecessary regulations.
  • President Trump has begun stripping the regulatory burdens off of America’s energy industry.
    • Rescinded four Obama executive actions that stifled American energy through the Energy Independence Policy.
    • Stopped the “Stream Protection Rule” from causing further harm to the coal industry.
    • Eliminated an energy regulation that put domestic extraction companies at an unfair disadvantage.
  • President Trump ordered the review of the WOTUS rule to evaluate whether it is stifling economic growth or job creation.
  • President Trump streamlined the Federal permitting processes for domestic manufacturing.
  • President Trump ordered a reexamination of Obama-era emission standards that were putting pressure on the U.S. auto industry.
  • President Trump reduced the financial burden put upon Americans by Obamacare.

PUTTING THE PROSPERITY OF THE AMERICAN WORKER FIRST: Following years of reckless trade deals that have disadvantaged the American worker, President Trump has taken immediate action on trade.

  • President Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • President Trump is cracking down on unfair trade practices to ensure the American worker comes first again. The President has:
    • Put America’s steel industry and national security first by responding to unfair foreign practices.
    • Enhancing enforcement of those who violate the United States’ trade and customs laws.
    • Ordered a report on major U.S. trade deficits so that additional actions can be taken to allow American workers to fairly compete.

A PROMISE TO MAKE AMERICA PROSPEROUS AGAIN: President Trump promised that reinvigorating America’s economic prosperity was the top priority in his mission to Make America Great Again.

Remarks by President Trump at Make America Great Again Rally

Farm Show Complex & Expo Center
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

April 29, 2017

[White House Transcript]

7:51 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is truly great to be back in the wonderful, beautiful state of Pennsylvania.  (Applause.)  I love this state and I love the people of this state.  It's special and it carried us through a big, beautiful victory on November 8th.  (Applause.)    

I want to recognize some of our friends that have helped us so much.  Congressman Scott Perry.  (Applause.)  G.T. Thompson.  A couple of my originals, Mike Kelly -- who I watched on television.  He was great.  Where's Mike Kelly?  Where is Mike Kelly?  He's here someplace.  Where is he?  Boy, were you great on television this morning.  And, of course, one of our other originals, Congressman Tom Marino.  Right?  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Thank you, Mike.  Thank you, Tom.

As you may know, there's another big gathering taking place tonight in Washington, D.C.  Did you hear about it?

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  A large group of Hollywood actors and Washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation’s capital right now.  (Applause.)  They are gathered together for the White House Correspondents Dinner -- without the President.  (Applause.)  And I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from Washington Swamp -- (applause) -- spending my evening with all of you, and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people.  Right?  (Applause.)  Right?


THE PRESIDENT:  And look at the media back there.  They would actually rather be here, I have to tell you.

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  That's right.  

AUDIENCE:  CNN Sucks!  CNN Sucks!

THE PRESIDENT:  Media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are fake news.  Fake news.  And they're sitting and they're wishing, in Washington -- they're watching right now, they're watching.  And they would love to be with us right here tonight.  (Applause.) 

But they're trapped at the dinner, which will be very, very boring.  (Laughter.)  But next year, maybe we'll make it more exciting for them in Washington, and we'll show up.  But we have a good chance of showing up here again next year, too.  (Applause.) 

The truth is, there is no place I’d rather be than right here in Pennsylvania to celebrate our 100-day milestone to reflect on an incredible journey together, and to get ready for the great, great battles to come, and that we will win in every case, okay?  We will win.  (Applause.)  Because make no mistake, we are just beginning in our fight to make America great again.  (Applause.) 

Now, before we talk about my first 100 days, which has been very exciting and very productive, let’s rate the media’s 100 days.  Should we do that?  Should we do it?  Because, as you know, they are a disgrace.  According to a Morning Consult poll, more than half of Americans say the media “is out of touch with everyday Americans.”  And they've proven that.  According to Media Research Center, 89 percent of the media’s coverage of our administration has been negative -- and purposefully negative -- 

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  And perhaps that’s because, according to the Center for Public Integrity, 96 percent of journalists who made donations in the last election gave to our opponent.  Does anybody remember who our opponent was?  Huh?  That was some opponent.  Finally, according to a poll last year from the Associated Press, only 6 percent of Americans have a lot of confidence in America [sic].  That's very bad.  That's much lower than Congress, by the way.  

But I'll give you an example of something really incredible.  

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  That's right, get them out of here.  Get them out.  


THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  (Applause.)  

Do we love our law enforcement, or what?  (Applause.)  

