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News Release Catherine Frazier
September 18, 2015

Cruz For President Announces Nevada Leadership Team

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, continuing to build a strong, national organization announced the beginnings of his Nevada Leadership Team, which consists of conservative grassroots leaders, faith and values leaders and elected officials. Nevada currently is the fourth GOP presidential contest on the calendar and is the first in the West. Republicans in Nevada will caucus on Tuesday, February 23, 2016.
“I am excited to have the support of such a terrific group of courageous conservatives in the State of Nevada,” said Sen. Cruz.  “Each day, we continue to build our team of activists, volunteers and supporters in the Silver State and strengthen our grassroots organization in order to compete and win Nevada.”

“Nevadans are looking for someone who is willing to stand up and lead," Cruz for President Nevada State Director Robert Uithoven said. "They have grown tired of candidates who campaign as conservatives and then give in to the Washington Cartel. Our leadership team believes that we have a candidate for President who will be our conservative champion. His name is Ted Cruz." 

The Cruz for President Nevada Leadership Team includes:

Nevada State Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman
Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore
Nevada State Assemblyman John Moore
Mark Howells, Clark County Republican Party Trustee
Robert Sulliman, Vice President, Republican Men’s Club (Las Vegas)
Phil Perine, Founder, Siena Conservatives
David Hurd, Member of the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority
Mendy Elliott, Former Director of Nevada Business & Industry
Melody Howard, grassroots activist 
Wes McMillian, grassroots activist
Pastor Oscar Benavides
Pastor Darrell Porter
Pastor David Bensley
Dale Davidson, Host, Las Vegas Tonight
Jessi Bridges, Director, Nevadans for Life
Erin Phillips, Board Member, Power2Parent
Richard Ziser, grassroots activist
Clay Mitchell, grassroots activist


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