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News Release Catherine Frazier
November 12, 2015  

Cruz Names 70 New Members to New Hampshire Leadership Team

Includes Former NHGOP Secretary Diane Bitter, 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate and Former NHGOP Chairman Jack Kimball, and 2014 Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today at a press conference in Manchester named 70 more people to his New Hampshire leadership team, which now totals 177 New Hampshirites located all across the state actively working to elect Ted Cruz for President. Among the new members are former NHGOP Secretary Diane Bitter, 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate and former NHGOP Chairman Jack Kimball, and 2014 Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway. 

Previously announced leadership team members are listed here and here. Newly announced leadership team members are as follows:

Diane Bitter, Rye
Conservative activist, 603 Alliance Steering Committee member, and former NHGOP Secretary.

Jack Kimball, Dover
U.S. Navy veteran, 2010 Candidate for Governor, and former Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

Fran Wendelboe, New Hampton
603 Alliance Steering Committee Member, Conservative activist, and former State Representative.

Andrew Hemingway, Bristol
Business owner, Liberty activist, and 2014 candidate for Governor.

Jeanine and Rev. Stephen Baberadt, Manchester
Pastor of Living Hope Church.

Malia Boaz, Westmoreland
Conservative activist and Westmoreland Town Chair.

Rev. Daniel Boyce, Hill
Pastor of Hill Village Bible Church.

Keith Brown, Canterbury
Tea Party activist and Canterbury Town Chair.

Andy Buchanan, Sanbornton
Faith-based activist and Sanbornton Town Chair.

Stephen Cegilis, Raymond
Conservative activist and Raymond Town Chair.

Robert Cone, Berlin
U.S. Army veteran and 2nd Amendment activist.

Gary Coorssen, Bow
2nd Amendment activist and Bow Town Co-Chair.

Nancy Crowley, Manchester
U.S. Army veteran and 2nd Amendment activist.

James Davis, Columbia
Small-business owner, 2nd Amendment activist, and Columbia Town Chair.

Abigail Dexter, Concord
2nd Amendment, Faith-based activist, and Concord Ward 1 Town Chair.

Margie Diggins, Fremont
Conservative activist and Fremont Town Chair.

Jim Drago, Newmarket
Newmarket Zoning Board member, conservative activist, and Newmarket Town Chair.

Rev. Christopher Dubois, Somersworth
Pastor of The Awakening Church and Somersworth Town Chair.

Brandon Dupuis, Berlin
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Children’s Pastor of Lamb’s Chapel Christian Center.

June and Thomas Fahey, Derry
Conservative activist and Derry Town Co-Chair.

Catherine Flaherty, Derry
Liberty activist.

Rick Gibson, Litchfield
Faith-based activist.

Brenda and Donald Goodearl, New Hampton
Conservative activists and New Hampton Town Co-Chairs.

Eric Granfors, Nashua
Conservative activist.

Rev. Jeffrey Greeson, Wentworth
Pastor of Wentworth Baptist Church.

John Grillo, Salem
Conservative activist.

Gary Hammond, Laconia
Conservative activist and Laconia Town Co-Chair.

John Knorr, Nottingham
Small-business owner and Nottingham Town Chair.

Jim Kofalt, Wilton
2014 Candidate for State Representative, 603 Alliance Steering Committee Member, and organizer of the Southern New Hampshire Tea Party.

Robert Kuechler II, Chester
Conservative activist and Chester Town Chair.

Patrick Lena, Concord
Tea-party activist and Concord Ward 5 Co-Chair.

Andrea and Mickey Love, Londonderry
Conservative activists.

Jane and Thomas Luke, Freedom
Conservative activists.

Vince LuPoli Sr, Center Barnstead
Owner of White Buffalo Trading Post, Liberty activist, and Center Barnstead Town Co-Chair.

Josh Manning, Danville
2nd Amendment activist.

Phil Markert, New Hampton
Conservative activist New Hampton Town Co-Chair.

Paul Marquis, Litchfield
Liberty and 2nd Amendment activist, and Litchfield Town Chair.

Cathy Matthews and Richard Morin, Concord
Conservative activists and Concord Ward 4 Town Chairs.

Steve McDonald
Tea Party activist and editor of GraniteGrok.com

Michael Morissey, Londonderry
U.S. Army Veteran, First Responder, and Londonderry Town Co-Chair.

Skip Murphy
Tea Party activist and Co-founder of GraniteGrok.com

Keith Paquette, Concord
Conservative Activist and Pittsfield Town Chair.

Canon Mark Pearson, Hampstead
Pastor of Trinity Church and Hampstead Town Chair.

Rebecca Penney, Londonderry
Liberty activist.

Raymond E. Pinard, Deerfield
Business owner and former member of Board of Directors of U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Kristin Priore, Salem
Conservative activist and Derry Town Chair.

Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien, Derry
State Representative and Derry Town Chair.

James Reilley, Portsmouth
Reilley is a 25-year U.S. Army veteran, 2012 State Representative Candidate, and Portsmouth Ward 1 Town Chair.

Mar Mar and Mike Rogers, Hollis
Tea Party activists and 603 Alliance Steering Committee Members.  Mike is also an editor of GraniteGrok.com

Joan and Kerin Shaughnessey, Amherst
Faith-based and Tea Party activists.  Kerin is also a U.S. Army veteran.

Michele Shea, Nashua
Liberty activist and Nashua Co-Chair.

Michael Shea, Nashua
Liberty activist.

Former Rep. Will Smith, New Castle
Smith is a former State Representative from New Castle, former Chairman of the New Castle GOP, and will serve as our New Castle Town Chair.

Sylvia Smith, Littleton
Tea Party activist and 603 Alliance Steering Committee Member.

Christine and Frank Suarez, Concord
Faith-based activists and Concord Ward 5 Co-Chairs.

Ron and Derry Tannariello, Amherst
Pastors of Amherst Christian Church.

Don Walker, Barnstead
2nd Amendment activist and Barnstead Town Chair.

Roy Wheeler, Concord
Healthcare professional and Concord Ward 6 Town Chair.

Keith Whendepson, Belmont
Faith-based activist.

Nathan Wikman, Lyndeborough
Conservative activist and Lyndeborough Town Chair.

Richard Zaino, Center Barnstead
Conservative activist and Center Barnstead Town Co-Chair.

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