Sept. 30, 2016

Pennsylvania Republicans Announce Growing Support for Hillary Clinton

Nearly 30 Republicans Have Joined PA Together for America

Hillary for Pennsylvania held a press call today to discuss the impact of the debate and announce the growing number of Republican and Independent leaders who are backing Hillary Clinton's candidacy. The Republicans participating in the call are part of a state-level group of the national "Together for America" coalition of Republicans and Independents committed to supporting Clinton in November.  The call featured former Deputy Under Secretary of Transportation under President Gerald Ford and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner in twoRepublican administrations Michael Browne, former Pennsylvania State Senator and founder of the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguins Jack McGregor, Philadelphia Republican Committeewoman Elissa Prichep, and University of Pennsylvania Republicans Chief of Staff Owen O'Hare.

"Together for America" speaks to the need for putting country over political party, in recognition that Clinton has the experience and temperament to lead the country while Donald Trump does not. Nearly 30 Republicans have now joined Hillary for Pennsylvania's "Together for America" group. The complete list of names can be found here.

“As a Marine Corps veteran who volunteered to fight in the Vietnam War, I am dismayed by Donald Trump’s approach to the military and to veterans. He loves to talk aggressively about war and militaristic actions. Yet, he dodged the draft during the Vietnam War by obtaining 5 deferments to avoid serving his country, including the excuse of heel spurs, which then magically disappeared. He has insulted John McCain, an American hero, because he was a prisoner of war and insulted the parents of an American hero who died serving his country in Iraq because they are Muslim. Such a man should not be Commander in Chief," said Michael Browne, former Deputy Under Secretary of Transportation under President Gerald Ford and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner in two Republican administrations.

“I’ve been involved in Republican presidential campaigns for more than 60 years. It took the selection of Donald J. Trump to drive me out of my party. My old political heroes and mentors like Ike, Bill Scranton, John Sherman Cooper, my father and both grandfathers must be turning in their graves about my change in party registration. But I’m confident that every one of those honorable and dignified men would be repulsed by Donald Trump and saddened by what has become of their Republican Party. This is serious stuff, and I won’t waste my vote on a protest candidate. Since the future of our country may depend on preventing Donald Trump from becoming president, I’m with her this November, and I urge otherRepublicans to join me," said Jack McGregor, former Pennsylvania State Senator from Pittsburgh and the founder of the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguins.

"At Wharton we’re encouraged to embrace honesty, ethical business practices, diversity, and respect for others. Donald Trump does not represent these values. Nearly 4000 students and alumni, including myself, have signed an open letter stating just that. Furthermore, Trump is unqualified to be president and cannot be trusted with our national security, our economy, and most other policy areas he’s talked about," said Owen O'Hare, University of Pennsylvania Republicans Chief of Staff, Philadelphia.

"People of all ages, backgrounds and political persuasions are hurting and they deserve our attention and the attention of our leaders. They deserve ideas and they deserve solutions. But we have instead Donald Trump who continues to show that he will focus all talking points on himself when he feels threatened. He does not seem to realize that a leader isn’t the person who proves he’s the best, but the person who inspires others to deliver what’s best in them. For me this election is bigger than party, it’s about choosing the leader who can handle the real challenges that face our country and our citizens. Our country needs a president who can keep a cooler head when making vitally important, sometimes life-and-death decisions. Of all of our choices, Hillary Clinton is the tested leader who has the steadiness to lead in the White House," said Philadelphia Republican Committeewoman Elissa Prichep.

“The debate this week made crystal clear that only one candidate in this race is prepared, qualified, and temperamentally fit to be President of the United States. Hillary Clinton can work across the aisle and bring people together to get things done. Her life has been one of public service: representing Americans’ interests, and working cooperatively to build consensus for solutions. I was proud to be elected as part of the Reagan Revolution, to work with President Reagan, and to be a Republican my entire adult life. But when it comes to this election, I have to put my country ahead of my party, and that means voting for Hillary Clinton," said Claudine Schneider, Pennsylvania native and former U.S. Congresswoman. 


