The nation’s spotlight will shine on Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention in July 2016. Over the past decade, Pennsylvania and many states have suffered negative impacts from intensive drilling and fracking. Many residents have been sickened; water, air and land have been polluted and poisoned. Philadelphia itself is pummeled with environmental injustices related to the fossil fuel industry, including a refinery that is the largest single consumer of Bakken shale oil.

Climate change presents the United States and the world with an unprecedented challenge and poses a threat to future of life on this planet. Now more than ever, it is imperative that our political leaders take swift action to keep the vast majority of fossil fuels in the ground including oil and gas from fracking and other extreme extraction methods. They must commit to swiftly attaining a full and just transition to renewable energy.

Hundreds of organizations have joined Americans Against Fracking to endorse the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. See the full list of endorsements here. For more information on the march, you can check out our March Details page.

For our future and our children’s future, we must stop the expansion and reliance on fossil fuels and instead swiftly advance renewable energy. Renewables and efficiency are the clean energy solutions we need to combat climate change and create millions of new jobs that will strengthen our economy. With the eyes of the world on Philadelphia, now is the time for us to come together as a united national movement.
We’ll take our demands directly to elected leaders at the Democratic National Convention. Together, we will march to call for:

  • A ban on fracking and other unconventional extreme fossil fuel extraction methods – we must keep fossil fuels in the ground!
  • A halt to the rapid and reckless expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure including gas and oil pipelines, frac sand mining, wastewater injection wells, gas storage facilities, fossil fuel power plants, bomb trains, and other dirty infrastructure across the United States.
  • A ban on the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG), a halt to the approval of export facilities, and a continuation of the ban on crude oil exports.
  • Swift action to invest in solar, wind and other clean energy power sources and energy efficiency measures across the United States so that we can transition quickly to a 100% renewable energy economy.
  • A just transition for workers who are employed by the fossil fuel industry, and policies to ensure that the new renewable energy economy provides living wage jobs and benefits communities across the country.  [May 23, 2016]

Why are we marching during the Democratic National Convention and targeting Democrats?

Some Democrats have rightly acted in supporting a transition away from fracking and dirty energy. A few have even become leaders in the movement. But many Democrats, including President Obama, continue to pursue and enact policies that deepen our nation’s investment and dependence on fossil fuel extraction and consumption and contribute to climate change.

Renewable energy and efficiency are the clean energy solutions we need to combat climate change and create millions of new jobs that will strengthen our economy. With the eyes of the world on Philadelphia, now is the time for us to come together as a united national movement to demand a Clean Energy Revolution now!

What is Fracking?

Fracking, also called “hydraulic fracturing,” is an extreme energy extraction method that involves injecting millions of gallons of water, sand and highly toxic chemicals underground at immense pressures to fracture subterranean rock and release fossil fuels. The process has been linked to earthquakes, drinking water contamination and serious human health effects in areas where it currently occurs.

Why Must Fracking Be Banned?
In a sweetheart deal with energy companies negotiated by former Vice President Dick Cheney, fracking was exempted from major federal environmental laws, including the Safe Drinking Water Act. Spills, leaks, blowouts and contamination from fracking are frequent. The process is far too risky to be adequately regulated. Also, fracking prolongs our dependence on fossil fuels, contributes to climate change and delays policies that will bring us truly clean energy.

What would a Clean Energy Revolution look like?
A Clean Energy Revolution will look like the vast majority of United States citizens holding their government accountable to ending fossil fuels and supporting a swift, complete transition to an efficient and renewable energy future. There are many ways that people can engage in this revolution, from citizen lobbying to demonstrations and protests. Attending this march is just the first step to showing our government and the world that we will accept nothing less than a truly clean, renewable energy future.

Who is organizing the March for a Clean Energy Revolution?

Americans Against Fracking and Pennsylvanians Against Fracking are convening the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. It is being organized by a broad coalition of organizations and grassroots groups from all over the United States. The full list of partners is available here.

Is there any accessibility information?

We are lucky to have disability rights activists donating their time to help us make sure that we address as many accessibility issues as possible. We understand that accessibility for people with disabilities is a civil rights issue, and we are making this a priority as we organize this event. Stay tuned for more information as the event logistics develop or contact us here to join the organizing.

What should I bring?  What shouldn't I bring?

Bring comfortable walking shoes, food, water, and anything you might need for you and your group to be prepared for a day in summer temperatures.

I want to support the march, but can't come.  What can I do?

If you want to support the march and can’t make it to Philadelphia, your organization can endorse the event & help spread the word. Individuals can sign on to get updates, news, and other pieces concerning the march here!

How can I volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the March for a Clean Energy Revolution! If you want to volunteer, you can fill out our Volunteer Sign Up Page here!