December 7, 2016

THINK BIG: Potomac Institute Report Sets Ambitious Science and Technology Goals for the Trump Administration

The election of a new president offers the country an opportunity to remake America. The Potomac Institute, a science and technology policy think tank, has released a new report, “THINK BIG: Big Science, Big Opportunities, and Big Ideas,” outlining ambitious goals to drive innovation and economic development.

THINK BIG argues that innovation in science and technology are the keys to American economic strength and national security. Rather than a return to the infrastructure, economy, and healthcare systems of the past, the report calls for a vision for the future.

The report urges the new Administration to 1) develop policy based on the best available science and 2) use policy to foster the development of science and technology. The science and technology investment priorities identified in the THINK BIG report for the next Administration include:

America’s Future Infrastructure: Major public investments to achieve great things are a hallmark of American history. We need revolutionary infrastructure projects to drive America forward, not just fix what is broken.

Fostering American Industry Leadership: U.S. industrial policy should focus on fostering American innovation, helping American companies stay competitive in a global marketplace, and protecting intellectual property.

Revolutionizing Medicine: The American health care system should be revolutionized by leveraging technology and putting more power in the hands of patients.

Climate Engineering: We can use science and American innovation to engineer our way out of the climate challenge, using biotechnology and climate engineering.

“We will not solve these problems by investing in old technology and old ways of doing business. The only way to solve hard problems is to think big. Americans can do great things when we set lofty goals. If we think incrementally, we will only get incremental results,” said Michael Swetnam, Chairman and CEO of Potomac Institute.    


The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is a non-partisan, independent, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit public policy research institute. The Institute identifies and aggressively shepherds discussion on key science, technology, and national security issues facing our society. The THINK BIG report is a product of Center for Revolutionary Scientific Thought (CReST), the Potomac Institute’s internal research and development and futures group, which uses innovative techniques to anticipate the policy impacts of emerging technologies.

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