For Immediate Release, September 30, 2016

Sept. 29, 2016

Hillary for Pennsylvania Launches 'Pennsylvania Latinos for Hillary'

Pennsylvania Latino Leaders Highlight Clinton's Unwavering Support for Latinos

Hillary for Pennsylvania is announcing the launch of "Pennsylvania Latinos for Hillary," a leadership group in the state encouraging Latinos to register to vote and outlining what is at stake in this election for their community. Hillary Clinton has put forward real plans to help Latino families. As president, she will fight for comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship, create good-paying jobs, get incomes rising for Latino families, and support Latino-owned businesses. 

In contrast, Donald Trump has attacked Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, called for a wall along the Mexican border, and promised to create a “deportation force” to remove millions of immigrants from the country. He wants to build physical walls that divide us with hate, instead of bringing our country together. His hateful rhetoric and dangerous policies make him unfit to be president.   

Members of "Pennsylvania Latinos for Hillary" have all committed to taking an action to support of Clinton’s grassroots campaign, such as phone banking, door knocking, letter writing or hosting a grassroots organizing event. The full list can be found on Medium here

Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez, Philadelphia City Councilwoman: "As a Puerto Rican Latina, income inequality and creating real opportunities to support women in school, college and workforce is a priority.  Women are critical voters in Pennsylvania, and will play a significant role in deciding this election. There is too much at stake in this election for Latinowomen. Donald Trump has a long history of insulting and demeaning women and Latinos, and as President it is clear that his pattern of misogyny and bigotry would only continue. We must come out to vote in November and elect Hillary Clinton, as she is the only candidate who stands with us and will work tirelessly to empower women and improve our communities."

Giselle Fetterman, Allegheny County Latino Community Leader: "Even though I lived in this country as an undocumented immigrant, America has always been my home. So when I hear Donald Trump talking about rounding up and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants it makes me incredibly fearful for the future of this country. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who understands that we are a nation of immigrants, and that no matter where you came from, or how you got here, you should be able to contribute, and create your own version of the American dream. There is far too much as stake in this election for Latinos to stay home, and this November, we must come together and elect Hillary Clinton."

John Graupera, Lancaster City Council President: "The choice in this election is clear. From vowing to put forth comprehensive immigration reform legislation in her first 100 days to expanding educational and economic opportunities in our communities, Hillary Clinton demonstrates a clear understanding of the challenges facing Latinos in this country. Meanwhile Donald Trump, who vows to deport all undocumented immigrants, tear apart millions of families and build a wall with Mexico, is preying on fear and threatens our livelihood. The stakes in this election could not be higher, and we must do everything we can to elect Hillary Clinton in November."

Norman Bristol-Colon, President of the Latino Democratic Caucus of Lancaster County: "Many young Latinos feel a sense of responsibility and often have no choice but to abandon their dreams of achieve a higher educational degree in order to support their families. Sadly, a majority of those who are able to attend college or university, leave school with mountains of dollars in debt. As one of those students, I wanted a chance to improve my life and the lives of my loved ones, but struggled with the high costs and in turn had to put my dreams on hold. Hillary actually has a plan to help young Latinos beat and defy the odds. In fact, she recently rolled out her New College Compact plan to ensure that rising educational costs are not a barrier for anyone regardless of race, background or financial standing wants to attend -- and that is why I am voting for her and you should consider voting for her too."

Olga Negron, Bethlehem City Councilwoman: "When Donald Trump says he wants to create a deportation force to round up and forcibly deport millions of immigrants, Latinoslisten. When Donald Trump calls immigrants rapists and drug dealers, Latinos listen. When Hillary Clinton puts forth meaningful legislation that expands opportunity for our communities and vows to bring comprehensive immigration reform legislation in her first 100 days, Latinos listen. The choice here is clear, Donald Trump's bigotry has no place in the Latino community. We must elect Hillary this November and do everything we can to stop Trump."

