Bernie Sanders Support Organizations Announce Peaceful Plans During the DNC

Black Men For Bernie, Bernie or Bust, The Movement for Bernie, DC to DNC, The Berners and many others are teaming up for a “Revolutionary Celebration for We the People.”

The Political Revolution is a movement that has been ignited by Bernie Sanders character, integrity, and love for all Americans. It has reengaged millions of Americans with the understanding that the future of our great nation is in the hands of the citizens, while exposing the corrupt behavior of many politicians and corporations. Millions involved in this movement will converge during the Democratic Nation Convention to March on and Rally at the DNC from July 14th thru July 28th. This movement will transform the establishment by eliminating attributes that make it “Too Big To Fail.”


Political disenchantment has continued to increase exponentially since the 2016 Presidential Election has commenced. Both of the Major Parties have engaged in voter suppression and election fraud, blatantly showing the people how rigged the system is. In New York, Arizona, and most recently, Nevada, as well in many other states, voters’ registrations were purged, voting booths were blocked, and caucuses disregarded the will of the people for individual interests. The Movement organizes to address this and other issues within The Democratic Party, and to revitalize the process for the citizens. Organizers in the movement from across the country now collaborate in their commitment to reform the Democratic Party or shift the power to a third that will represent the people.

YahNé Ndgo:
Official Spokesperson of Bernie or Bust

Bruce Carter:
Founder of Black Men For Bernie

Billy Taylor:
Member of The Movement for Bernie

Karen Chamberlain:
Deputy of DC to DNC

Dilworth Park
1 S 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Wednesday May 18th 2016 10:45AM

News media may contact Billy Taylor at 267-271-6617 for more information.
Revolutionary Celebration For We The People.
Revolutionary Celebration For We The People is a collaboration of community organizers across the country who join together to return democracy to America’s citizens.