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99 Iowa Pastors

(page updated June 21, 2015) independent effort in support of Ted Cruz

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From Pastor Joseph Brown

MISSION GOAL: Enlist 1 Pastor in every county to lead their people to cover each of the caucus precincts for Senator Ted Cruz for President. This would cover all 1,756 caucus precincts across the State of Iowa.
I believe God has an anointed candidate for the President of the United States of America.
Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

Psalms 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.”
America is in a mess. Far to long we have remained silent or divided on who would be “our” candidate.   Imagine a pastor in every county in Iowa endorsing the same candidate for President. Imagine those pastors enlisting people in their church or community to represent that candidate in every precinct in their county. God has lead me to endorse and campaign for Senator Ted Cruz.  Would you enlist to do the same? I do not believe there is a better candidate running today.  I believe Senator Cruz is very electable and most importantly, I believe he is who God would love to use to lead this great Country.

Would you consider signing up to help me see Ted Cruz win the Iowa caucus?

ed. note: Pastor Joseph Brown is at Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa

Pastor Joseph Brown was born in 1983, the son of Pastor and Mrs. Larry Brown. He was raised in a Christian home from the time he was an infant. He grew up attending the Marion Avenue Baptist Church. Joseph was saved at the age of six and during his Junior year of high school he surrendered to God’s calling to preach.

After graduating from High school, he attended Oklahoma Baptist College. Upon entering his second year of college he enrolled in Hyles-Anderson College where he would complete his Bachelor of Science Degree in May of 2006. Soon after he graduated from college he was ordained into the ministry as a preacher of the gospel.

Joseph joined the staff at Marion Avenue while attending college. He served as our Assistant Pastor for seven years. Joseph’s father, Pastor Larry Brown, resigned the pastorate to go into full time evangelism in March of 2011. In July of 2011, the church membership overwhelmingly voted Joseph in as our new pastor. Pastor Joseph has a vision for Southeast Iowa, and for the world. In addition to the pastorate, He is the founder of the Our Time Youth Conference which reaches hundreds of young people for Christ. He has a tremendous burden for the next generation. We are thrilled that God led him to this ministry.

Pastor Joseph Brown and his wife Charity have one son, Aaron and three daughters, Hannah, Lydia, & Abigail.