Shamaine Daniels, Vice President of Harrisburg City Council: "Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly the champion for the Latino community. We need a strong economy and the right policies to share in America's promise and for too long, the deck has been stacked for those at the top. On issues like immigration, Hillary supports comprehensive immigration reform with a full pathway to citizenship. She understands that we must strive to keep families together and end bad policies like family detention and private detention centers. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says he wants to deport millions of undocumented immigrants with a special 'deportation force' and rip apart millions of families. The choice is clear, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate recognizes that we are a nation of immigrants and that our shared diversity is what makes us stronger together."

Ken Trujillo, Philadelphia Latino Community Leader: "There is too much at stake in the Latino community to risk a Donald Trump presidency. Hillary Clinton has a vision and plan for comprehensive immigration reform that will keep our families together and grow our economy. I am proud to support Hillary Clinton and look forward to voting for her in November."

Jose Rosado, Borough of Fountain Hill Mayor: "For generations, Latino's have contributed to the cultural and economic fabric our country. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who understands the significance of our contributions and cares about the success of future generations in our community. As our President, I am confident that Hillary will be a great friend and ally to the Latino community and expand opportunity for everyone."

Isamac Torres-Figueroa, Vice-Chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic LatinoCaucus and Berks County Community Leader: "Donald Trump insults the entire Latinocommunity by labeling immigrants criminals, rapists and drug dealers. His divisive rhetoric and plans for mass deportation pose a direct threat to millions of Latino families. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with a comprehensive and common sense immigration plan that keeps families intact and helps new immigrants achieve the American Dream. This November, I hope my fellow members of the Latino community remember who is on their side and cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton." 


For Immediate Release, September 29, 2016

Sept. 15, 2016

Hillary for Pennsylvania Launches Millennials for Hillary

Young Pennsylvania Leaders Highlight Clinton’s Plans to Increase Economic Opportunity, Address Skyrocketing Student Debt, Tackle College Affordability

Hillary for Pennsylvania launched "Pennsylvania Millennials for Hillary" today, highlighting Clinton's bold progressive agenda to increase economic opportunities for young people, address skyrocketing student debt and tackle college affordability. The announcement today follows the release of a new report on Hillary Clinton’s New College Compact that found 86 percent of Pennsylvania households could pay no tuition under Clinton’s plan -- saving up to $53,560.

Clinton's New College Compact is centered on two promises to American families: that costs won't be a barrier to attending college, and that debt won't hold individuals back from achieving their goals upon completing their education. In addition to expanding economic opportunity and access to higher education, Clinton has outlined an agenda tackling some of the top issues for millennials, including raising the minimum wage, reforming our criminal justice system, fighting LGBT discrimination and addressing climate change. 

Members of "Pennsylvania Millennials for Hillary" have all committed to taking an action in support of Clinton’s grassroots campaign, such as phone banking, door knocking, letter writing or hosting a grassroots organizing event. The full list can be found on Medium here.

Michael Ramdatt, Executive Director of Political Affairs for Penn For Hillary: "As a college student who will soon enter the workforce, I know the stakes of this election could not be any higher. I am supporting Hillary Clinton because I know that she cares deeply about the future for my generation. From creating jobs, to making college affordable, and expanding access to affordable healthcare, her plans make it clear that she understands the importance of expanding opportunity for everyone."

Johnna Purcell, Penn State Students for Hillary: "Hillary Clinton will be a champion for Pennsylvania students, and she will work tirelessly to reduce student debt and make college more affordable. Donald Trump has no real plan to address some of the challenges students are facing each day.  The choice for Pennsylvania students in this election cannot be any clearer, and I'm proud to support Hillary Clinton as president."