And I want to thank the fire marshals.  They have a lot of people standing outside.  We really maxed out.  We broke the all-time record for this arena.  How old is this arena?  This is not -- we broke the all-time record.  And I don’t have a guitar, which is pretty tough. 

So just as an example of media, take the totally failing New York Times.

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  Pretty soon they'll only be on the Internet.  The paper is getting smaller and smaller.  You haven't noticed?  It's starting to look like a comic book.  (Laughter.)  But I will tell you, because I watched, and I used to be in the real estate business, they sold their beautiful New York Times building in Manhattan -- a cathedral to journalism; such a beautiful, beautiful building -- for around $130 million.  And a group that bought it later sold it for approximately $500 million.  And now they live in a very ugly office building in a crummy location.  (Laughter.)  

Next, they buy the Boston Globe newspaper, with losses, for $1.3 billion, invest millions and millions and millions of dollars to get it going.  And, in the end, they sell it for zero; they give it away.  And then they write nasty editorials and op-eds telling me how I should be handling world events and our country.  Tell me.  

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  But that's what we have.  They're incompetent, dishonest people, who, after an election, had to apologize because they covered it, us, me, but all of us -- they covered it so badly that they felt they were forced to apologize because their predictions were so bad.  You remember their predictions?  They lost a lot of people because of the way they covered. 

So here's the story.  If the media’s job is to be honest and tell the truth, then I think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very, big fat failing grade.


THE PRESIDENT:  Very dishonest people.  And not all of them.  You know, we call it the "fake news."  Not all of them.  If you notice now, they're using -- everybody is using the world fake news.  Where did you hear it first, folks?  (Applause.)  By contrast, for the last 100 days, my administration has been delivering every single day for the great citizens of our country -- whether it’s putting our coal miners back to work, protecting America’s steel and aluminum workers -- we love that steel and aluminum -- or eliminating job-killing regulations, we are keeping one promise after another.  And, frankly, the people are really happy about it.  They see what's happening.  (Applause.)  

But to understand the historic progress that we’ve made, we must speak honestly about the situation that we and I inherited.  Because believe me, the previous administration gave us a mess.  

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  For decades, our country has lived through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world.  You people know it better than anybody, in Pennsylvania.  Our factories were shuttered, our steel mills closed down, and our jobs were stolen away and shipped far away to other countries, some of which you've never even heard of.  Politicians sent troops to protect the borders of foreign nations, but left America’s borders wide open for all to violate.   

We've spent billions and billions of dollars on one global project after another, and yet, as gangs flooded into our country, we couldn’t even provide safety for our own people.

Our government rushed to join international agreements where the United States pays the costs and bears the burdens, while other countries get the benefit and pay nothing.  

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  This includes deals like the one-sided Paris Climate Accord, where the United States pays billions of dollars while China, Russia and India have contributed and will contribute nothing.  

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  Does that remind you of the Iran deal?  How about that beauty, right?

On top of all of that, it's estimated that full compliance with the agreement could ultimately shrink America's GDP by $2.5 trillion over a 10-year period.  That means factories and plants closing all over our country.  Here we go again.  Not with me, folks.  (Applause.)  

Those are the facts, whether we like them or not.  The dishonest media won’t print them, won't report them, because the Washington media is part of the problem:  their priorities are not my priorities and they're not your priorities, believe me.  (Applause.)  Their agenda is not your agenda.  And I'll be making a big decision on the Paris accord over the next two weeks.  (Applause.)  And we will see what happens.  

But they're all part of a broken system that is profited from this global theft and plunder of American wealth at the expense of the American worker.  We are not going to let other countries take advantage of us anymore.   Because, from now on, it’s going to be America first.  (Applause.) 

And I have to --


THE PRESIDENT:  And I have to just interject -- because, as you know, I've been a big critic of China, and I've been talking about currency manipulation for a long time.  But I have to tell you that, during the election, number one, they stopped.  But more importantly, just to show you the dishonesty -- so we have currency manipulation by China, but China is helping us possibly, or probably, with the North Korean situation, okay?  (Applause.)  Which is a great thing. 

And I met with the President of China at great length in Florida, and we had long, long talks -- hours and hours and hours.  He's a good man.  Now he's representing China.  He's not representing us.  But he's a good man.  And I believe he wants to get that situation taken care of.  They have tremendous power, and we'll see what happens.  

But the media said, Donald Trump refuses to name China a currency manipulator.  Now, this of think of this.  Think of this.  Now, we have to have a little flexibility.  So I meet with the President of China, and I say, could you help us out with North Korea?  You know, you give them 93 percent of their different materials that they need and their food.  You have a lot of power.  We have a great relationship.  And then the media said, why didn’t he call Donald Trump, and why didn’t Donald Trump at a meeting say you're a currency manipulator?

