News Release Catherine Frazier
February 15, 2016

Wisconsin Conservatives Rally Behind Cruz for President

State Senator Duey Stroebel to chair Cruz Wisconsin leadership team

HOUSTON, Texas - Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced his Wisconsin state leadership team. State Senator Duey Stroebel will chair the Cruz Wisconsin Leadership Team along with co-chairs State Representatives Dave Craig, Bob Gannon, Andre Jacque, Jesse Kremer, Dean Knudson, and Adam Neylon.
Senator Stroebel is a conservative State Senator and small business owner.  Duey is a lifelong resident of the 20th Senate District, and built his small business from the ground up, creating good-paying jobs and giving back to his community to make it – and Wisconsin – stronger.
"As we continue our progress on our fifty-state strategy, I am pleased to announce our Wisconsin leadership team led by State Senator Duey Stroebel," said Cruz. "He heads a group of Badger State leaders who are helping to coalesce strong conservatives around our campaign and make our team very competitive going into the April 5th primary.  I look forward to working with Duey and each of our dedicated team members."
“I am proud to be leading the effort in Wisconsin to elect Senator Ted Cruz the next President of the United States,” said Sen. Duey Stroebel. “Our nation is truly at a tipping point.  We are facing record levels of debt, a stagnant economic recovery, a smothering dependence on government, a weakening of the family unit, and the spread of radical Islamic terrorism.  After seven years of failed leadership under President Obama, we have no room for error in who we elect as our next commander-in-chief.  That is why I am taking on this important challenge.
“We have been blessed with a talented and diverse group of presidential candidates,” Stroebel continued. “But in my mind, there is only one individual who I know with absolute certainty will enter the White House and has the courage to make the tough decisions. As a former Supreme Court clerk, Texas Solicitor General, and now United States Senator, Sen. Cruz is the one candidate that fully appreciates how the very concept of liberty is under assault.  This assault must end.  I plan on working tirelessly with my co-chairmen and Wisconsin’s liberty focused grassroots activists to deliver Wisconsin for Sen. Cruz and to ultimately elect him our next President.”
Cruz’s Wisconsin leadership team members:
State Senator Duey Stroebel
Cruz Wisconsin Chairman
State Representative Dave Craig
Cruz Wisconsin Co-Chairman
State Representative Bob Gannon
Cruz Wisconsin Co-Chairman
State Representative Andre Jacque
Cruz Wisconsin Co-Chairman
State Representative Jesse Kremer
Cruz Wisconsin Co-Chairman
State Representative Dean Knudson
Cruz Wisconsin Co-Chairman
State Representative Adam Neylon
Cruz Wisconsin Co-Chairman

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