Katie Blume, Executive Director of the Centre County Democrats: "Young Americans recognize that we have the most at stake in this election. The decisions we make this November will impact our lives for many years after the next president leaves office. Donald Trump wants to divide us while Hillary will break down barriers to help build a tolerant, strong, inclusive nation. With her experience and qualifications, Hillary will fight everyday to correct the injustices many Americans experience while helping everyone lift up our highest ideas and help everyone reach their highest potential."

Melanie Fricchione, college student and Clarks Summit resident: "An estimated one in five women reports being sexually assaulted while in college - that's unacceptable. Hillary Clinton has stood by survivors and has a plan to end campus sexual assault that addresses reporting processes, survivor support, and prevention. Donald Trump hasn't even bothered to discuss the issue."

Basilio A. Bonilla Jr., Vice Chair of the Bethlehem Democratic City Committee: "Young people should not have to worry about being able to receive a higher education. Hillary Clinton has a plan to help young people of all backgrounds and financial standings thrive without the burden of going into debt, and that is precisely why I'm with her."

Nate Urban, Swarthmore Students for Hillary: "As a young voter, one of the biggest issues to me this election is student debt and college affordability.  Upon graduation, many of us are saddled with debt we cannot pay back.  Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate who has a plan to tackle the growing problem of student debt in this country and that's why I'm casting my ballot for her this November."

Malcolm Kenyatta, community advocate and Philadelphia resident: “We are a generation that’s struggled since the economic crash of 2008. This country needs a president who will build an economy that is fair and works for everyone. We want a president like Hillary Clinton who will tackle progressive issues like raising the minimum wage, addressing student debt, enacting criminal justice reform, and combating climate change."


For Immediate Release, September 15, 2016

Sept. 8, 2016

Group of Pennsylvania Republicans Announce Support for Hillary Clinton

Hillary for Pennsylvania Launches State-Level 'Together for America' Group to Spotlight Clinton's Growing Support Among Republicans Staunchly Opposed to Donald Trump's Dangerous Candidacy

Following the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum, where Donald Trump again proved he is unfit to serve as president, Hillary for Pennsylvania announced a group of 15 Republicans, including retired military leaders and Republican Party officials, committed to supporting Hillary Clinton in November. The group, a state-level group of the national "Together for America" coalition of Republicans and Independents choosing Clinton over Trump, includes a former At-Large Delegate to the Republican National Convention, a former Bush Administration official, a former Ford Administration official and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner in Republican administrations, and a Republican committeewoman -- as well as retired military officials, veterans, and business and community leaders.

In remarks at a press conference today, Clinton said, "This is a really important moment for everybody in our country, as you have seen by the numbers of Republicans concerned about Trump coming forward and saying, 'this is not acceptable.' They are willing to put their names out there - people who have never endorsed a Democrat, people who have never endorsed before. Because they are so concerned about this man and how totally unqualified he is to be president, and how totally temperamentally unfit he is to be Commander-in-Chief."

These leaders trust Clinton to understand the complex and volatile world we live in, and they believe she has the experience and temperament to be president and lead our nation's Armed Forces. In contrast, they know that Donald Trump is wholly unfit for the job. These endorsements demonstrate the growing momentum that Republican and Independent voters are putting country over political party in this election. The full list can be found on Medium here.

Michael Browne of Montgomery County, former Deputy Under Secretary of Transportation under President Gerald Ford and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner in two Republican administrations:"Unfortunately, the Republican Party has nominated a person who seeks to exploit the fears and divisions in our country rather than appealing to the optimism which has made America great. The result of Donald Trump's approach would be to make our country weaker and less respected, and in a complex world, his simplistic solutions would make us less safe. Many of Donald Trump's ideas are half-baked and dangerous and, as President, he would jeopardize our security. For these reasons, I believe it is important to speak out against Donald Trump and to work to elect Hillary Clinton. I also believe that many thoughtful Republicans will join me in rejecting Donald Trump's appeal to the darker side of our nature and will vote for Hillary Clinton. I support Hillary Clinton and hope that she will become the 45th President of the United States. From her fight against discrimination as a young lawyer, to her distinguished service in the U.S. Senate, to her leadership abroad as Secretary of State, Hillary has embodied the qualities all Americans should look for in a President: experience, persistence, tolerance, and strength."

