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TO:               Interested Parties
FROM:         Matt Paul, State Director, Hillary for Iowa
DATE:          Friday, April 17, 2015
RE:               Successful First Iowa Trip, But This Campaign Takes Nothing for Granted
Hillary Clinton wrapped up a successful trip to Iowa that took her from the Mississippi River to the Missouri River and to many communities in between. Iowans took the opportunity to talk with Hillary about their concerns and their daily lives. Hillary got to do what she loves most – talk directly with caucus-goers. She asked questions, answered questions and shared her ideas for how we create an economy where everyday families can get ahead and stay ahead.
Hillary Listens to Iowans from River to River
This trip was different from the start. Hillary drove across the country and kicked off her first day in Le Claire and then traveled to Monticello, Mount Vernon and Cedar Rapids, meeting with young Iowans, community college students, activists, elected officials – and of course, posing for a few selfies when requested. Wednesday, Hillary started in Marshalltown and Norwalk visiting with rural leaders and small business owners – and she wrapped her trip by dropping into a diner in Council Bluffs.
Hillary made it very clear she wanted to get outside of the usual stops -- instead visiting Main Streets and rural Iowa. That’s because she and this campaign understand that no Iowans is more important than any other. Whether it’s a young family in Le Claire, a student in Monticello or a small business owner in Norwalk, every voice matters. Smaller, more intimate gatherings allowed those Iowans the chance to really share their thoughts and ideas with Hillary.
Iowans' Stories Matter
Smaller gatherings also gave Hillary the chance to listen to Iowans in the places where they normally gather to talk about the issues that are affecting their families – in diners, schools and at work. These one-on-one interactions were meaningful to attendees and indicated who this campaign is about – them.
In Monticello: "The fact that she is coming to Monticello first, a small town in Iowa, she could have went [sic] to Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo," said Kaela Weber, a Monticello High School junior who will be 18 on Election Day. "I think it just means she ... likes to care about the community and small town."
In Marshalltown: “It was awesome,” the young man told reporters after meeting Clinton.
In Mount Vernon: “There’s a humbleness there and a desire to do it the right way that was different,” he said.
In Le Claire: “I really, really liked having a one-on-one conversation with her. I could tell nothing was prepared – it was just asking questions, listening, responding … She’s really engaging, really funny. She was interested in what we were saying.”
Swing Boosts the Organization On and Offline
We expect a competitive caucus and intend to work for the support of every caucus-goer. Hillary sat down with Iowans that have supported her, haven’t supported her, or haven’t been a part of the process, and our staff followed up to get people engaged in this campaign on and offline.

·  On the ground – people signed up. At every stop she made, there were organizers ready to sign people up to commit to caucus and to volunteer their time for this effort. In a three-day swing, our organizers signed up hundreds of Iowans to commit to caucus for Hillary after events she attended. This is a true grassroots effort and we intend to have a presence in all parts of the state.
·  Online engagement boomed. The Hillary for Iowa twitter account kicked into high gear with 3,000 followers and our Facebook page now has 4,000 likes making it one of the most engaged political pages in the state. Organizers used Twitter to find new supporters and get them engaged, and attendees of events and roundtables took to social media to give their thoughts on the trip.

Positive Reviews
Des Moines Register: In Iowa, Hillary Clinton lays out big vision for her campaign
“…one thing I can say with confidence: the Hillary Clinton who began her presidential campaign in Iowa on Tuesday and listened carefully to a handful of people talk about the wonders of the local community college system is a familiar, uncynical and entirely credible character.” — Joe Klein, Time Magazine
“Clinton pulled off a go-small strategy, traveling to small towns that aren't the usual candidate targets.” – Des Moines Register
CNN: Hillary Clinton Impresses Iowa Lawmakers
“[Clinton] was able to conduct some of the face-to-face, retail campaigning that Iowans still expect and appreciate. Clinton spent quality time with activists and interest-group leaders like Sara Sedlacek of Planned Parenthood; University of Iowa student Democratic leader Carter Bell; Karen Lischer of Marshalltown; Kurt Meyer of St. Ansgar and others.” - Kathie Obradovich, Des Moines Register
“The roundtable at Jones County Regional Center of Kirkwood Community College certainly fit the bill. After touring the center’s advanced manufacturing lab, Clinton spent about 65 minutes talking about education with Kirkwood President Mick Starcevich, an English teacher, a high school principal and four students.” - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Hillary has been a tenacious fighter for middle class families her whole life and this week she was able to have conversations with everyday Iowans about how we can work together to help middle class families get ahead and stay ahead. These conversations are going to inform her campaign for President because, as she said in Norwalk at Capital City Fruit, “I want to hear from people who are on the frontlines.”
For Immediate Release, April 17, 2015
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