News Release Catherine Frazier
April 8, 2016

Cruz for President Announces Colorado Leadership Team

HOUSTON, Texas - Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced his Colorado Leadership Team with the endorsement of 25 current and former elected officials and key grassroots leaders. 
"I support Senator Cruz because he is a principled conservative with a record of opposing big government spending," said Cruz Colorado Chairman Congressman Ken Buck. "Leaders across Colorado are coalescing around this campaign because Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can win the nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton in November." 
"People all across Colorado and this country are coalescing around our campaign," said Cruz. "I am honored to have the support of so many courageous conservatives in Colorado. With our incredible team we are in a very strong position for this weekend's assemblies in Colorado."
Cruz for President Colorado leadership team members:
U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Chairman
Secretary of State Wayne Williams
Scott Gessler, Former Colorado Secretary of State
John Carson, CU Board of Regents CD-6
Sue Sharkey, CU Board of Regents CD-4
Sen. Chris Holbert
Sen. Kevin Grantham
Sen. Kent Lambert
Sen. Kevin Lundberg
Sen. John Tate
Sen. Laura Woods
Former Sen. Ted Harvey
Rep. Perry Buck
Rep. Justin Everett
Rep. Stephen Humphrey
Rep. Janak Joshi
Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt
Rep. Tim Leonard
Rep. Paul Lundeen
Rep. Patrick Neville
Rep. Dan Nordberg
Rep. Kim Ransom
Rep. Kevin Van Winkle
Rep. Cole Wist
Brita Horn, Routt County Treasurer
Regina Thomson, Cruz for President Colorado Grassroots Director
Bill Eigles, Cruz for President Grassroots Leader
John Bliss, Cruz for President Grassroots Leader
Mike McAlpine, Cruz for President Grassroots Leader
Scott Anderson, Grassroots Leader
Randy Corporon, Arapahoe Tea Party
Steve Hofman, National Chair, Citizens Against Government Waste