The Honorable Pam Iovino of Pittsburgh, former Navy Captain and Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Legislative Affairs for the Department of Veteran Affairs in the George W. Bush Administration:"Hillary will support and promote total force readiness by protecting women service members that have been victims of military sexual assault and harassment. She will strengthen protections, so women don't fear of retaliation from reporting."

Dr. Richard Costlow, resident of Montgomery County: 
"Donald Trump embodies the least attractive and least inclusive messaging the Republican Party has espoused in the more than 40 years I’ve been a Republican. His inconsistent and, frankly, dishonest statements about his past policy positions, his fear-mongering towards immigrants, and his reckless rhetoric on clearly ill-conceived foreign policy for the United States are dangerous for the global community. The opposition to him from multiple levels within the GOP reflects their broad mistrust of him as a person and a potential Commander-in Chief. He lacks experience in public policy and what little is known of him as a businessman is littered with litigation which suggests he broke promises, failed to pay his bills, in addition to exploiting undocumented workers and outsourcing jobs - displacing American labor. The Trump brand has betrayed hardworking Americans as the trade-off for the self-enrichment of Donald Trump and has no place in the GOP. Donald Trump has neither the public policy experience nor the temperament to lead the America I believe in during a time of unprecedented uncertainty. My choice is Hillary Clinton as our next President."

Phil Eichinger of Delaware County, Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War and Vietnam War: "Donald Trump is simply unqualified to run our country and cannot be trusted with our security. America needs a tested and steady leader and we have that in Hillary Clinton. Her experience and demeanor are a stark contrast to Trump's divisive behavior."

James Colin Foster of Allegheny County, college student: "Hillary Clinton has shown throughout her career that she will work across the aisle to move our country forward. Donald Trump's entire campaign has been an exercise in recklessness and bullying.  Hillary's lifelong commitment to children and families speaks louder than any of Trump's divisive words."

Mark Pasquerilla of Cambria County, Chairman and CEO of Crown American and a former At-Large Delegate to the 2004 and 2008 Republican National Conventions: "I could not be more disappointed in my party's choice of nominee. I served as a former Pennsylvania At-Large Delegate for the 2004 and 2008 Republican National Conventions and my father ran for Pennsylvania state treasurer on the same ticket as President Richard Nixon. I cannot stand by as Donald Trump hate mongers and bullies hard-working Americans around.  Our country needs a president who will treat everyone with the respect they deserve and that's why Hillary Clinton will have my vote on November 8."
Philadelphia Republican Committeewoman Elissa Prichep: "I am very concerned by Donald Trump's tendency to bully, demean, and degrade others. This election is about so much more than what party you belong to - it's about choosing a leader who can handle the real challenges that face a President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is a tested leader who has the steadiness to be in the White House, unlike Trump who has shown time and time again that he is temperamentally unfit to be president."


For Immediate Release, September 8, 2016

September 6, 2016

Hillary for Pennsylvania Launches Veterans and Military Families for Hillary

Ahead of Donald Trump's Philadelphia Speech, Leaders Contrast Clinton's Plans to Support Veterans, Military Families in PA with Trump's Inability to Lead as Commander-in-Chief

Ahead of Wednesday's NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as Trump's planned speech in Philadelphia, Hillary for Pennsylvania is announcing the launch of "Pennsylvania Veterans and Military Families for Hillary," a leadership group in the Commonwealth to promote how Clinton is the only candidate with the experience, temperament, and judgment to serve as Commander in Chief and with the vision to make America safer and stronger together. In contrast, they will decry Trump's dangerous temperament and views which would threaten the safety and security of Pennsylvania families.