So here's the story.  "Listen, Mr. President, will you help us out with North Korea?  But, by the way, you're manipulating your currency."  It doesn’t work, right?  (Laughter and applause.)  So instead of -- you understand.  So instead of saying that, let's see what happens.  I honestly believe that he's trying very hard.  Not an easy situation for China, believe me.  Not an easy situation.  But we have somebody there who's causing a lot of trouble for the world.  We have China, who is really trying to help us.  You've seen they've sent back vast amounts of coal coming out North Korea.  So let's see what happens.  And I think it's not exactly the right time to call China a currency manipulator right now.  Do we agree with that?  (Applause.)  But they never say that.  They say, why didn’t he do it.

So I promised you in my inaugural address, 100 days ago, that now arrives the hour of action.  And we've, believe me, started from day out.  And that is what we've delivered -- 100 days of action.  In fact, those people and others are exhausted.  They've never seen anything like that.  They've never seen anything like this.  (Applause.)  

We are ending the offshoring and bringing back our beautiful, wonderful, great American jobs.  (Applause.)  We are eradicating the criminal gangs and cartels that have infiltrated our country.  You're reading about them all the time.  Some of you have big problems with them.  Thank you for that sign.  "Blacks for Trump."  I love that guy.  (Applause.)  "Blacks for Trump."  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you, man.  That's great.  That's really cool.  I appreciate it.

And we're taking steps to renegotiate or cancel any agreement that fails to protect American interests.  Here are just some of our great achievements from the first 100 days.  And I will tell you, in addition to that, we have built such strong foundations with the leaders of foreign countries.  And we're set to rock.  But we have great relationships with Germany and Japan and China and so many others, the UK.  Such great relationships.  That's part of the process.

We've appointed and confirmed a brand new justice of the United States Supreme Court -- (applause) -- Justice Neil Gorsuch, who will uphold the Constitution and the right of Americans to govern their own affairs.  And the last time a new Supreme Court justice was confirmed in the first 100 days was 136 years ago, in 1881.  And I was devastated to hear that, because I thought I'd be the only to have done that.  (Applause.)  A long time ago.  

To protect our jobs and our economic freedom, I immediately withdrew the United States from the horrible, disastrous, would have been another but worse, Trans-Pacific Partnership.  (Applause.)  That would have taken your jobs in Pennsylvania, that I can tell you.  That was a total hoax.  The TPP would have been a tremendous disaster for our country, and we are not going to surrender Pennsylvania jobs ever again.  We've done that once before.  It's not going to happen.  (Applause.)  

We’ve just launched an investigation into foreign steel dumping and aluminum dumping throughout our country.  We are reviewing every single trade deal, and wherever there is cheating, we will take immediate action and there will be penalties.  (Applause.)  And we have with us tonight, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and one of the great, great people on fair trade and good trade, Mr. Peter Navarro.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Thank you.

And we will renegotiate NAFTA.  And if we don’t get a good deal and a fair deal for our country -- and I've been saying for a long time, we'll either renegotiate or we'll terminate.  I announced the other day, we were going to terminate.  Everybody said we'll terminate.  Two people that I like very much -- the President of Mexico, the Prime Minister of Canada -- they called up; they said, could we negotiate?  I said, yes, we can renegotiate.  So we'll start a renegotiation, and hopefully it will be fair for everybody.  (Applause.)  And if it's not a fair deal for our country -- because you have to understand, we have been on the wrong side of the NAFTA deal with Canada and with Mexico for many, many years, many decades.  We can't allow it to happen.  So we're going to renegotiate.  And if we can't make a fair deal for our companies and our workers, we will terminate NAFTA, okay?  (Applause.) 

Our directives will put brand new Pennsylvania steel into the spine of America.  (Applause.)  We’ve ordered billions and billions of dollars in unpaid duties to be collected at the border from countries that break the rules.  And that just started.  It's going to be a lot coming in.  (Applause.)  We just want fairness.  And I’ve followed through on my promise and issued a new government directive to buy American and hire American.  (Applause.) 

