Democratic National Committee
December 12, 2017

Tom Perez on Senator-Elect Doug Jones

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement on Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama Senate race, making him the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate in almost 25 years:

“Doug Jones made history tonight. He won because his values are the values of the American people.

“This election wasn't about right versus left, it was about right versus wrong. The people of Alabama sent a loud and clear message to Donald Trump and the Republican Party: you can’t call yourself the party of family values as long as you’re willing to accept vile men like Roy Moore as members.

“But Alabama voters didn’t just reject Roy Moore, they embraced Doug Jones and the Democratic Party’s vision for a brighter future. They joined millions of voters across the country who are standing up to Donald Trump and the GOP’s radical agenda by making their voices heard and electing Democrats up and down the ballot.

“Doug has spent years fighting for civil rights, including prosecuting two members of the Ku Klux Klan for the murder of four little girls in Birmingham. But his work is far from over. As Alabama's U.S. Senator, he’ll fight to build better schools and an economy that works for everyone, not just big corporations and the top 1%. He’ll fight to protect people’s health care, make communities safer, and reform our broken criminal justice system.

“While Republican leaders embrace accused child molesters like Roy Moore for their own political gain, Democrats will keep fighting for working families and for what is right because we are the party of the people.”

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
December 13, 2017

DSCC Chairman on Doug Jones’ Victory in Alabama

DSCC Chairman Senator Chris Van Hollen issued the following statement on Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama:

“In the last two months, Doug Jones traveled more than 8,100 miles to meet with Alabamians, hear their stories and share his vision to get things done for Alabama families: secure good-paying jobs, invest in public schools across the state and make health care more affordable. Tonight, Alabamians told Doug they need him to travel a little further up to Washington and put his ideas to work in the U.S. Senate. This race took a lot of unexpected turns but there was always one constant: Doug Jones would proudly represent Alabamians and we are proud to welcome him.

“Today, in one of the most Republican states in the nation, the people of Alabama chose common decency and integrity over partisan politics. Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee did the opposite, siding with a candidate who wanted to drag Alabama back to the days of George Wallace and faced a mountain of credible evidence that he had engaged in child sexual abuse. At his recent rally, President Trump said Roy Moore stood for Republican and Alabama values. Today, the people of Alabama sent a very different message: they soundly rejected the new Republican Party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump and their toxic agenda. President Trump, Republican Senate candidates and the Republican National Committee showed us exactly who they are by standing with Roy Moore — and we will make sure voters do not forget it.”


American Bridge 21st Century
December 12, 2017

American Bridge: GOP Should Be Terrified After Jones Victory, Senate Must Seat Jones Immediately

Following Senator-elect Doug Jones' victory in the Alabama Senate race tonight, American Bridge released the following statement from Chairman David Brock:

"Republicans should be terrified tonight. While they're divided and engaged in civil war, Democrats are energized and are turning out in record numbers. Doug Jones' victory in a place where Democrats haven't won statewide for 25 years is the clearest sign yet of a tidal wave coming in 2018. 

"Now that the people of Alabama have spoken, Doug Jones must be seated as a Senator immediately. Voters made their voices heard loud and clear, so there's no excuse for Luther Strange to continue serving.  Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump may be desperate to pass their tax scam, but they cannot ignore the will of the voters."

Earlier today Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his intentions to not seat Jones until January.
Americans for Tax Fairness
December 12, 2017


"Doug Jones’ upset victory in Alabama shows that Americans in even the reddest areas firmly reject the Trump-GOP agenda. Republicans in the House and Senate should take heed and re-evaluate their support for the monstrous tax bill that will rip healthcare away from millions while raising taxes on middle class families and blowing up the deficit, just so millionaires and corporations can get a tax break. The Senate should slow the process down and allow the nation's newest Senator to have a vote on this legislation that will affect the next generation. It would be inappropriate for massive legislation rewriting the nation's tax code to be decided by a lame-duck Senator who was just voted out of office."
American Bridge 21st Century
December 13, 2017

FACT SHEET: American Bridge's Alabama Impact

"We engaged from the start because we knew that Roy Moore was a historic disgrace, and we knew we had a shot to win. We were aggressive from the beginning because we believe Democrats need to compete everywhere in a cycle like this one is shaping up to be. Count on progressives to keep fighting and keep winning up and down the ballot in 2018," said American Bridge Chairman David Brock.