This bipartisan leadership group supporting Clinton includes, among other Pennsylvania veterans, the Honorable Pam Iovino of Pittsburgh, a former Navy Captain who served in President George W. Bush's Administration as Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Legislative Affairs for the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Members of "Pennsylvania Veterans and Military Families for Hillary" have all committed to taking an action in support of Clinton’s grassroots campaign, such as phone banking, door knocking, letter writing or hosting a grassroots organizing event. The full list can be found on Medium here.

Captain Welton Chang of Philadelphia, PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, (Active duty 2005-2009, Reserves 2010-2012): "Hillary Clinton has spent decades fighting for veterans, members of the military, and their families, and understands that support also means ensuring that they have access to opportunities and the tools required to succeed upon returning home. She has real plans to empower veterans, by making sure our skills translate to jobs we're uniquely qualified to perform. With the threat of reckless Donald Trump becoming our next president, we must ensure that she becomes the next Commander-in-Chief."

Former Congressman Chris Carney of Dimock Township, former Commander in the United States Navy Reserve:
 "Donald Trump, a man who sought five deferments to avoid the Vietnam War, likes to brag about his so-called appreciation for our men and women in uniform. Yet his record includes scamming veterans out of money through Trump University and disparaging prisoners of war. Throughout his campaign he has proven to have neither the required experience nor the proper temperament to protect our country and lead our Armed Forces. His rhetoric and actions not only play directly into our enemies' hands, they undercut the very fabric of America's strength. Any president that would order our armed forces to commit torture and war crimes as Trump has promised, is not fit to serve. I have studied Hillary's comprehensive plans to support veterans and military families as Commander-in-Chief, and I know she not only has a track record of protecting our veterans, but she also has the experience, judgement, and wisdom to lead our nation in times of peace or conflict. I'm with her."

The Honorable Pam Iovino of Pittsburgh, former Navy Captain and Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Legislative Affairs for the Department of Veteran Affairs in the George W. Bush Administration:
 "Hillary will support and promote total force readiness by protecting women service members that have been victims of military sexual assault and harassment. She will strengthen protections, so women don't fear of retaliation from reporting."

Captain Jason Hartwig of Philadelphia, Iraq (March 2008-March 2009), Afghanistan (July 2010-July 2011): "Hillary Clinton will be an important partner to military families, keeping our unique challenges and opportunities in mind as she supports a strong and resilient military. She will back military spouses who are looking to pursue educational opportunities, careers and financial stability. She understands the issues facing our service members and our community, which is why I am supporting her."

Darren Lipscomb of Philadelphia, Army National Guard (Iraq, 2009): "There are many veterans returning home that do not have the support system and means to carry on with life after the Army. As president, Hillary will continue fighting and advocating for the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill and help veterans seek employment and education opportunities. She knows that when we get discharged, we face some of the toughest battles yet, and that is why she has my vote."

Miles Newell of Aliquippa, Army Medic Private Second Class, Lebanese Combat (1982-1984):
 "Too often I see my fellow soldiers and commanders that have spent years fighting for our country now fighting for their lives back at home. With the growing number of homeless veterans in this country, there can and must be more that we can do to help veterans when they return from combat. Hillary has a plan to deliver world-class care for veterans and their families, including to help end the veteran suicide epidemic. We need a president who has the experience and determination to serve our veterans when they return home."

First Lt. Patrick Moffa of Hatboro, Vietnam Field Artillery in the Army: "It is embarrassing to see Donald Trump say he knows more about ISIS than the generals do. His reckless foreign policy ideas are a threat to our security and proves he is unqualified for this job. With his temperament, Trump should never have access to the nuclear codes - he would make our country less safe."

Alex Austin of Pittsburgh, US Air Force Veteran and PA Delegate, 14th District:
 "Donald Trump personally insults veterans, prisoners of war and Gold Star families. He lies about giving to veterans charities and lacks a basic understanding of the needs of veterans and their families. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who I believe will work to protect the benefits we earned, improve services for veterans, and ensure that the risks we took for our country are recognized when we return home."

