DNC Action Committee Announces Solidarity in Upcoming Press Conference

The DNC Action Committee is holding a press conference on Wednesday, July 20th at 11AM at Arch Street Methodist Church at 55 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA. The Committee and members of affiliated groups and events will be presenting on why they are taking action around the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Speakers will highlight the many kinds of inequality, oppression, and systemic violence people face in this city and beyond and the role the Democratic Party has played and what they are demanding of it and all those in positions of power. They will highlight some of the major alternative events taking place before and during the DNC that will challenge those injustices and offer visions for another, better world. Speakers will be from the following groups and events: Anti-War Truth Displays, Black DNC Resistance March, Black Lives Matter Philadelphia, Democracy Spring, Equality Coalition March on the DNC, Fair Ride Philly Coalition, March for A Clean Energy Revolution, March for Our Lives, the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice, Women Speak Out for Justice, Survival and a Living Wage for All, and more.

“While our city is spending taxpayer dollars to host a party for the rich and powerful that have been working to prop up an unjust system for so long, we’re helping gather a chorus of voices calling for real justice and change,” says Brianna Jones, an organizer with the Action Committee.

The DNC Action Committee has been building bridges between local and national grassroots organizations and movements in the last several months; housed nearly 100 visitors with 100 more spaces available; and coordinated with a wide variety of groups, ranging from supporters of Bernie Sanders to the Up Against the Law Legal Collective, the DNC Freedom School, and many others. Action Committee members printed 15,000 copies of a special edition newspaper called The UnConventional Times, which lays out, in simple language, why we dissent during these times of great strife. Copies will be available at the press conference. The Committee is producing The People’s Guide, a pocket-sized resource that lists a complete schedule and map of events as well as places for participants to find rest, solace, sustenance, and medical care.

The DNC Action Committee is a Philadelphia based coalition offering assistance to organizers and visitors taking actions around or protesting the DNC.