In just these first few months, we’ve created 99,000 new construction jobs, 49,000 new manufacturing jobs, and 27,000 new mining jobs.  Who are the miners here?  The miners -- finally, we're taking care of our miners.  (Applause.)  We love our miners.  And we have over 600,000 new jobs.  And, by the way, the stock market, since our election -- (applause) -- is through the roof.  I believe, from the point of the election, isn't it too bad that the Obama administration gets a lot of credit for those couple of months, but --

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  It's all right.  Because we're doing fine, but they get credit for that because people started going wild with the stock.  But I believe we have a record, from the time we got elected -- from November 8th -- we have a record, an all-time record, for the biggest increase in the stock market.  So I'm very happy about that.  (Applause.)   

We've removed the shackles on energy exploration imposed by the last administration, lifting the restrictions on the production of oil, shale, and natural gas.  And, very importantly for Pennsylvania, we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal, and we are putting our great coal miners back to work.  (Applause.)  We love our miners. 

I am also very pleased to say that we have finally cleared the way for the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.  (Applause.)  48,000 new jobs.  They couldn’t get their approvals.  We got them their approvals in 24 hours -- one day.  And I want to tell you, the heads of those two companies, they didn’t know what the hell happened.  They said, how did this happen?  They should go to bed and say their prayers.  But that's going to be approximately 48,000 jobs.  

My administration has also scrapped a job-killing regulation that was threatening our auto workers.  We want more cars made in the USA.  And that's going to happen.  (Applause.)  We’ve created a new rule which requires that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated.  (Applause.)  

And we have signed massive executive orders, clearing up the environmental bureaucracy.  We're going to have jobs, and you're seeing them already.  We’ve also been very busy on the legislative front, which we have gotten no credit for, and yet I am signing away.  I've signed 29 new bills -- a record not surpassed since the Truman administration.  (Applause.)  This includes 13 resolutions to eliminate intrusive federal regulations -- the most ever signed in our history.

In keeping our promise to our veterans, I’ve signed legislation to extend Veterans Choice.  And David, the head of the Veterans Administration, is here with us tonight.  David Shulkin.  (Applause.)  He's done an incredible job.  And we’ve increased by 42 percent the approvals for veterans using the Choice program.  (Applause.)  I’ve also created an Office of Accountability at the VA.  Our message to federal workers is clear:  If you fail our veterans, you will be held accountable.  First time.  (Applause.)  

To create accountability across government, I’ve issued a five-year ban on federal officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.  Good?  (Applause.)  I’ve got a lot of people in my staff who are not exactly happy with that one, but that's okay.  And I've issued a lifetime ban on federal officials becoming lobbyists for a foreign government.  (Applause.)  I've imposed these bans for a simple reason:  It is time to drain the swamp.  (Applause.)  And that's what we're doing in Washington, D.C.

Perhaps in no area have past governments sold out to special interests and foreign lobbyists more than on the issue of immigration.  Year after year, you pleaded for Washington to enforce our laws as illegal immigration surged, refugees flooded in, and lax vetting threatened your family’s safety and security.

Your pleas have finally been --

AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Build the wall!

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, don't worry, we're going to have the wall.   Don’t worry about it.  (Applause.)  

AUDIENCE:  Build the wall!  Build the wall!

THE PRESIDENT:  You know, we've done so well at the border, a lot of people are saying, oh, wow, maybe the President doesn’t need the wall.  We need the wall to stop the drugs and the human trafficking.  We need the wall. 

In just 100 days, we have taken historic steps to secure our border, impose needed immigration control like you've never seen before -- is that true? -- and properly screen and vet those seeking admission into our country.  They are going to come in because they love our country.  We're not taking them otherwise.  

We are operating on a very simple principle:  that our immigration system should put the needs of American workers, American families, American companies, and American citizens first.  (Applause.)  I appointed a great military general, John Kelly, to lead the Department of Homeland Security.  (Applause.)  

Since my election, we’ve already achieved an unprecedented 73 percent reduction in illegal crossings on our southern border.  (Applause.)  The greatest reduction in the history of our country.  And we just started.

The world is getting the message:  If you try to illegally enter the United States, you will be caught, detained, deported, or put in prison, and it will happen.  (Applause.)

As I campaigned across the nation, I met with the grieving mothers and fathers of children who had been killed -- viciously killed, violently killed -- by illegal immigrants.  And I made them a promise:  We will protect American lives.  Your family member will not have died in vain.  (Applause.)  

Last week, we opened an office to support the Victims of Immigration Crime, called VOICE, to make sure that no American victim is ever again ignored by their government.  Not going to happen anymore.  (Applause.)  And many people are now talking, as I just said, and using this tremendous early progress on the border to say we don’t need the kind of safety that we will do need, including the wall.  We need safety.  We need cameras.  We need all of the things that we're going to be putting in, and we need the wall.  And we will build a wall as you are standing there tonight.  We need the wall.  (Applause.)