Mike Parrish of Malvern, former Colonel Army Aviator and candidate for Congress in the Sixth District: 
"During her time as Senator of New York, Hillary worked tirelessly to address the gaps in health care for our service members, including working across the aisle with Republicans to extend TRICARE health benefits to National Guard and Reserve members. She will work across the aisle to get results for our service members, veterans and military families. As a service disabled veteran myself, I support bi-partisan efforts to make sure our service members and their families get the care we have earned."

Clinton believes that by supporting our veterans, we strengthen our military, our economy, and our country. Clinton has put forward an agenda that will support veterans and their families, ensuring that they have the opportunities and tools they need to succeed while they are on duty and when they return home.

You can read more about her plans for the veterans and military families here.


For Immediate Release, September 6, 2016

August 17, 2016

Hillary for PA Launches African Americans for Hillary

Leaders Contrast Clinton Plans to Invest in Economic Opportunities for African Americans in PA with Trump Tax Breaks for Wealthy Like Him

Following Hillary Clinton's voter registration event in Philadelphia, Hillary for Pennsylvania launched "Pennsylvania African Americans for Hillary" today, highlighting how Clinton is the candidate who will fight for African Americans as president and make the largest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II in her first 100 days in office.

Clinton's agenda would create jobs and expand economic opportunities by making investments in infrastructure and housing, breaking down barriers for the formerly incarcerated, supporting small businesses and investing in youth employment. This is a stark contrast with Donald Trump's agenda to give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to wealthy people like himself and his family, Wall Street and big corporations -- including one proposal to repeal the estate tax which could hand his own family $4 billion. You can read more about her economic plans for the African American community here
"Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career fighting for children and families from all backgrounds and walks of life. She will be committed to focusing on the challenges impacting African Americans in Pennsylvania especially communities left out and left behind. That's why I couldn't be more proud to stand with her in this election," said York Mayor Kim Bracey. 

"When it comes to issues of importance to the African American community, there is only one candidate who has our backs, and has the track record to prove it. From her strong commitment to fight racial injustice to her bold vision to support education and job creation, I know Hillary Clinton is ready and willing to fight for us," said Harrisburg City Council President Wanda Williams. 

"Hillary Clinton is a fighter, and that is exactly what we need as president. When I listen to Hillary, and hear the proposals she has put forward towards tackling racial injustice and expanding economic opportunity for African Americans, I have every confidence that she will put real action behind her words," said Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Bill Cole.

"Hillary Clinton is committed to building on the progress we've made during the last eight years including expanding on opportunities for good paying jobs, affordable health care and strong public education for our children. Hillary has proven that she never gives up in the fight for justice and equality for all," said Philadelphia City Councilwoman Cindy Bass. 

"From her early days fighting for kids at the Children's Defense Fund to helping to pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program which now covers more than 8 million kids, it's clear we can trust Hillary Clinton to fight for us. She has spent time listening and learning about our communities, and as president she will not only continue to work to break down all the barriers that hold us back, but also help propel us into the future," said Marc Blount, President of Erie Conference on African American Affairs. 

“From her time at the Children's Defense Fund to her time as Secretary of State, Hillary has fought for equality and justice her entire life.  She will take action to reform a biased criminal justice system, end mass incarcerations, and increase our investments in education, and job training," said Sylvia Wilson, a DNC Member from Allegheny County.  

In Philadelphia, Clinton also outlined her commitment to take on the gun lobby and address gun violence.

"Gun violence is the leading cause of death for young African American men and an epidemic that continues to rise in communities across America. Hillary Clinton is committed to being a voice for the families and individuals afflicted by this problem, and in this election, the choice is clear. We must elect Hillary as President of the United States so that she can continue speaking up and out on behalf of those taken from us by tragedy and those that need to be protected from it," said Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. 

Members of "Pennsylvania African Americans for Hillary" have all committed to taking an action in support of Clinton’s grassroots campaign, such as phone banking, door knocking, letter writing or hosting a grassroots organizing event. The full list of the "Pennsylvania African Americans for Hillary" Leadership Council can be found on Medium here.


