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News Release Catherine Frazier
September 22, 2015

Cruz Signs Up All Three Walker GA Statewide Grassroots Co-Chairs

Julianne Thompson and Rachel Little Join Previously Announced Louie Hunter To Bolster Cruz's GA Campaign

HOUSTON, Texas -- Today, the Cruz for President campaign announced that two key leaders in Georgia would be joining the Cruz campaign after being previously allied with Governor Scott Walker. The addition of Julianne Thompson and Rachel Little, along with Louie Hunter who previously announced his support for Cruz, means that all three of Walker’s former statewide grassroots co-chairs will now be helping to organize the state for Cruz.

Thompson is one of Georgia’s most active Republican leaders. She is the former co-chairman of the Atlanta Tea Party and co-founder of the Capitol Coalition of Conservative Leaders, Georgia’s largest political coalition, and a former press secretary of the Georgia Republican Party.

Little is the immediate past Chairman of the Gwinnett County Republican Party and recently received the Georgia Republican Party Chairman of the Year Award. She was recognized as the Woman of the Year by the Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta and served as Mitt Romney and Herman Cain’s Georgia state co-chair in 2012.

Louie Hunter is a former Cobb County Commissioner and the Director of the Georgia Center-Right Coalition.

“We are encouraged and excited to see the caliber of support flowing to the Cruz campaign,” said Cruz national political director Mark Campbell. “It’s evidence that Cruz’s record of being the only consistent conservative in the race is having a significant impact on the grassroots. Julianne, Rachel and Louie’s experience, knowledge, and network will give our team a sizeable advantage in Georgia and we are thrilled to have them on board.”

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September 21, 2015

Cruz for President Announces Additions to Iowa, Georgia, and Nevada State Leadership Teams

Adds former backers of Gov. Scott Walker's campaign

HOUSTON, Texas -- Today, the Cruz for President campaign announced the addition of several Iowa, Georgia, and Nevada leaders and activists formerly allied with Governor Scott Walker who will now help rally support for Cruz.

In Iowa, Phyllis Gannon of Green County, Barb Pape of Clayton County, and Dean Hamilton of Henry County will join the campaign as county co-chairs for Cruz as he continues to build a strong team going into the Iowa caucus. Louie Hunter, a Georgia state co-chair for Walker, has now joined Cruz’s team and will help organize the state for the campaign. In Nevada, Assemblywoman Vicki Dooling and Assemblyman Ira and Alexis Hansen will be part of the Cruz Leadership Team.

“We are thrilled to announce these additions to our growing grassroots campaign,” said Mark Campbell, national political director for Cruz. “We have a tremendous organization on the ground across the country and their help will make us stronger.”