Since before Roy Moore won the primary, American Bridge was engaged in Alabama:

1. In the final days of the Senate race in Alabama, American Bridge launched a five-figure digital ad campaign, targeting persuadable Republican voters with two messages as we approached election day:

- Our write-in ad encouraged Alabamians to follow the example of Sen. Richard Shelby and write in a respected leader instead of voting for Roy Moore. Our push was covered in Sports IllustratedMcClatchyTalking Points MemoSB NationThe Washington Post, and Politico.  

- Our ad “Predator” highlighted Moore’s disturbing pattern as a judge of siding with rapists from the bench.

2. American Bridge began defining Moore before he even won the primary. We were the first group to attack Roy Moore after the primary, pointing the path for Democrats to attack 2018 Senate candidates around the country. 

- Our research report, released the day of the primary, on Moore's past actions and statements was covered by NBC, and The New RepublicRoll Call, and MSNBC.

- Within 100 hours of Moore's victory we deployed a tracker on the ground in Alabama.

- We launched ads against Sen. Dean Heller, Rep. Martha McSally, and Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, which were covered by the Nevada Independent and HuffPo

- Our continuing efforts to hold Senators accountable for Roy Moore's behavior was covered by PoliticoAxiosHuffPo, and NBC News.

- When prominent Republican Senators, including Majority Whip John Cornyn, fundraised for Roy Moore in early November, American Bridge captured the footage and promised to use it against Republicans in the 2018 elections. Reporters who wrote about this included PoliticoNBC and the Washington Examiner.

3. Doug Jones's ad attacking Roy Moore on early childhood education used research discovered by American Bridge.

- In the ad, Jones says, "Roy Moore compares preschool and early childhood education to Nazi indoctrination." That comes from a HuffPost story based on comments Moore made first identified by American Bridge.

4. We dug through more than 20 years' of Moore's comments, unearthing some of his most inflammatory statements, which went viral and helped to mobilize Democrats around the country:

- Talking Points Memo: Roy Moore: Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Was ‘Worse’ Than Upholding Slavery In Dred Scott
- Huffington Post: Roy Moore Once Compared Preschool To Nazi-Style Indoctrination
- Talking Points Memo: Roy Moore Once Compared Manson Family to Gay Marriage

5. When President Trump campaigned for Moore in Pensacola, FL, American Bridge trolled the rally with a mobile billboard of Ivanka Trump's "special place in hell" comments.

- The billboard was covered by over a dozen outlets including The Washington PostNewsweekTampa Bay Times,HuffPostThe HillWashington ExaminerRaw StoryDaily Kos, and Bustle.

6. American Bridge uncovered previously "missing" evidence of Moore abusing his so-called charity. 

- American Bridge exclusively obtained a copy of Roy Moore's foundation's tax form from 2015, which had reported as "missing" in August, exposing likely self-dealing by the Moore family through their corrupt foundation.

- The form was reported in, and revealed that Moore had added another family member to the board of his foundation and was likely paying his daughter's company to plan his speaking engagements.