For Immediate Release, August 17, 2016

August 10, 2016

Hillary for PA Launches Pennsylvania Women for Hillary

Leaders Outline Clinton's Plans to Invest in Jobs, Expand Economic Opportunities for Pennsylvania Women

Demonstrating the enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton’s agenda to support women, Hillary for Pennsylvania launched "Pennsylvania Women for Hillary" today, highlighting how Clinton is the candidate who will fight for them and their families as president and make the largest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II. 

Clinton's agenda would expand economic opportunities for Pennsylvania women through such proposals as raising the minimum wage, securing paid family leave, and making quality, affordable child care a reality for families. Clinton believes issues that affect women’s lives are family issues, economic issues, and crucial to our nation's future competitiveness. You can read more about her economic plans for Pennsylvania women, children and families here.

"Hillary Clinton has long been a champion for women's rights. This election, she is the clear choice for all women, children and families because she has proven time and time again that when it comes to important issues like equal pay for equal work, and a woman’s right to choose she will always fight to improve the lives of women from all walks of life," said York Mayor Kim Bracey. 

"Hillary Clinton is the leader our country needs in the White House to fight for health care, paid leave, affordable child care, and issues important to Pennsylvania women and their families.  Women across Pennsylvania are joining together to support Hillary Clinton and ensure that she is our next president," said Terese Casey.

"Pennsylvania women want a leader who stands up for their rights. From equal pay, to paid family leave, to advocating for the safety and care of their own bodies, we need a President who is looking out for our needs as women. Hillary Clinton will be that president who will not back down and fight for us. That's why I'm proud to be with her," said First Lady Frances Wolf. 
"There has never been a candidate for president more qualified than Hillary Clinton. From shattering glass ceilings and speaking out for women’s rights at every step of her career, it is clear that as President she would be a tireless champion for women in every community across this country," said Philadelphia Councilwoman Cherelle Parker. 

While Clinton will fight to protect and expand women's right to make their own health care decisions, Donald Trump has said women should be punished for their health care decisions, and Mike Pence personally led the fight to defund Planned Parenthood while serving in Congress and, as governor, fought to pass Indiana's 2016 anti-abortion law, which contained some of the most stringent restrictions in the country. 

"There's no comparison between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on issues important to women and working families. The Republican nominee has lived a life devoted only to himself and his fool's-gold brand, stepping on and denigrating women along the way," said Katie McGinty, candidate for U.S. Senate. "If you wanted to find the polar opposite of Trump's twisted values, it's Hillary. She's spent every ounce of her God-given potential fighting to elevate the status quo for women in this nation and across the world, and that's what she'll do as president. The stakes in this election can not be overstated because the contrast is so clear. As the mother of three young women, I'm proud to say I'm with her."

"Mike Pence poses a real threat and danger to women in this county. As Governor in Indiana, he made it even harder for women to make their own health care choices," said Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, MD, MPH, Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. "Hillary has proven time and time again that she is the fighter we need. As President, she will stand up for women's rights because when women are stronger, families are stronger."

"Donald Trump and Mike Pence would be an absolute disaster for women and their families. Their dangerous rhetoric and policies prove that they have no interest in defending women’s rights. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with a track record of championing women’s rights and as president I am confident she will have our backs at every turn," said Bucks County Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia. 
"Hillary Clinton has been a trailblazer for women and children during her entire career. On the other hand, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have doubled down on extreme and dangerous policies for women in our state and across the country. I look forwarding to working hard to make sure that the extreme Trump and Pence ticket does not make it near the White House," said Allegheny County Democratic Party Chair Nancy Patton Mills.

Members of Pennsylvania Women for Hillary have all committed to taking an action in support of Clinton’s grassroots campaign, such as phone banking, door knocking, letter writing or hosting a grassroots organizing event. The full list of Pennsylvania Women for Hillary Leadership Council can be found on Medium here.


For Immediate Release, August 10, 2016