AUDIENCE:  Build the wall!  Build the wall!

THE PRESIDENT:  We'll build the wall, folks.  Don’t even worry about it.  Go to sleep.  Go home, go to sleep.  Rest assured.  That's the final thing -- we need it.  We need it.  And if the Democrats knew what the hell they were doing, they'd approve it so easy, because we want to stop crime in our country.  Obviously, they don’t mind illegals coming in.  They don’t mind drugs pouring in.  They don’t mind, excuse me, MS-13 coming in.  We're getting them all out of here. 

Members of Congress who will be voting on border security have a simple choice:  They can either vote to help drug cartels and criminal aliens trying to enter the United States, like, frankly, the Democrats are doing.  Or they can vote to help American citizens and American families be safe.  That’s the choice.  Who do you want to represent you?  (Applause.)  

Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress have no leadership.  They're rudderless.  Senator Schumer is a bad leader.

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  I've known him a long time.  Senator Schumer is a bad leader, not a natural leader at all.  He works hard to study leadership.  When you have to study leadership, you got problems.  And his policies are hurting innocent Americans and making it easier for drug dealers to enter our country.  Schumer is weak on crime and wants to raise your taxes through the roof.

AUDIENCE:  Booo --

THE PRESIDENT:  He is a poor leader -- known him a long time -- and he's leading the Democrats to doom.  It's sad to see for our country what's happening to the Democrat Party.  

At the heart of my administration's efforts to restore the rule of law has been a nationwide crackdown on criminal gangs.  And that means taking the fight to the sanctuary cities that shield these dangerous criminals from removal.  (Applause.)  The last Administration allowed thousands of gang members to cross our borders and enter into our communities.

The last, very weak administration allowed thousands and thousands of gang members to cross our borders and enter into our communities where they wreaked havoc on our citizens.  As you know, the bloodthirsty cartel, known as MS-13, has infiltrated our schools, threatening innocent children.  We've seen the horrible assaults and many killings all over Long Island, where I grew up.  We have seen the vicious spread of transnational gangs into all 50 states, and the human suffering they bring with them.  I've been with the parents; I've seen the parents.  It's devastation.  

A very respected general recently told me that MS-13 are the equivalent in their meanness to al Qaeda.  My administration will not rest until we have dismantled these violent gangs, and we're doing it rapidly, and we're sending them the hell out of our country.  We're sending them back home where they belong.  (Applause.)    

One by one, we're finding the illegal immigrant drug dealers, gang members, and killers, and removing them from our country.  And, once they are gone, folks -- you see what we're doing -- they will not let them back in.  They're not coming back.  (Applause.)  

In this effort to restore safety to our country, we are going to strongly support the incredible men and women of law enforcement.  (Applause.)  I just signed an executive order directing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to combat crimes of violence against our police, and the Department of Justice is now prioritizing the prosecution of criminals who attack officers of the law.  (Applause.)  

And we are also working around the clock to keep our nation safe from terrorism.  (Applause.)  My administration has taken historic steps to improve screening and vetting for those seeking visas to enter the United States.  We have seen the attacks, from 9/11 to Boston to San Bernardino.  We have seen the bloodshed overseas.  You look at what's happening in other countries. 

We already have enough problems to worry about in the United States, which we love so much.  We don’t need to be admitting people who want to oppress, hurt or kill innocent Americans.  They're not coming in.  (Applause.)  

So let me state this as clearly as I possibly can:  We are going to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.  (Applause.)  


THE PRESIDENT:  So I have a question for you.  You've been to a lot of countries, you've seen a lot of rallies.  First of all, is there any place like a Trump rally?  In all fairness.  Right?  (Applause.)  

So I did this a little bit during the rally.  Haven't done it in a long time.  Who has heard the poem called "The Snake"?  So I have it.  Does anybody want to hear it again?  (Applause.)  You sure?  Are you sure?  Okay.  So let's dedicate this to General Kelly, the Border Patrol, and the ICE agents for doing such an incredible job.  (Applause.)  This was written by Al Wilson a long time ago.  And I thought of it having to do with our borders and people coming in.  And we know that we're going to have; we're going to have problems.  We have to very, very carefully vet.  We have to be smart.  We have to be vigilant.

