Socialist Convergence

Monday July 25th-Thursday July 28th
Friends Center - 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA  19102

What's next for the movement?  How do we make a political revolution in this country?

These and many other questions are likely to become even more pressing this July.

In recognition of the historic opportunity afforded by this political moment, a number of socialist organizations are planning a series of "Socialist Convergence" assemblies: meetings, panels, and workshops to take place concurrently to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, from July 25th to July 28th.

The convergence will include panel discussions on questions of strategy and what's next for the movement, workshops on the nuts-and-bolts of how to build socialist organization in your hometown, and space for collective deliberation on how / if to relate to each other's work after July.

Monday July 25th
Rufus Jones Room (Capacity: 100)

6:30 Welcome and Introduction (Tim Horras, Philly Socialists)

 Report back from the streets

 Panel Discussion – Capitalism in Crisis: the Socialist Answer. Moderator: Jodi Dean
    • Ismael Jimenez -- Working Educators (WE) Caucus
    • Amy Muldoon, Verizon Striker
    • Patty Eakin, President, Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP)
    • Joe Schwartz, Political Science Professor, Temple University

Tuesday July 26th

Race Street Room (Pews, balcony. Capacity: 700)

5:30 Activist roundtable: Gender, Sexuality and Feminism in our fights for justice. Moderator: Johanna Brenner
    • Rania Khalek, journalist
    • Tamara Anderson (Working Educators)
    • Kashara White (Black Radical Organizing Collective, PSL)
    • Maya Mikdashi (Rutgers)
7:15 Breaking announcements / report back from the day

Fighting Racism and Xenophobia - Presentation with Q&A 
  • Anthony Monteiro, REAL Justice Coalition, Black Radical Organizing Collective
  • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation
  • Sundrop Carter, Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition
  • Jerome Scott, League of Revolutionary Black Workers

Wednesday July 27th

Race Street Room (Pews, balcony. Capacity: 700)

5:30 Activist Roundtable: System Change. Moderator: Briggite Blanco
    • Gloria Mattera (System Change Not Climate Change, Green Party)
    • Margaret Flowers (Green Party,, Physicians for a National Health Program)
    • Sean Sweeney, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
    • Victor Wallis, Monthly Review
    • David Cobb, Move to Amend
6:45 Breaking announcements / report back from the day

Political revolution: Overthrowing a corrupt political system. Joanna Misnik
    • Jill Stein
    • Bhaskar Sunkara, Jacobin Magazine
    • Steve Williams, LeftRoots
    • Niko House, President North Carolina College Students for Bernie
    • Chris Hedges

Thursday July 28th

Race Street Room (Pews, balcony. Capacity: 700)

5:30 After the DNC: Which way forward for the movement? Moderator: Danny Katch (Author, Socialism Seriously)
    • Kshama Sawant
    • Howie Hawkins
    • Gayle McLaughlin (Richmond Progressive Alliance)
    • Glen Ford
    • Eugene Puryear


A series of workshops will be held at the protest site, FDR Park in South Philly (Broad and Pattison) from 9am-10am on Saturday July 23rd thru Thursday July 28th.
  • Student Organizing Workshop
  • Building a Socialist Group: How to Go from Five to Fifty
  • Running for Local Office
  • Neighborhood & Community Organizing
  • Workplace Organizing: What to do when there’s a union or when there’s not

  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Equality Coalition for Bernie Sanders
  • Green Party of New York State
  • Green Party of Pennsylvania
  • Haymarket Books
  • International Socialist Organization
  • Kentucky Workers League
  • Left Elect Network
  • Move to Amend
  • Party for Socialist and Liberation (PSL)
  • Philly Coalition for REAL Justice
  • Philly DSA
  • Philly Socialists
  • Socialist Action
  • Socialist Alternative
  • Socialist Worker
  • Solidarity: a socialist, feminist, anti-racist organization
  • The People's Revolution