June 2, 2016

South Dakota Legislators Endorse Hillary Clinton for President


Today, 16 South Dakota legislators endorsed Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States. The Legislators cited her years of fighting for the issues that face South Dakotans, and her drive to break down barriers for all Americans. These legislators join former Senators Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton ahead of the June 7 primary.


"I am proud to join my fellow state legislators in endorsing Hillary Clinton for President,” Senate Minority Leader Billie Sutton said. “Secretary Clinton has shown she has the same values as families in rural America.  She understands our issues and has been a tireless advocate for our farmers, our ranchers, our veterans, our Native Americans, and all working men and women. As First Lady she brought the importance of pre-k education to the forefront of the nation by piloting literacy programs and fought alongside Senator Tom Daschle to create the first national children’s health insurance program.  As U.S. Senator, she worked with Senator Tim Johnson to secure vital investments in renewable energy and bio-fuels, that helped drive the economy of our state. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lead this nation in an increasingly complicated world.  Hillary is the most qualified person running for President. I couldn’t be more thrilled to support her campaign.”


"Secretary Clinton is the best candidate to unite our Country and continue moving us forward so that every American has a shot at building their American Dream,” Senator Jason Frerichs said. “I am confident that rural South Dakota and my fellow farmers and ranchers will be served well by another Clinton Administration standing up for independent producers. Real farmers should support Hillary Clinton. Our economy will be stable with the Clinton's in the White House. South Dakotans should feel confident that Secretary Clinton is the best candidate to ensure solid progress towards equal pay in the workforce."


A complete list of today’s endorsers can be found below:


Senator Scott Parsley, Minority Whip, District 8

Senator Angie Buhl O’Donnell, District 15

Senator Jason Frerichs, District 1

Senator Jim Peterson, Minority Whip, District 4

Senator Billie Sutton, Minority Leader, District 21

Senator Jim Bradford, District 23

Representative Julie Bartling, Assistant Minority Leader, District 21

Representative Shawn Bordeaux, District 26

Representative Peggy Gibson, District 22

Representative Paula Hawks, Minority Whip, District 9

Representative Spencer Hawley, Minority Leader, District 7

Representative Dennis Feickert, District 1

Representative Kevin Killer, District 27

Representative Steven McCleerey, District 1

Representative Karen Soli, District 15

Representative Dean Schrempp, Minority Whip, District 28



For Immediate Release, June 2, 2016