Democratic National Committee
December 13, 2017

45 Times The 45th President And His Party Backed Up Roy Moore

While Alabama voters rejected an alleged child molester by electing Doug Jones to the Senate, Donald Trump and the Republican Party were all in. See for yourself:
Trump was never fully behind Luther Strange, and he and Pence immediately threw their support behind Roy Moore after he won the primary.
1.       Trump: “Congratulations to Roy Moore on his Republican Primary win in Alabama. Luther Strange started way back & ran a good race. Roy, WIN in Dec!”
2.      Trump: “Spoke to Roy Moore of Alabama last night for the first time. Sounds like a really great guy who ran a fantastic race. He will help to #MAGA!”
3.      Pence: “Congratulations Roy Moore! We are thrilled you ran on the #MAGA agenda & we are for you!”
4.      “As Trump Campaigns For Strange In Alabama, He Expresses Some Doubts: ‘I Might Have Made A Mistake’
As allegations of child molestation surfaced against Moore, Trump never withdrew his support.
5.      Trump: “But anyway -- but so I have not seen very much about him, about it.”
6.      Sarah Sanders: “The President believes that we cannot allow a mere allegation -- in this case, one from many years ago -- to destroy a person's life.”
7.      Sarah Sanders: “Look, the President believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously, and he thinks that the people of Alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be.”
8.     Sarah Sanders: “But that's also something and a decision that the people of Alabama need to make, not the President, whether or not they want Roy Moore to support them in the Senate.”
9.      “But Mr. Trump has not spoken publicly to condemn Mr. Moore’s actions, nor pulled his endorsement of the Republican candidate, even as other Republicans in Washington have said they believe the female accusers and have called on Mr. Moore to drop out of the race.”
And Trump repeatedly cast doubt on Moore’s accusers.
10.  “White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeatedly declined Thursday to say whether Trump believed Moore’s accusers, even after the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, told The Associated Press that she had no reason to doubt their claims against him.”
11.   “Trump Privately Doubted Moore's Female Accusers
12.  “During animated conversations with senior Republicans and White House aides, the president said he doubted the stories presented by Moore’s accusers and questioned why they were emerging now, just weeks before the election, according to two White House advisers and two other people familiar with the talks.”
13.  “But Mr. Trump, speaking by phone last Tuesday with Mr. McConnell, responded with the same argument he had been making for days inside the White House. The women who have called Mr. Moore a sexual predator, the president believes, may not be telling the truth.
14.  “Trump, according to three sources briefed on the discussions, cast doubt on the claims leveled by Moore's accusers.”
15.  “What the president did not foresee was that the friction would reach inside his immediate family. He vented his annoyance when his daughter Ivanka castigated Mr. Moore by saying there was ‘a special place in hell for people who prey on children,’ according to three staff members who heard his comments. ‘”
By late November, Trump effectively endorsed Moore.
16.  Trump: “Jones, I've looked at his record. It's terrible on crime. It's terrible on the border. It's terrible on the military. I can tell you for a fact we do not need somebody that's going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad with the military, bad for the second amendment.”
17.   Trump: “The last thing we need in Alabama and the U.S. Senate is a Schumer/Pelosi puppet who is WEAK on crime, WEAK on the border, bad for our military and our great vets, bad for our 2nd Amendment, AND WANTS TO RAISE TAXES TO THE SKY. Jones would be a disaster!”
18.  Trump: “I endorsed Luther Strange in the Alabama Primary. He shot way up in the polls but it wasn’t enough. Can’t let Schumer/Pelosi win this race. Liberal Jones would be BAD!”
19.  Kellyanne Conway: “White House aide Kellyanne Conway on Monday suggested Alabama voters should support embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore because he would vote for the GOP's tax reform legislation making its way through Congress.”
20. Sarah Sanders: “Look, obviously the President wants people both in the House and the Senate that support his agenda, but as I've said and as the Hatch Act prohibits me from going any further, we certainly think that this is something that the people of Alabama should decide, and I'm not going to be able to weigh in anything further beyond those comments.” [White House Daily Briefing, 11/20/17]
21.  “Trump Gives Roy Moore His De Facto Endorsement
22. “White House Backs Roy Moore In All But Name
And Trump took Moore’s side against his accusers.
23. Trump: “Well, he denies it. Look, he denies it. I mean, if you look at what is really going on and you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it.”
