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October 8, 2015

Representative Jeff Fortenberry, Howard Hawks and Rhonda Hawks Announced as Nebraska Co-Chairs Supporting Carly Fiorina

LINCOLN, NE -- Today, three top Republicans in Nebraska announce their support for Carly Fiorina for President of the United States.  U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01) is a six-term Member of Congress, and serves on the House Appropriations Committee with frontline responsibility for delivering effective public policy within reasonable budgets. Founder and Chairman of Tenaska, Inc., Howard L. Hawks, is a long-time University of Nebraska Regent, Founder of The Hawks Foundation, and is extremely active on numerous charitable boards in the community.  Rhonda A. Hawks, a former energy industry professional, is President of The Hawks Foundation, whose mission is to support services for the mentally ill, substance abuse recovery, mentoring, poverty relief, need-based education, arts, and ministry.  Rep. Fortenberry and Howard & Rhonda Hawks will serve as Fiorina’s co-chairs in Nebraska and lead the effort to continue to build support for Carly’s candidacy in the Cornhusker State.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry:
"I'm supporting Carly Fiorina for President of the United States. Carly is clear, she is honest, and she is strong. With America facing economic malaise, political dysfunction, and cultural challenges, I am confident that Carly will rebuild our economy, repurpose our government, and renew America. I believe that Carly's creative determination will make us proud."

Howard Hawks:
“Carly is a leader.  She is a capable, straightforward and principled person.  As the Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 50 company, she has set a path and made tough decisions in the face of opposition.  Carly shares our vision of an America that leads from a position of strength, international reliability, and prosperity.  She has plans and hopes for the future – to restore America to its rightful place as a respected and principled world leader.”

Rhonda Hawks:
“Our nation is at a critical crossroads. Carly has a vision that reflects her sincere faith and optimism in the American people.  She has a strength of will, breadth and depth in domestic and foreign policy, and a lack of political fear – all necessary characteristics to effectively lead our nation.”

Together, Rep. Fortenberry and Howard & Rhonda Hawks join a growing group of Americans nationwide who support Carly’s candidacy because of her willingness to challenge the status quo and take on the professional political class. They will help build a grassroots network of support in Nebraska and communicate why Carly’s unique and impressive background is what we need in the next President of the United States.