So here it is, "The Snake."  It's called "The Snake":

"On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lake, a tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.  His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.  "Poor thing!" she cried.  "I'll take you in and I'll stake care of you."  The border.  (Laughter.)  "Take me in, oh, tender woman.  Take me in for Heaven's sake.  Take me in, oh, tender woman," sighed the vicious snake.  "She wrapped him up all cozy in a comforter of silk, and laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk.  She hurried home from work that night, and as soon as she arrived, she found that pretty snake she'd taken in had been revived.  Take me in, oh, tender woman.  Take me in for Heaven's sake.  Take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed that vicious snake.  She clutched him to her bosom, 'You're so beautiful,' she cried.  'But if I hadn’t brought you in by now, oh, heavens you would have died.'  She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed him and held him tight.  But instead of saying, 'thank you,' that snake gave 
her a vicious bite!  Take me in, oh, tender woman.  Take me in for Heaven's sake.  Take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed the vicious sake.  'I have saved you,' cried the woman.  'And you've bitten me, heavens why?  You know your bite is poisonous, and now I'm going to die.' 'Oh, shut up, silly woman,' said the reptile with a grin.  'You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.'"  (Applause.)

Does that explain it, folks?  Does that explain it?

Keeping America safe also means rebuilding our defenses.  Under the leadership of General “Mad Dog” Mattis -- (applause) -- and he is doing great; he is doing great.  And, by the way, he's the man that recommended General Kelly.  I said, Mad Dog, you got to give me a great general for the border.  He gave me a great general, General Kelly.  We have begun the process of rebuilding our military and restoring full readiness.

We are also protecting taxpayer dollars.  I've already saved more than $725 million on a simple order of F-35 planes.  I got involved in the negotiation.  (Applause.)  And there's billions of dollars to be saved on that and many other things. 

We’ve also stepped up the fight against ISIS, and we will not stop until ISIS has been destroyed.  (Applause.)  At the same time, we’ve strengthened our friendships and alliances around the world.  For instance, we were very proud to quietly work with the Egyptian government last week to ensure that an American citizen, a beautiful young woman named Aya, came home after being in an Egyptian prison for the past three years.  (Applause.)  She was going to be there for another 28 years.  President Obama worked diligently for three years and didn’t get them out.  I met with President el-Sisi and it worked out quickly, and he was great.  (Applause.)  He was great about it.  And not only did the court system in Egypt and President el-Sisi let her out, but they let out her husband, and they let out a total of eight people that were innocent.  And they're all back here right now.  (Applause.)  Now, they won't include that in the 100 days, but I'm very proud to have done it.  And she's a happy young woman, believe me. 

She's very happy.  

I said, "How tough, Aya, was it in that prison?"  She said, you don’t want to know.  That was a tough prison. 

We’re also getting NATO countries to finally step up and contribute their fair share.  They’ve begun to increase their contributions by billions of dollars, but we are not going to be satisfied until everyone pays what they owe.  And I've been complaining about that for a long time.  And it's a lot different now, but they still a lot of money.

Over the last eight years, America’s average military and defense spending was double what all other NATO countries spent, combined.  Not fair.  As we work to get other countries to pay their fair share abroad, we will continue our rebuilding at home.  We're rebuilding everything, including, by the way, our great military.  We will have the finest military that we've ever had at any time in the history of our country.  (Applause.)  

Last week, my economic team outlined one of the biggest tax cuts in American history -- even bigger than that of Ronald Reagan.  We are proposing major tax relief for the middle class, and lowering the business tax from 35 percent all the way down to 15 percent.  (Applause.)  Now, you will see companies expand, companies come back into our country, companies not leave our country anymore because taxes and regulations are so onerous.  You will see what happens.   

Let me also be very clear in saying that we are going to save Americans’ healthcare, and repeal and replace that disaster known as Obamacare, which is dying, dying, dying.  (Applause.)   Obamacare is dead anyway, folks.  You know, they always like to compare -- well, what about Obama -- Obamacare is dead.  It's gone.  The increases were massive last year, and they're going to be bigger this year.  And the insurance companies are fleeing.  One of the top people in the insurance industry said, Obamacare is in a death spiral, there's nothing they can do.

So they can't compare something to it because it won't be there very long, believe me.  Can't be there very long.  It's not working.  It's been a failure.  Under Obamacare, we have seen double- and triple-digit hikes in premiums, and many Americans left with only a single insurer to choose from.  And now, many of those insurers are fleeing also.  You have places like the great state of Tennessee, where I left two weeks ago, where half of the state already has no insurance carrier.  And many others.

So Obamacare is a catastrophe created exclusively by the Democrats in Congress.  And they know it's no good.  They know it's not working.  And, by the way, we're going to get something great.  We're going to get the premiums down.  We're going to get the deductibles way down.  We're going to take care of every single need you're going to want to have taken care of.  But it's not going to cost that kind of money.  We're going to bring it down.  You're going to see it.  Premiums down.  We will repeal and replace Obamacare.  You watch.  (Applause.) 