24. Trump: “He says it didn't happen. And you know, you have to listen to him also. You are talking about -- he said 40 years ago this did not happen. So, you know.”
25. Trump: “I do have to say, 40 years is a long time. He has run eight races, and this has never come up. So 40 years is a long time.”
By early December, Trump offered a full-throated endorsement of Moore, and the White House repeatedly defended his endorsement.
26. Trump: “Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive tax cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama. We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, border wall, military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more. To Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer puppet!”
27.  Sarah Sanders: “‘The President's position hasn't changed. He still finds those concerning,’ Sanders said of the allegations. ‘But as we've also said, the President feels that he would rather have a person that supports his agenda versus somebody who opposes his agenda every step of the way.’”
28. Kellyanne Conway: “And we feel that people have been -- they've been talking about a number of different issues. But this president also made very clear something important here. He does not want a liberal Democrat in that seat. And he wants somebody who is going to be a reliable vote for their shared agenda on tax cuts, on securing the boarder.” [The Story, Fox News, 12/5/17]
29. “Trump Fully Endorses Roy Moore
30. “Trump Offers Full Support For Embattled Republican Roy Moore
31.  “President Trump called Judge Moore a ‘fighter’ and expressed his eagerness to have Judge Moore fighting for his agenda in Washington. The president wrapped up the call with a ‘go get ‘em, Roy.’”
32. “White House Defends Trump's Moore Endorsement
The RNC went all in on Roy Moore and the super PAC run by Trump’s outside political advisors invested $1.1 million to help Moore win.
33. “Looking past allegations of sexual misconduct with Alabama teenagers, President Donald Trump formally endorsed Moore, and the Republican National Committee quickly followed suit, transferring $170,000 to the Alabama Republican Party to bolster Moore's candidacy.”
34. “President Trump's endorsement of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore triggered a flood of financial support, as America First Action invested $1.1 million in advertising on television and other venues just days before a crucial special election. The super PAC, affiliated with Trump's official outside group, the political nonprofit America First Policies, saw the endorsement as a signal to enter the race on Moore's behalf.”
Trump held a campaign style rally for Moore right outside of Alabama, invited Alabamians to attend, and told those in attendance to vote for Roy Moore.
35. Trump: “This guys is screaming, we want Roy Moore.” [Trump Remarks At Make America Great Again Rally, Pensacola FL, 12/8/17]
36. Trump: “We want great people coming into our country… So get out and vote for Roy Moore. Do it. Do it. Do it.” [Trump Remarks At Make America Great Again Rally, Pensacola FL, 12/8/17]
37.  Trump: “A big contingent of very enthusiastic Roy Moore fans at the rally last night. We can’t have a Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat, Jones, in that important Alabama Senate seat. Need your vote to Make America Great Again! Jones will always vote against what we must do for our Country.”
38. “President Trump isn’t going to Alabama to campaign for Roy Moore. But he’s planning to get about as close as you can to the state line.  Trump is expected to hold a campaign-style rally in Pensacola, Fla., about 20 miles from the Alabama line, next Friday. The rally is four days ahead of the Dec. 12 special election in Alabama, where Moore faces Democrat Doug Jones.”
39. “Robo-Calls Invite Alabamians To Trump Appearance In Florida
40. “The White House said President Donald Trump was not coming to Alabama to campaign for Roy Moore, but some people in the state have reported getting invitations to the president's appearance in Florida next week. People have tweeted and reported on Facebook that they received recorded phone calls from the president's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, inviting them to his appearance in Pensacola next Friday.”
Trump recorded a robocall for Moore, and the Moore campaign used Trump’s endorsement in GOTV efforts.
41.  “Trump Recorded Robocall For Roy Moore
42. Trump: “Hi, this is president Donald Trump, and I need Alabama to go vote for Roy Moore. It is so important. We’re already making America great again. I’m going to make America safer and stronger and better than ever before, but we need that seat. We need Roy voting for us. I’m stopping illegal immigration and crime, rebuilding a stronger military, and protecting the Second Amendment and our pro-life values.” [Trump Robocall For Roy Moore For Senate, 12/10/17]
43. “Just got to Alabama today and seeing this Internet ad paid for by the Moore campaign
44. “Moore Compares Himself To Trump In New Ad
45. “New Roy Moore ad touting his endorsements

