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News Release Catherine Frazier
December 4, 2015

Cruz For President Announces Second Amendment Coalition

Totaling an astounding 24,030 members

HOUSTON, Texas – Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz today rolled-out his Second Amendment Coalition at a rally in Johnston, Iowa. The group represents gun rights advocates across the country who believe in the fundamental constitutional right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense.
The coalition already has 24,030 members, including 1,084 members in the four early primary states. The coalition will be co-chaired by Gun Owners of America President Tim Macy, former Congressman Bob Barr, President and Co-Founder of Heroes Hunting Sgt. Patrick Perkins, Richard Rogers and Dave Funk.
“The right to self-defense is an essential component of the liberty we enjoy as Americans and is embodied in the Second Amendment.  The right to keep and bear arms is not about hunting; it’s not about target practice.  It’s about our basic right to protect our homes, our children, and our lives,” said Cruz. “I am honored to have the leadership of our National Co-Chairs and am humbled by the tens of thousands of Americans who have signed up to join me as, together, we strive to protect our Second Amendment freedoms.” Click here to watch Ted’s coalition announcement video:
Tim Macy’s distinguished career includes serving as the Chairman of Gun Owners of America, overseeing all GOA operations. Tim has served on the Board of Directors of GOA since its creation over 35 years ago. He also serves as Vice-Chairman of Gun Owners of California.
"I am honored and excited to serve as a National Co-Chair of the Second Amendment coalition,” said Tim. “Finally, we have a constitutional leader running for President: Ted Cruz. Ted understands the Second Amendment and the importance of protecting the rights of gun-carrying Americans and I am proud to support him in his run for the White House."
Former Congressman Bob Barr has been a lifelong advocate of preserving Second Amendment rights of Americans, serving on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association. Barr represented the 7th District of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives for 8 years, served as a U.S. Attorney under President Ronald Reagan, and currently practices law in Atlanta, Georgia.
“There is no candidate for President who is more genuinely and deeply committed to protecting our God-given and constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, than Sen. Ted Cruz,” said Bob. “I am honored to stand with him and serve as Co-Chair of his Second Amendment Coalition.”
Sgt. Patrick Perkins is a Co-Founder of Heroes Hunting, a Veteran operated non-profit organization, which gives veterans of all ages an opportunity to hunt as a form of therapy. Sgt. Perkins has been on two tours in Afghanistan and has received multiple awards including the Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, Valoreous Unit Citation, and a Combat Action Badge.
“As a result of my experience as a front line defender of this country and our constitutional freedoms, I know a leader when I see one,” said Sgt. Perkins. “Much like the majority of Republican voters, I'm tired of all these ‘talking heads’ in Washington that speak a big game, but then fold on each and every issue, (i.e. defunding Obamacare, defunding immigration reform, and vowing to not allow the last budget deal to pass). Is their ‘promise to protect our right to bear arms’ on the same list? Ted Cruz is the candidate I trust to protect my Second Amendment rights and I am honored to help him in this race.”
Richard Rogers is a Board Member of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, the leading pro-second amendment group in Iowa and a NRA Affiliate and a lifelong Republican activist.
Rogers said, “At its core, the Second Amendment isn't about guns so much as it's about liberty. Senator Cruz understands that and has a proven record of fighting to preserve individual liberty and personal responsibility. He is the leader America needs in 2016 and I am proud to join his team.”
Dave Funk is the past President of the Iowa Chapter of Safari Club International, a former Iowa Chairman of Strong America Now, and the past Iowa Chairman of Sportsmen for McCain and Sportsmen for Romney. Funk is also a former Congressional candidate for the 3rd district of Iowa.
“After a lifetime of hunting and shooting, I've learned you can tell a lot about a man by how he handles a shotgun,” said Dave. “Pheasant hunting in Iowa with Senator Cruz over the last few years has proven to me that we can trust him with our 2nd Amendment rights.”
The Second Amendment is one of the most threatened Constitutional rights of our generation, and this coalition serves to protect our right to keep and bear arms and empower Americans in the fight to reignite the promise of America. To join the Cruz Second Amendment coalition, just go to www.2AforTed.org and click 'Join a Coalition.'
The Second Amendment Coalition has the following leaders in the following states thus far, and is adding more individuals every day:
Jacob Cowman, IA
Samantha Cowman, IA
Vicki Crawford, IA
Allison Desaulniers, IA
Weslye Desaulniers, IA
Bethany Dorin, IA
Mary Dorin, IA
Ron Dorin, IA
Tyler Dorin, IA
Ben Dorin, IA
Richard Rogers, IA
State Rep. Ralph Watts, IA
Duane R. Brown, NH
Lawrence Cheetham, NH
Robert Clivio, NH
David Wheeler, NH
Jim Bancroft, SC
Sheriff Ray Nash, SC
Angie Watson, SC
Chuck Burnett, NV
Dave Buser, NV
Christopher Conyers, NV
Liz Delsignore, NV
Rich Grosch, NV
Mathew Hinton, NV
Randy McConville, NV
Stan McGarry, NV
Bob Strauss, NV
Lisa Zabriskie, NV
Steven Guede, AL
Earl De Vries, CA
Fred Bertsch, MI
Jim Calhoun, MI
Kris Cox, MI
Vicki Fyke, MI
Adrian Grand, MI
Bev Kalamazoo, MI
Jennifer Kuznicki, MI
Fred Muskegon, MI
Adrian Poulisse, MI
Jennifer Presque Isle, MI
Kali Pung, MI
Jim Schreur, MI
Bev Solik, MI
David Susan, MI
Chuck Vizthum, MI
Done Bumgarner, MN
Rep. Steve Drazkowski, MN
Marjorie Holsten, MN
Bruce Miller, MN
Rep. Cindy Pugh, MN
Rep. Eric Burlison, MO
David Arredondo, NC
James Cheek, NC
Deon Dunn, NC
Dennis Haynes, NC
Dixie Moore, NC
Cheryl Ressler, NC
Kevin Ressler, NC
Justin Tart, NC
Paul Valone, NC
Lyndon White, NC
Tammy Wiles, NC
Rep. David Derby, OK
Richard Archie, TN
David Baldovin, TN
Billy Pickering, TN
Matt Studd, TN
William Swiderski, TN
David Wilson, TN
Dave Dawson, TX 
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