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News Release Catherine Frazier
October 7, 2015

Cruz For President Announces Michigan Grassroots Leadership Team

HOUSTON, Texas – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today extends his strong, national organization to the Great Lakes State, announcing the first round of his Michigan Grassroots Leadership Team comprised of conservative leaders from all over the state. The announcement comes the same day that the Cruz campaign announced county chairs in every one of the 171 counties that comprise the first four early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.  
“I am excited to have the support of such an accomplished group of conservatives in Michigan,” said Sen. Cruz. “Their experience and depth of political knowledge in the state is a tremendous resource for our campaign. Our growing team of grassroots activists and political leaders across the country is helping to spread our message, build our organization and raise the resources we'll need to be competitive for the long run." 
“I am honored to support a man who has kept his promise to tell the truth and do what he said he would do, all while in the crucible of public service. Ted Cruz will make an exceptional President of the United States," said Michigan Campaign Chairman State Senator Patrick Colbeck. 
The Cruz for President Michigan Grassroots Leadership Team includes:
State Senator Patrick Colbeck
State Representative Ray Franz
Former Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis
Sharon Baumann – Macomb County Republican Committee
Sean Bertolino – Ingham County Republican Committee
Fred Bertsch III – Grassroots Activist
Kathy Chesnut – Grassroots Activist
Samuel Cottle – Pastor, New Creation Family Worship
Kristopher Cox – Grassroots Activist
Ann Curry – Macomb County Republican Women
Hal Dotson – Washtenaw County Republican Committee
Cindy Duran – Core Principles
Calvin Dykstra, M.D. – Grassroots Activist
Linda Dykstra,PhD – Grassroots Activist
Michael Fultz – Grassroots Activist
Vicki Fyke - Grassroots Activist
Howard Galloway - Grassroots Activist
Steve Garrett – Pastor, Mason Road Bible Church
William Gavette – Lapeer Tea Party 
Frank Hamet – Grassroots Activist
Jeffery Hawkins - Pastor, Prince Of Peace Baptist
Anne Hill – Clinton County Commissioner
Hunter Ihrman – Teenage Republicans
Jeff Johnston – Reverend, Wrate-Hope Anglican Chapel
Elizabeth Johnston – Iosco County Republican Committee
Ken Jordan – Genesee County Republican Committee
Brenda Jordan – Genesee County Republican Committee
Austin Kreutz – Pastor – The Path of Allegan
Jennifer Kuznicki – Conservative Writer & Activist
Tanya Lamb Hill – Grassroots Activist
Kathleen Lauer – Macomb County Republican Women’s Club
Susan McDonald – Homeschool Leader
Chris Meister – Oakland County GOP Committee
Michael Moon – Former Chair Genesee Republicans
Lisa Nowc – MIGOP State Committee
Mark Petzold – River City Patriots
Adrian Poulossi – Former GOP County Chair
Kali Pung – Grassroots Activist
G. Charlene Randall – Berrien County Republicans
Caroline Rayburn – Ottawa County Patriots
Jim Schreur – Calhoun County Republicans
Ron Sischo – Pastor, First Baptist Church
Bev Solik – Kalamazoo Tea Party
David Sussman – Grassroots Activist
Lanny Valentine – Flint Right to Life Board Member
Chuck Vizthum – Pastor, Whole Life Christian Fellowship
Carol Vogt – Women’s Republican Club
Yvonne Wardle – Grassroots Activist
Roger Welsh – Associate Pastor, Mt. Hope Church
Ginger Westerman – Grassroots Activist
John Wolfsberger – MIGOP State Committee
David Yardley – Berrien County Conservatives
*Titles are for informational purposes only.


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