Donald J. Trump  @realDonaldTrump
December 12, 2017 8:08 pm

Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!

December 13, 2017 3:22 am
The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!

December 13, 2017 6:45 am
If last night’s election proved anything, it proved that we need to put up GREAT Republican candidates to increase the razor thin margins in both the House and Senate.

Alabama Republican Party
December 12, 2017

ALGOP Statement on the U.S. Senate Election Results

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan made the following statement regarding the U.S. Senate election results:

“While we are deeply disappointed in the extremely close U.S. Senate election results, with our candidate Judge Roy Moore, we respect the voting process given to us by our Founding Fathers. We are grateful to the army of Republican volunteers who sacrificed their time to help during this most important race. We are also thankful to President Trump and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for their support. Good conservative government and policies are always worth pursuing.”

“During this campaign, we heard Mr. Jones repeatedly say he would talk about ‘kitchen table issues’ and that he would ‘reach across the aisle’ to work with Republicans. While these issues weren’t discussed and no other Democratic Senator has worked with the Republicans, all eyes will be on his votes. Alabamians will watch the issues he will support or try to stop. We will hold him accountable for his votes.”

“Sixty percent of all partisan elected officials in our state are Republicans. We expect a strong slate of Republican candidates in 2018 as we continue to grow our base.”

“Alabamians are conservative and have no intentions of moving toward the policies of the Democrat Party. If Mr. Jones aligns himself with the liberal Democrats in Washington, Alabama voters will remember his choices in the 2020 U.S. Senate election.”

“Now that this race has ended, may this holiday season of peace, love and hope resonate with everyone, regardless of one’s political affiliation.”


Richard Viguerie's ConservativeHQ
December 13, 2017

The Uniparty Defeats Roy Moore And Trump Agenda

Make no mistake about what happened in Alabama yesterday; Roy Moore was defeated by a united Washington establishment Uniparty that wanted no part of giving Donald Trump another vote in the United States Senate and traditional Judeo-Christian values another voice at the national level.

As our friend Michael Patrick Leahy reported for Breitbart, three secretive Washington, D.C. consulting firms founded by former Obama campaign staffers provided millions of dollars in advertising services, apparently entirely on credit, to Highway 31, a shell independent expenditure organization based in Birmingham, Alabama that supported liberal Democrat Doug Jones and opposed conservative Republican Roy Moore.

On Friday, just four days before the election, two of these Washington, D.C. based firms dropped another $101,612 into the Alabama U.S. Senate race, bringing the total spent to date by three firms run by Obama campaign alumni as apparent “in-kind” contributions to Highway 31 to $2.8 million in less than one month.

The counterweight on the Republican side?


In a pattern that was established back in the early days of the Tea Party rebellion, Moore was stripped of any establishment Republican support, even before the scurrilous and unsubstantiated charges of sexual misconduct were raised against him.

The Washington GOP establishment dumped Moore just like it campaigned against Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and a host of other outsider candidates who might well have won, had the party backed them to the hilt, as it backed damaged establishment candidates like Mississippi’s Senator Thad Cochran.

And we don’t mean only monetary support – although that was incredibly important as Moore was out spent better than 7 to 1 in reports filed before the final push by the shadowy Democrat organizations backing Jones.

We’re talking about the kind of party support that is make or break in a close race.

Alabama’s Republican Senator, Richard Shelby, made a point of going on TV the weekend before the election and campaigning against his fellow Republican by saying he would not and did not vote for Roy Moore.

Instead, he wrote-in the name of a “prominent Republican,” and the write-in votes cast for no name candidate Lee Busby and unnamed “prominent” Republicans look like they would have been enough to clinch the election for Moore.

And the drumbeat against Moore wasn’t confined to just Senator Shelby; a bevy of other Republican Senators were all over TV in the last weeks of the campaign saying they wouldn’t vote for Moore and suggesting darkly that if he were elected they would throw him out of the Senate.

Senators Cory Gardner, John Thune and Rob Portman all piled on Roy Moore and worked against electing him – the one chance they had of maintaining the tenuous Republican majority in the Senate.

It is now going to be harder to protect innocent life, enable people to escape poverty, rebuild our national defense and appoint judges to enforce Constitution. So, why would Republicans in the Senate and DC jeopardize their ability to pass their agenda by working so hard against Roy Moore – even before he was hit by the unproven allegations of sexual misconduct?

Simple: The game here isn’t electing Republicans – it is “crushing” conservatives and Tea Partiers as Mitch McConnell famously swore to do before the 2014 election.

McConnell, Gardner, Portman and Thune have no interest in the Trump agenda, the agenda of the conservative movement, or any other agenda. What they are interested in is maintaining their own power and a Roy Moore victory would have been a serious impediment to their power, but Doug Jones is merely another Democrat to cut a deal with.

In our article, “The Despicable Mitch McConnell” we predicted that Mitch McConnell would, as he did in Mississippi in 2014, pull out all the stops to kill Roy Moore’s campaign, even if it meant mounting a write-in campaign and syphoning-off enough votes to elect Far-Left Democrat Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate and jeopardizing the Republican majority.

We were unfortunately right in our prediction, and we now know just how ugly and how vicious the establishment’s lust for power really is, but the results of yesterday’s election should not dissuade conservatives from taking on establishment incumbents – far from it.

In the past, after losses such as the Goldwater defeat in 1964, and Reagan’s loss in the 1976 Republican primary, conservatives were not dissuaded from fighting for their principles – they came away with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to fight even harder to defeat the establishment – we must take that same lesson from Roy Moore’s defeat.