We're going to give Americans the freedom to purchase the healthcare plans they want, not the healthcare forced on them by the government.  (Applause.)  And I'll be so angry at Congressman Kelly and Congressman Marino and all of our congressmen in this room if we don’t get that damn thing passed quickly.  (Applause.)  They'll get it done.  We know them.  They'll get it done.

In all things, we are returning power to the people where it belongs.  We're going to defend the Second Amendment -- (applause) -- and your right to keep and bear arms.  We are going to bring education local, and we are going to end Common Core.  (Applause.)  We are going to stop federal overreach, and defend the God-given rights of every American family.

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we all started working together to rebuild this nation, the nation that we so dearly love.  (Applause.)  Our jobs will come back home, our dying factories will come roaring back to life.  It will be a beautiful thing to watch.  And this is what's going to happen in the United States of America, and it's going to happen soon.  And it's actually already happening.  (Applause.)  

Cities small and large will see a rebirth of hope, safety and opportunity.  America’s children will be taught to love their country and take pride in our great American flag.  (Applause.)  And other countries -- and you see that happening -- will finally treat America, and our citizens, with the respect that our country and our citizens deserve.  (Applause.)  

It's time for us all to remember that we are one people, with one great American destiny, and that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.  (Applause.)  And we all share the same glorious freedoms of our magnificent country.  We are all made by the same Almighty God.  (Applause.)  

As long as we remember these truths, we will not fail.  We will never fail.  We are Americans, and the future belongs to us.  The future belongs to all of you.  So with hope in our souls, and patriotism in our hearts, I say these words to you tonight, on 100 days of devotion, hard work, and love for our great country:  Together, we will make America strong again.  We will make America wealthy again.  We will make America prosper again.  We will make America proud again.  We will make America safe again.  And we will make America great again!

Thank you.  God bless you.  (Applause.) 

8:49 P.M. EDT

Democratic National Committee
April 28, 2017

100 Days Marks Trump’s Worst Week Yet

99 days in, Trump is starting to admit the presidency is harder than he thought.
Donald Trump: “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”
Donald Trump: “I never realized how big it was… the orders are so massive… there’s great responsibility.”
Who can blame him? He’s failed at just about everything he’s tried:
Tampa Bay Times: “The art of no deal: Trump lacking major ones in first 100 days”
He failed on healthcare…
Trump pushed his aides to have a health care vote before his 100 day marker and the GOP promptly face planted.
Politico: Trump “has decidedly reshuffled his schedule, priorities and agenda in the last two weeks to notch political points, knowing the deadline would get inordinate media coverage.”
CNN: “Trump Fails To Force Health Care Vote In First 100 Days”
He failed on trade…
Yesterday, his executive order on aluminum took no action on tariffs.
Politico: Trump’s executive order on aluminum imports, “like a similar one he signed last week about steel imports—did not impose any retaliatory duties; it just called for expediting an ongoing investigation of the issue.”
He failed on the economy…
This week we discovered first three months of Trump’s presidency saw the slowest economic growth in three years.
The Hill: “The U.S. economy grew at an anemic 0.7 percent rate in the first three months of the year, the weakest performance in three years.
“Spending fell to only 0.3 percent after a solid 3.5 percent increase in the October-December period, the lowest level in more than seven years.”
He failed on education…
On Wednesday he signed an order on education, but didn’t give the Education Secretary the power to do anything new.
Los Angeles Times: “What Does Trump's Executive Order On Education Do? Not Much”

