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For immediate release:
December 10, 2015

Audrey Scagnelli

Utah Leadership Team Supporting Carly Fiorina Announced

They cite Carly’s record of results and experience as a citizen leader and her ability to challenge the status quo 

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Today, seventeen Republican leaders in Utah join the growing list of people across the United States supporting Carly Fiorina as she runs for president. State Rep. Kim Coleman, State Auditor John Dougall, Kirby Glad, Mandee Grant, State Rep. Keith Grover, State Sen. Deidre Henderson, Adrielle Herring, Leslie Jones, Councilwoman-elect Kari Malkovich, Councilwoman-elect Nicole Martin, State Rep. Dan McCay, Michelle Mumford, State Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, Sarah Nitta, the Hon. Holly Richardson, Heather Williamson and Val Ziegler will join as part of the diverse leadership team supporting Carly Fiorina in Utah. They understand Carly is the conservative outsider with a bold blueprint to take our government back.
Co-Chair and Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser: 
“A true citizen leader, when Carly Fiorina sees a problem, she sees an opportunity to find a solution, not a deterrent. Carly’s track record of results is beyond impressive, in stark contrast to our current administration, which cowers when faced with a challenge. I am confident Carly's blueprint to tackle the most serious issues facing our country today is exactly what we need. It’s time we elect a conservative outsider who will get our country back on track.”
Co-Chair and State Auditor John Dougall:
“Carly understands how the elite and politically-connected use the professional political class to prey on working Americans. The system is rigged. We need a bold leader to take on crony capitalism and stand up for the little guy. That’s one reason why I support Carly — she’s challenging the status quo and will work to empower Utahns and people across the country. With a proven leader like Carly, we will have a champion of the free market in the Oval Office."
State Senator Deidre Henderson:
"There is no better qualified, experienced, or articulate candidate in the 2016 presidential field than Carly Fiorina. The Republican Party needs leadership and rejuvenation. More importantly, so does America. Carly has the vision to see the limitless possibilities that spring from real opportunity. She also understands that opportunity is crushed under the weight of big, bloated, bureaucratic government. As a Washington, DC outsider, and proven reformer with impressive business, economic and foreign policy experience, Carly is exactly who we need in order to win back the White House, and restore the American Dream."
Adrielle Herring, Utah Leadership Coordinator, Former Utah County Republican Party Vice Chair:
"Republicans often talk about the problems of big government. Professional politicians have not had the skills necessary to solve the problems. Carly Fiorina is the only candidate with practical ideas to cut the federal government down to size, eliminate wasteful spending, and even the playing field for the engine of our economy: small businesses. She is head and shoulders above the rest of the field, insiders and outsiders alike. She is the most broadly and deeply experienced candidate and she has the most impressive track record of accomplishment."
Leslie Jones, Former Campaign Manager for Congressman Jason Chaffetz:
"No other candidate has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience as Carly Fiorina.  Her experience with national security prepares her on day one to tackle the challenges of our foreign policy.  She has an ability to communicate complex issues in a very simple and succinct manner and offers common sense solutions.  Carly understands the economic engine of our economy - small business - and is committed to unlocking the potential and opportunity that is currently stifled.  Carly is ready to lead from day one and has my full support.”
Michelle Mumford, Former Utah Republican Party Officer:
"We desperately need someone in the Oval Office with the experience and the background to actually get things done. There is no doubt in my mind that Carly Fiorina is the candidate who can do it. This country needs her conservative vision and her proven leadership. She has my complete support."
Leadership Team:
State Rep. Kim Coleman, West Jordan
State Auditor John Dougall, Highland
Kirby Glad, Former Utah County Republican Party Officer, Orem
Mandee Grant, PR Director for GBS Benefits, Highland
State Rep. Keith Grover, Provo
State Sen. Deidre Henderson, Spanish Fork
Adrielle Herring, Former Utah County Republican Party Vice Chair, Orem
Leslie Jones, Former Campaign Manager for Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Mapleton
Councilwoman-elect Kari Malkovich, Woodland Hills
Councilwoman-elect Nicole Martin, Herriman
Rep. Dan McCay, Riverton
Michelle Mumford, Former Utah Republican Party Officer, Salt Lake City
Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, Sandy
Sarah Nitta, Small Business Owner, Highland
The Hon. Holly Richardson, Former Utah Representative, Pleasant Grove
Heather Williamson, Utah Grassroots Organizer, Eagle Mountain
Val Ziegler, Former President of the Utah Federation of Republican Women, Salt Lake City
Together, these Republicans join a growing group of Americans nationwide who have been moved to support Carly’s candidacy because of her willingness to challenge the status quo and take on the professional political class. They will help build a grassroots network of support in Utah and communicate why Carly’s unique and impressive background is what we need in the next President of the United States. A citizen leader, Carly Fiorina will bring an outsider’s perspective to Washington.