July 6, 2016


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democrats For Life of America has placed a billboard in Philadelphia to remind delegates at the Democratic National Convention that 1 in 3 Democrats are pro-life and to send the national party a message:

“For the good of the party and the good of the country, it is time to Open the Big Tent!”

The statistics are sobering. Since 2008, the Democratic Party has lost more than 1,000 state and national races — including 11 governorships, 13 U.S. Senate seats, 69 U.S. House seats, and 913 state legislative seats (adding up to 30 state legislative chambers) — as it has increasingly alienated Democratic pro-life voters. 

“Democrats are united in support for paid parental leave, a higher minimum wage, and Medicare for all, but the reality is that the party must have a majority in Congress and state legislatures throughout the country to achieve these goals.”  said Kristen Day, Executive Director of DFLA.  “Frankly, the Democratic Party needs pro-life voters to move our agenda forward, but the leadership has not opened its eyes to this fact.”

Day explained how pro-life voters can win elections for Democrats.

“It’s already happened in Louisiana, where last year John Bel Edwards took the governor’s race against a well-funded Republican in a red state.”

The national party’s overwhelming support for NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and Planned Parenthood causes serious conflicts for one-third of all Democratic voters, who feel increasingly uncomfortable with the focus on abortion rather than support for pregnant women.

Day reiterates: “Democrats can win elections through all the down ballot races if we unite into a more inclusive and open political coalition.  As it is, the national party platform is closed to all Democrats who believe that we must find better solutions to the challenges mothers face than aborting their children. Support for mothers must be a priority, not an afterthought.”

This is a crucial election year in which the party has a choice to make.  It either allows the abortion industry to control the party, or it can “OPEN THE BIG TENT” and welcome back the pro-life voters — millions who are critical to the agenda.

“This is how we can win,” Day said.

In addition to the billboard, Democrats For Life will release a report at the convention on how the Democrats lost Middle America and how to rebuild the party. It will also honor Governor John Bel Edwards with an award for his whole life principles.


Kristen Day

Executive Director

Democrats For Life of America

10521 Judicial Drive, Suite 200

Fairfax, VA 22030