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News Release Catherine Frazier
March 14, 2016

Illinois State Representative Jeanne Ives Endorses Ted Cruz for President

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, the Cruz for President campaign announced the endorsement of Illinois State Representative Jeanne Ives. Rep. Ives served in the U.S. Army as a platoon leader and headquarters detachment commander for transportation units in Germany and was an ROTC instructor at Wheaton College. She was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in January of 2013. Prior to her election to the Illinois House, Ives served on the Wheaton City Council, where her tenure was marked by conservative leadership and an unwavering commitment to the taxpayers’ bottom line.

"I proudly support Ted Cruz for President," said Rep. Ives. "He is a rock-solid, committed, consistent conservative. We know where he stands. And he does what he says he will do. Senator Cruz is the only candidate in the race who has stood up to the establishment. He has the scars to prove it."
"As a West Point graduate and veteran myself, and more importantly the mother of an Army Ranger and West Point cadet who will serve under the next Commander in Chief, I trust Ted to lead and protect my sons and our country. It's now a two-man race, and it's time for all conservatives to unite behind the one candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton," concluded Rep. Ives.
“Jeanne is a strong, principled leader,” said Cruz.” She has served our country honorably and bravely as a U.S. veteran and also as a state representative for Illinois. I am honored to have such a staunch defender of conservative principles and the Constitution on our team.”