News Release Catherine Frazier
April 30, 2016

Ted Cruz Announces Nebraska Leadership Team

HOUSTON, Texas – The Ted Cruz for President Campaign released a Nebraska state leadership team today. The announcement also highlighted state Senator John Murante as the campaign chair for the state and state Treasurer Don Stenberg as the co-chair.
“I’m thrilled to see the team that is coming together in Nebraska, and am grateful to Senator Murante and Treasurer Stenberg for accepting the task of leading the grassroots efforts on the ground in the state,” said Cruz. “This core group will serve as a solid foundation as the team grows and develops leading up to the primary on May 10th.”
Senator Murante, who serves as the Chair of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, said earlier this month, “Senator Cruz has proven time and time again that a principled conservative with the Constitution at his side can take on those who see big government as the answer to all of our nation’s most pressing problems. Now is the time for all conservatives to unite behind Ted Cruz.”
Treasurer Don Stenberg, who served as Nebraska's Attorney General from 1991 to 2003, and has been the State Treasurer since 2011 has stepped up to serve as co-chair of the Nebraska campaign. “Senator Cruz has demonstrated that he will stand up to defend the values that have made America prosperous, safe, and free. He will not just go along to get along, and that is the kind of leadership we desperately need in Washington today," said Stenberg. 
The Statewide Leadership Team currently includes activists, pastors, and students, in addition to over a dozen elected officials.

Senator John Murante, Gretna – Chair
Treasurer Don Stenberg, Gretna – Co-Chair
Senator David Bloomfield, Hoskins
Naomi Brummond, Rosalie
Senator Joni Craighead, Omaha
Senator Laura Ebke, Crete
Senator Curt Friesen, Henderson
Reverend Gary Fuller, Lincoln
Senator Mike Groene, North Platte
John and Elaine Grothusen, Fremont
Senator Dan Hughes, Venango
Senator Bill Kintner, Papillion
Ben Larsen, Blair
Senator Tyson Larson, O’Neill
Senator Brett Lindstrom, Omaha
Joe Murray, Firth
Senator Merv Riepe, Omaha
Senator Jim Scheer, Norfolk
Senator Ken Schilz, Ogallala
Ryan Stungis, Omaha
Marilyn Synek, Kearney
Clinton Warnkey, Stanton
Senator Daniel Watermeier, Syracuse
Pastor Raymond Wicks, Plattsmouth

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