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News Release Catherine Frazier
September 30, 2015  

Liberty Leaders Coalesce Around Ted Cruz for President

Cruz campaign announces 17 members of Liberty Leaders for Cruz Coalition

HOUSTON, Texas – Presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today announced 17 members of his Liberty Leaders for Cruz coalition from New Hampshire and South Carolina, joining chairman Bob Barr and eight previously announced Iowa Liberty leaders.

Members listed below, all of whom have joined Cruz for President leadership teams in their respective states.

New Hampshire

Rep. Rick Christie, Goffstown
Rep. Christie is known as a strong Liberty leader in the State House.

Barbara and Rep. Guy Comtois, Center Barnstead
The Comtois’ are former Ron Paul supporters.  Rep. Comtois is a strong liberty leader in the State House and he and his wife are Belknap County Chairs for Cruz for President

Former Reps. Carol & Lucien Vita, Middleton
The Vitas are former Ron Paul supporters

Rep. Dick Gordon, East Kingston
Rep. Gordon is a former Ron Paul supporter and strong Liberty leader in the State House

Andrew Harris, Epping
Harris is a former Ron Paul supporter

Steve Kenda, North Hampton
Kenda is a small-business owner, prominent Liberty leader in the Granite State, and former candidate for State Senate

Rep. Walter Kolodziej, Windham
Rep. Kolodziej is a strong Liberty leader in the State House.

Paul Marquis, Litchfield
Marquis is a former candidate for State Representative and strong Liberty activist.

Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien, Derry
Rep. Prudhomme-O’Brien is a strong Liberty leader in the State House.

Emily O’Neil, Bedford
O’Neil is a former candidate for State Representative, liberty activist, and former Ron Paul supporter.

Pam Smith, Manchester
Smith is a prominent Liberty activist in Manchester

Rep. Len Turcotte, Barrington
Rep. Turcotte is a former Ron Paul supporter and strong Liberty leader in the State House.

South Carolina

Senator Lee Bright, Spartanburg
Sen. Bright endorsed and worked to get Ron Paul elected in 2012 and is a Cruz for President South Carolina Co-Chair

Sherriff Ray Nash, Dorchester
Nash is president of the Low Country Republican Liberty Caucus and a South Carolina Cruz for President Co-Chair

Steven Long, Spartanburg
Long is a South Carolina Liberty Activist and 2012 Ron Paul supporter


Shawn Dietz, Hampton
Franklin County Republican Party chairman, 2014 candidate for Iowa State Senate, endorsed by Liberty Iowa and Rand Paul

Tom German,
Ron Paul 2008, 2012 County Chair

Joel Kurtinitis, Des Moines
Kurtinitis is founder of Liberty Iowa, and Ron Paul 2012 Regional Director

Kelsey Kurtinitis, Des Moines
Ron Paul 2012 volunteer, pro-life grassroots leader

Crystal McIntyre,
Warren County, Iowa Supervisor

Vance Nordaker,
2012 Ron Paul supporter

Jason Schultz,
District 9 Iowa State Senator, endorsed Ron Paul in 2011

Tony Seliquini,
Campaign for Liberty Precinct Coordinator, ‘Voices of Reason’ Podcast Founder and Co-host


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