Washington Post: “President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that requires Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to study whether and how the federal government has overstepped its legal authority in K-12 schools…The order does not invest DeVos with any new authority.”
He failed on immigration…
On Tuesday, courts blocked him from defunding sanctuary cities, possibly weakening protections for crime victims.
CNN: “Judge Blocks Part Of Trump's Sanctuary Cities Executive Order”
CNN: “In his ruling, Judge William H. Orrick…[agreed] that a threat to take away federal funds from cities that do not cooperate with some federal immigration enforcement could be unconstitutional.”
CNN: “Lawmakers Worry Trump Immigration Orders Weaken Protections For Sex Crime, Domestic Violence Victims.”
…but didn’t take the time to figure out which court actually blocked him.
Trump: “First The Ninth Circuit Rules Against The Ban & Now It Hits Again On Sanctuary Cities – Both Ridiculous Rulings. See You In The Supreme Court.”
CNBC: “Trump Just Blasted The Wrong Court For 'Blocking' His Sanctuary Cities Order”
Also on Tuesday, he discovered neither Congress nor Mexico is going to pay for that wall.
Dallas Morning News: “Trump Drops Border Wall Funding Demand As Shutdown Threat Looms”
TIME: “Staring down a potential government shutdown, the White House is prepared to punt a standoff over cash to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border to the fall, Republican officials tell TIME.”
He failed at tax reform…
On Wednesday, he released a single page of bullet points and there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class.
ABC News: “The Devil For Trump’s Tax Plan Is In The Lack Of Details”
Washington Post: “President Trump said he would release new details about his plan to overhaul the tax code on April 26…The statement caught many congressional aides - and even some administration officials - offguard, as they thought they were working on a slower timetable.”
Huffington Post: “Treasury Secretary Can’t Guarantee Whether Middle Class Will Benefit From Trump Tax Plan”
It might cost as much as $7 billion to implement that single page of bullet points.
Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget: Trump’s Tax Plan “Could Cost $3 To $7 Trillion – Our Base-Case Estimate Is $5.5 Trillion.”
He saw his administration continue to be dogged about Michael Flynn and the Trump team’s ties to Russia…
Many questions remain unanswered about Russian interference to help Trump’s candidacy
New York Times Editorial: “The Flynn Story Isn’t Going Away”
Michael Flynn’s “Ties to Russia keep raising questions this White House won’t answer and dark suspicions it can’t seem to dispel.”
CNN: “100 Days Of Russia Drama For The Trump White House, With No End In Sight”
NPR: “Lawmakers Say It Appears Michael Flynn Acted Illegally In Taking Russian Payments”
CNN: “Russia’s influence is currently the subject of four separate congressional probes, and has led to the resignation of the national security adviser and the recusal of the attorney general.”
He generally failed at being president…
He tried to clean up his mess of a first 100 days with a ‘flurry’ of so-called executive orders that were ‘basically press releases with presidential signatures’
Politico: “Trump's Executive Orders Are Mostly Theater”
Politico: “The White House is making Trump’s flurry of executive orders the centerpiece of his 100-day legacy…most of them are basically press releases with presidential signatures, plus instructions to his Cabinet secretaries to look into the issues at hand.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party
April 28, 2016


We're just 24 hours away from the big day of action in Harrisburg.  Come rally against Trump's 100 Days of Broken Promises to the Middle Class. A group of amazing speakers will discuss the important issues we've all been fighting for. We'll be joined by:

  • DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake
  • Mayor Eric Papenfuse
  • Senator Daylin Leach
  • Vice President of Harrisburg City Council Shamaine Daniels, Esq.
  • Tom Herman, SEIU Local 866
  • Josh McNeil, League of Conservation Voters
  • Rogette Harris, Dauphin County Democratic Party
  • Carrie Fowler, a patient advocate, representing Planned Parenthood PA
  • Rev. Greg Houlston of POWER
  • Chad Baker, York County Democratic Party
  • Gwen Snyder, Tax March
  • and leaders from local activist and grassroots groups from across the state
The first 100 days of this presidency have been filled with alternative facts, incompetence, and international scandal - instead of focusing on the important issues that matter to the people of Pennsylvania.
You do not want to miss this rally! Come out and join us.

Rally Against Trump's 100 Days of Broken Promises
Saturday, April 29, 2017 - at 5:00 PM
Softball Field Near Farm Show
116 Azalea Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Farm Show Event overflow parking will be available at the Dept. of Agriculture
parking lot which will be accessible by Azalea Drive

Register Today Share on Facebook


Afterwards, we'll join forces with the Harrisburg March on Trump sponsored by CASA in Action, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, Dauphin County Democratic Committee, Equality Pennsylvania, For Our Future PA, Indivisible Action PA District 4, Indivisible YORK, Keystone Progress, Rising Fourth, Sierra Club PA Chapter, Tax March, and Tuesdays with Toomey. Details are as follows:

6:00 Rally at 7th and Forster Streets, Harrisburg, PA 17102

  • 5:30 Environmental Rally 3rd and Mulberry Streets, Harrisburg 17101
  • 6:00 Environmental March to main march
  • 6:30 March up 7th Street toward Farm Show

More information for the Harrisburg March on Trump can be found via the Facebook event page.


Register now and join us! Bring your family and friends. Bring your signs, hats and your slogans! (And bring your umbrellas too because there's a slight chance of rain.)

We'll see you all the field.


Megan Winters

Grassroots Organizing Director

Pennsylvania Democratic Party