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News Release Catherine Frazier
January 12, 2016

Congressman Alex Mooney Endorses Ted Cruz for President

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, Congressman Alex Mooney of West Virginia endorsed Ted Cruz for President. Mooney will become Cruz for President's West Virginia Chairman. He is one of the new conservatives in the House of Representatives who are changing Washington and fighting the status quo.
"I am proud to endorse Ted Cruz for President. Senator Cruz's father, Rafael, visited West Virginia to discuss how he fled communist Cuba to live in freedom in America just as my mother did," said Rep. Mooney. "I have had the pleasure of visiting with Senator Cruz on several occasions to discuss the shared conservative policies for which we are fighting in Congress. Moreover, Senator Cruz has proven by his actions that he will stand firm in defense of the freedoms and traditional Judeo-Christian values which we cherish, even when under great pressure. Senator Cruz is the best conservative choice to continue our fight as President of the United States."  
“Alex is part of the new generation of leaders who will fight for our conservative values,” said Cruz. “I deeply appreciate Alex’s support because we need leaders like him to stand up to Washington and fight for real change.” 


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